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Anyone who is even a little bit passionate about technology always manages to get a subscription to tech magazines. But the magazines which do not have much useful information in them is a waste. Everybody likes a magazine with all the up-to-date information. People always want to stay updated on technology. Even with this huge competition, some magazines manage to raise their levels in every new edition.  

A good tech magazine should 

1. Be colorful

2. Be consistent but not boring

3. Focus on the main points of an article

4. Have a good shelf placement 

List Of Best Magazines And Contents Covered In Them:

Today’s generation is all about the advances in science and technology. Science and technology are a must in all fields of work. If you are not updated, your efficiency is most likely to be undermined. In the case of aged people in work, they also might feel left out with the younger member teaching them about computers. So, it is essential to stay updated. This is the main reason why magazines have been at the top for so many years. So that people like you read and stay updated for the faster development of their country.

Name Of The MagazineContents Covered In It
Technology Review:All the technological updates in MIT and all over the world
WiredLifestyle, business, technology, positivity, and leadership thoughts.
PC worldOnly technological updates
Popular mechanics Automobile, science, and  technology
Discover magazineNew science advances and other technology related to science
Computer Power UnitAll the technological updates and news.
Science NewsScience and technology
American ScientistsScience and technology for scientists and engineers.
CHIPComputers, their hardware, software, peripherals 
Popular scienceScience inventions advances, etc.

1. Popular Science
Popular Science

This magazine was founded in 1872 by the Americans in New York. It is also called PopSci. This magazine is known to be sold in various other regional languages across the globe. It publishes sci-tech news in its every month edition. It also has reviews from well-educated scientists. It is written in very simple language and can be understood by anyone. 

Despite having an idea about science and the recent discoveries and inventions, it also has updated technologies. It is owned by Bonnier. Even this magazine is for all the people, but it is written by great scientists

2. CHIP:—T%C3%BCrkiye/Technology/
CHIP - Türkiye

CHIP is a German origin magazine. It is one of the bestselling tech magazines all over Europe and Asia. It is all about technology, and it covers all the fields of technology. Anyone reading this magazine should have enough knowledge to know everything about computers because It usually covers information on computer hardware, software, and peripherals.

It has sold more than four thousand plus copies. It has been in the top ten list for years till now. It was founded in September 1978 and is Munich based. It is founded by Josef Reitburger.

3. Scientific American:
Latest issue of Scientific American

This is one of the best tech magazines for engineers and scientists. It is one of the bestselling educational magazines that contain information about science and tech-related subjects. For other magazines, it is hard to meet the standard of this. It is slightly more complicated than the above ones since it covers all the scientific topics. Despite always targeting the primary audience, this magazine has carved its path to the top for quite a long time. As now that the number of scientists and engineers are increasing in number. This magazine is expected to rule the world of scientists for longer.

4. Science News:
Top 10 tech magazines recommended for technology buffs

This fantastic US based magazine was founded in 1922. Since back then, science was not as developed as today, this magazine was published once a week, but now it’s bi-weekly. Since 2003 this magazine is known to be produced twice a week. It always focuses on the latest scientific discoveries and inventions. It was founded by publisher and inventor Rufus M and is currently run by a non-profit organization.

5. Computer Power User:
Top 10 tech magazines recommended for technology buffs

The computer power user, also called a CPU, is not as old as others. It was founded in the year 2001. It is one of the most suitable tech magazines for computer nerds and science geeks. Usually, all the magazines are easily accessible to all readers. Unlike them, this magazine targets its primary audience. Apart from all these, what’s more, appreciable is that its editorial content and tech covers are very well crafted.

6. Discover Magazine:
Latest issue of Discover

Another well-known tech magazine is Discover magazine. Unlike some magazines that target their primary readers, this magazine aims at all people. It is an excellent magazine for any nerd or anyone interested in science. Apart from the regular subscribers, this magazine is available to people who catch up with the new updates once in a while. There have been many changes in the ownership of this magazine, but it has also maintained higher standards. 

7. Popular Mechanics:
Latest issue of Popular Mechanics

This magazine has been in circulation since 1902. Not once has it managed to go down from the top 10 list. Today it has 9 different international editions. Fields like automobile, science, and tech are covered in it. Apart from that, it also has a topic of lifestyle. This magazine is written by excellent writers. It publishes once a month. If you are looking for an all-rounder science and tech magazine, it is the best of all. On the plus, this magazine is accessible to all people.

8. PC World:,-Inc./PCWorld/Computer-&-Mobile/

Despite being an all tech-based magazine, you cannot overlook this as one of the best tech magazines. Apart from publishing the computer-based articles, this also published articles on other gadgets. Some articles on gadgets like TV, mp3, or cameras that people use in their daily lives are published in this magazine. It was founded in 1983, and ever since it’s launch, it has been the face of all the best tech periodicals.

Latest issue of WIRED

This best-seller magazine was launched in 1993. Ever since then, it has been one of the premier magazines all over the world. Apart from covering the technology to its details, it also covers lifestyle, business, and several positive leadership and positivity thoughts. This fantastic magazine was started in the US. Now it is sold all over the world and has many international versions of it. Its monthly editions are worth collecting and reading since it is accessible to all. It is one of the best go-to magazines for a tech enthusiast. 

10. Technology Review:
Top 10 tech magazines recommended for technology buffs

This bimonthly bestselling magazine was founded in the year 1899. Massachusetts Institute of Technology owns this and publishes it twice a month. This is one of the oldest magazines circulating till now. It has gradually developed itself into one of the best tech-based magazines all over the world. It had mainly gained its glory in 1996, it has been publishing all the best tech updates in MIT and another technological gossip in the outside world.


1. Do All The Science Magazines Cover The Newest Updates Of Technologies And Science?

Yes, as the magazine publishes the west editions, it covers the updates regarding science and technologies.

2. Do All The Magazines Have All Information About Science And Technology Only?

No. as mentioned above, many magazines also include lifestyle business and other fields.

3. Are These Magazines Consistent In Themselves?

As they have been publishing for so many years, these magazines have beat consistency

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