Top 10 Science Magazines to Keep you Updated in 2020

The world of science keeps changing every day with new trends and discoveries. It is always necessary to update yourself with the happenings around you as well as insight into various subjects. You need to find out about new research and discoveries that help shape the present and future.

Various science magazines are available that deal on science subject both for children and adults. The magazines also cover different areas of science that may interest you. Whether you are a learner, or you want to keep yourself well-versed with scientific advances, there is always a publication that suits your area.

You could learn more about heavenly bodies such as stars and or even about archaeological issues that educate you about the past. The magazines are available either in print version or online, and you can pick what suits you and your area of interest. 

This article highlights these publications, their features, and what they cover. Read on and pick the perfect one that interests you:

National geographic

For more than a century, National Geographic magazine has been a significant source of science and nature news and information. It is a monthly magazine that provides a wide range of articles and photos related to science, nature, history, geography and culture.

The magazine is famous for its top-of-the-art photography that is also supplemented with quality articles and features from expert writers around the globe. It is a magazine that touches every part of the world and offers informative articles on several science and culture topics.

Popular Science Magazine

The magazine focuses on emerging trends in the science world. It also explores a wide range of scientific topics such as electronics, cars, tools, communication, aviation, space exploration, astronomy, energy, among others.

 It is a monthly publication that brings invaluable insight into the latest developments in technology. The magazine is written in an easy-to-understand language with bright illustrations and photos that make it suitable for both experts and novices. It provides you with the latest news and information in technology and scientific advancements.

Scientific American Magazine

Scientific American magazine is among the oldest publications in the U.S. has been in circulation since 1845. It targets on general science audience, and it, therefore, covers both simple and complex science topics. Reading the magazine gives you k knowledge of subjects such as environment, technology, medicine, and energy.

It is also a monthly publication that brings compelling physical and social science content, including the latest in research and cutting-edge advances.

Astronomy Magazine

This magazine is an excellent source of astronomy insights and news for amateur astronomers of all levels. It is ideal for both beginners, and veteran astronomers keen on studying the night sky. It publishes 12 issues per year that give stargazers the chance to peruse star and planet charts, techniques and tips on telescope observing. It also provides advice on how to take photographs of the night sky, among others.

As an amateur astronomer, you get the opportunity to explore the universe from your backyard efficiently. It is ideal for any stargazer enthusiast who wants to take their skills a notch higher.

Discover Magazine

If you are naturally curious about discovering new things in life, then, Discover magazine is what you need. The magazine publishes ten issues every year that provides the latest information on science, nature, technology, astronomy, and medicine.

With this publication, you learn of the latest breakthroughs, as well as predictions on the next advancements. It is ideal for science readers of all levels.

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian is a top science magazine that covers topics relating to history, archaeology, nature, arts, popular cultures, among others. The magazine gives top-notch science coverage with unmatched resources for readers of different levels and kinds.

The monthly magazine also provides an in-depth analysis of varying topics with a wide range of science areas. It also adds fascinating photography to help supplement the comprehensive features. The publication is crafted in such a way that you will read it from the start to the end without getting bored, each month.

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Popular Mechanics is a magazine that is designed to be an invaluable resource for the DIY-enthusiasts of all levels. It is among the leading magazines that feature easy-to-understand how-to articles on a wide range of topics. It covers on woodwork, electronics, home improvement, technology, science, automotive repairs among others.

The publication has ten issues per year that give the reader the chance to learn valuable methods with bright illustrations and in-depth advice.

Sky & Telescope Magazine

This magazine has been leading in providing news on astronomy and space science since 1941. It is a monthly publication that covers all aspects of amateur astronomy that includes the latest astrophotography, current events in space exploration, advice on amateur telescope techniques as well as current events in astronomy.

As a reader, you will learn how to observe the night sky, buy necessary equipment for studying the air, as well as knowledge of the latest news related to the field of astronomy. The magazine has twelve publications issued every month of the year.

Archeology Magazine

If you have a keen interest in learning history and uncovering answers to questions about the past, the archaeology magazine is a top-resource. It is a bi-monthly magazine that explores the history and gives insightful articles that are related to ancient civilizations, discoveries, and world heritage.

As a reader of the archaeology magazine, you are provided with a chance to get better ideas on our ancestors’ lives. You also learn tale tales of ancient civilizations and unlock the secrets of the past through interpretations of historical events.

Science News magazine

Science News is a bi-monthly magazine that provides information on the latest advances and discoveries in science.  The magazine publishes twenty-six issues per year that focus on all aspects of science. It covers on science content that keeps all levels of science enthusiast well-educated.

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