List of Top 10 Best Sports Magazines of All Time

Magazine refers to a periodical publication that contains a variety of articles and illustrations of a particular subject or area of interest. Magazines are usually financed by advertising, purchase price, and prepaid subscriptions. The first magazine was published in 1663 in Germany and it was called Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen. Over the years magazines prove themselves as some of the largest mass media in history with its huge popularity. Magazine covers all kinds of topics from the fashion industry to the customer market with different names.

Top 10 Sports Magazines of All Time   

In 1886, the first sports magazine was published in the USA. Nowadays, there are a vast number of sports magazines circulating worldwide. Some of these sports magazines are globally based, and some are regionally based. For sports fans, it is always desirability to have a copy of the best sports magazine of all time. That is why we bring to you the list of top 10 best sports magazines of all time in the history of sports.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a very renowned American sports magazine. The magazine was first published on August 16, 1954. Henry Luce is the founder of this magazine Authentic Brands Group owns this magazine. Sports Illustrated is the first sports magazine in history to have more than one million circulations. Now this magazine has over 3 million subscribers and 23 million people read this magazine every week. Sports Illustrated won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice. It has few sub-franchisees like Sports Illustrated Kids and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The mission of this magazine is to deliver premier journalism and give an unparalleled perspective on the world of sports.

ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine is a monthly sports magazine published by the ESPN sports network in Bristol, Connecticut in the United States. The first issue of this magazine was published on March 11, 1998. At the very beginning, the magazine was published every week. Then, it scaled back to 24 issues a year in early 2016. Now it’s a monthly magazine. ESPN Inc. is the owner of this magazine. ESPN The Magazine covers all the major sports including Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, college basketball, and college football. It has more than 2.1 million circulations. From September 2019, ESPN stopped the paper publishing of ESPN The Magazine.

Runner’s World

Runner’s World is a globally circulated world’s leading running magazine that informs, advises, and motivates runners of all ages and abilities. It is a monthly magazine and it was launched in 1966. Hearst Communications is the publisher of this newspaper. Runner’s World has a monthly circulation of 710,618 worldwide. This magazine was nominated for National Magazine Awards three times and recognized for having the “Creative Team of the Year.” Betty Wong Ortiz is the editor in chief of this magazine.


Outside is a very famous American magazine that focuses on the outdoors. The first issue of this magazine was published in September 1977. Mariah Media owns this magazine. Outside magazine has a monthly circulation of 686,623. The magazine is very renowned for giving the first chances to various excellent travel and adventure writers such as Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer. The mission of this magazine is to inspire participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports, people, places, adventures, discoveries, environmental issues, health and fitness, gear and apparel, style, and culture that define the active lifestyle.

Inside Sport

Inside Sport is an Australian premier sports magazine featuring intelligent journalism, stunning photography and competitions. The first issue of this magazine was published in 1991. Nextmedia is the publisher of this magazine. The magazine covers sporting content and sports photography by freelance journalists. Apart from sports, they also cover celebrity models and their photoshoots. It is an award-winning magazine. Inside Sport won Magazine of the Year in 2000 and 2004. It also won the Walkley Award for sports coverage across all media in Australia.

Sporting News

Sporting News, originally The Sporting News was established in 1886 as a weekly USA magazine. It became the dominant American publication covering baseball, acquiring the nickname “The Bible of Baseball.” It is now a digital-only publication providing essential coverage of all major sports, and with editions in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Sporting News Media owns and operates this magazine.


Tennis is a USA based sports magazine devoted to the sport of tennis. The first issue of this magazine was published on August 16, 1954. Now this magazine publishes 8 issues per year. Miller Publishing Group owns this magazine. This magazine has a circulation of 603,069 per month throughout the world. Tennis is available in both print and online versions. The mission of this newspaper is to keep in touch with tennis events and above all, to meet around the same passion, tennis!

Baseball America

Baseball America is an America based baseball magazine published in Gurnee, Illinois by Grandstand Publishing, LLC. The first issue of this magazine was published in August 1942. It is the longest-running baseball magazine in the world. Baseball Digest publishes 6 issues per year. Herbert F. Simons is the founder of this magazine. Baseball Digest publishes accurate statistics of batting, pitching, and fielding of the recent star players. They also have “fans speak out” letters section for devoted baseball fans.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is a USA based monthly golf magazine published from New York. Howard Milstein owns this magazine. The first issue of this magazine was published in April 1959. It is the first golf magazine in history to reach more than one million circulations. It has more than 1.4 million subscribers worldwide. The Golf Magazine is famous for honoring the star athletes with their Golfer of the year award. Moreover, the magazine conducts a yearly survey to determine the best golf courses in the USA and also make the list of Top 100 Golf Courses in the world.


Slam was founded in 1994 as the “in-your-face basketball magazine,” covering all things hoop-related, from NBA, college ball and high school hoops to old-school stories, kicks, streetball and the fashion of the game. The first issue of this magazine was found in 1994. Dennis Page was the owner of this newspaper. Slam Media Inc. owns this magazine. Twenty-five years later Slam is still the number one outlet for all things that matter in the world of basketball. From Kobe and LeBron to Iverson and Durant, Slam brings the reader face-to-face with their favorite players, and brings breaking news and rumors basketball in real-time. Slam is available in both print and online versions.

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