Best Physics Magazines

Well, yes, Physics is indeed overwhelming with potentials to get us lost in the oceans of its sub-branches. Are you looking for the right kind of physics magazine? Can’t decide which one to read? Following is a list of top 10 physics magazines for physics lovers, students and experts.

Whether you are looking for articles on a specific theory or want to get up-to-date about the breakthroughs in the field of physics, you are at the right place.

List Of 10 Best Physics Magazines

1. Physics WorldA monthly magazine covering all fields of physics.
2. Physics TodayExplains the importance of physics in daily life.
3.Symmetry MagazineTalks about particle physics. Engaging and for all levels of readers.
4. AstronomySky talks, for the hobbyist. 
5.Nuclear Physics NewsCovers and provides information about nuclear physics, An expert’s choice.
6. PhysicsPublished research articles written by researchers.
7.Light: Science & ApplicationA magazine focusing on completely on optics.
8. SciTechA science magazine with physics, biology, and other sections.
9. Nuts & VoltsFor those who like trying their hands on real experiments.
10.Sky& TelescopeA monthly magazine for lovers of the sky. 

1. Physics World

This magazine is issued monthly and available all over the world. It covers both applied and pure physics and aims at research, industry, breakthroughs, and education worldwide. It is the membership magazine of the Institute of Physics, one of the largest physical societies in the world. The members of the Institute of Physics receive this magazine for free and also access a digital edition of the magazine. Some selected articles can be read by anyone for free online.

Alongside the print and online magazine, Physics World produces films and two podcasts. Andrew Glester hosts the monthly podcast produced by Physics World; called the Physics World Stories. James Dacey hosts the Physics World Weekly podcast.

2. Physics Today
January 2021 cover with digital edition promo

It is the membership magazine of the American Institute of Physics. Published first in May 1948, it is issued once a month. It is provided free to members and also available to non-members as a paid annual subscription.

Physics Today aims to unify the influence of the diverse areas of physics and other related sciences. It produces original articles about physical science and its application in our lives. It focuses on spreading awareness among the people about the importance of science in daily life.

3. Symmetry Magazine – Dimensions Of Particle Physics

Symmetry is co-published by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator. The US Department od Energy funds the magazine.

It is an online magazine that focuses on particle Physics. It covers a wide range of topics under particle physics like Higgs Boson, dark energy, dark matter, neutrinos, and other particle physics applications. Get the latest news, read about the researches and researchers, and dive straight into the world of Physics. The Magazine talks about how particle physics is related to other sciences and life as a whole. This popular online magazine is available all over the world and free to read. 

4. Astronomy

Astronomy is an American magazine publishing monthly articles about astronomy. It is an engaging magazine for both amateurs and experts.

First published in 1973, it still stands as the most popular astrology magazine today.

The magazine provides clear and bright images, attracting visuals, sky covers, telescopic information and sky events to take place with each issue. It is easy to read and gripping. Perfect for readers of any level who are in love with astronomy and astrophysics. The website of Astronomy Magazine also has Contests and Special Issues.

5. Nuclear Physics News

Nuclear Physics News, International magazine covering research in nuclear physics, was first published by Taylor & Francis in 1990 and issues four times a year. It is the official magazine of the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee

Not for general readers and amateurs as it might be overwhelming and confusing very often. The layout is dull and serious. It is highly informative and covers in details researches and studies. This magazine is best for serious studies and research purpose.

6. Physics

The magazine was first published in 2008. Physics is an online publication containing articles written by journalists and experts the peer-reviewed research published in the American Physical Society journals. It covers all fields of Physics.

The magazine is divided into three parts. 

Focus: consists of articles written by Journalists

Viewpoints: written by researchers.

Synopsis: Contains summaries written by staff members of the magazine.

Easy to read, full of information, exciting and gripping. Recommended for readers of all levels.

7. Light: Science & Applications

Light: Science & Applications is also peer-reviewed, open access, scientific journal published together by the CIOMP, the Chinese Optical Society and the Springer Nature. It was first published in the year 2012.

It is a magazine that completely focuses on Optics, covering topics like photonics, optical engineering, etc. It would help if you had some basic knowledge of optics to read this magazine. Otherwise, its fun, attractive and well explained. It is published only online and to access it; you need to visit their official website.

8. SciTech

SciTech is an American science magazine, containing sections on physics, biology, technology and chemistry. Highly recommended for science lovers and explorers of the mysteries of the world. 

Although it is a full science magazine; the physics section is worth noticing. Contains detailed, well explained and authentic articles and reports and covers all branches of physics. It does not focus on any particular field or branch of physics.

9. Nuts & Volts

This magazine is written for the hobbyist, design engineer, technician and experimenter. Topics include robotics, microcontrollers, circuit design, lasers, home automation, new technology, computer control and DIY projects. It is published two times a month.

Very popular among science enthusiasts because of its engaging and insightful content. It has a Tips & Inspiration section for those who want to try their hands on the experiments. This is not for general readers because it discusses topics that need a deeper understanding of science and physics as a whole.

10. Sky & Telescope

First published in 1941, Sky & Telescope magazine is great and recommended for amateur astronomers. This American magazine is published every month. Astronomy news, observations, virtual sky tours, all at one place.

The articles are all either amateur or professional astronomers. The Magazine was initially two separate magazines Sky and The Telescope. Finally, they came together to be the popular magazine that captured many different skies with a lot of different telescopes.


Q.1) What Age Should I Be To Read These Magazines?

Readers of any age above 16 can read and enjoy these magazines and even get addicted to them, except a few, requiring a bit in-depth knowledge.

Q.2) Can I Share The PDF Version Of The Magazine With Others?

You can print the online or digital versions, show your friends, and lend them, but you cannot sell these magazines because these magazines have a copyright, which protects them from illegal distribution.

Q.3) Do I Have To Pay To Access These Magazines?

No. These are free magazines. But you can donate and support them.

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