Mechanical Engineering Magazines

These days it’s essential to stay updated with all the industry trends for the specific professional field. Hence, it would help if you collected the magazines according to your need. These magazines will help you to understand all the new industrial trends. Magazines will provide you with a centralized growth of all appropriate and advanced information—different mechanical engineering magazines available in the market.

10 Best Mechanical Engineering Magazines

1. Power transmission EngineeringAdvanced automobile-related information.
2. PE MagazineIt contains news and analysis on different engineering issues.
3) Gear Solution MagazineIt covers all the updates about the gear industry.
4) Machine Design It contains computer designing, fastening process, electrical engineering related updates.
5) Marine Professional This Magazine is loaded with marine engineering related knowledge.
6. ITS It has new ideas and all the technical information.
7. E & T Magazine This Magazine has every technical analysis.
8) AW & ST Magazine It will give you information about the aviation industry and aerospace.
9) EDN MagazineThis trade magazine has expert tips for electrical engineers.
10) Numerical Methods in Fluids              Readers will get all fundamental development-related knowledge from this Magazine.

Engineering Magazines Should 

1. Maintain the consistency

2. Easily viewable columns.

3. Have Colourful prints

4. All the essential information about any particular subject.

5. Grab the focus of the readers through catchy quotes.

Name Of The Engineering Magazines And Its Contents:

Magazines are loaded with current information hence if you are anxious or unable to collect all the advanced information about your profession, especially in the engineering field. Then it’s a must-have for you. You can gather all the advanced technology-related information through these magazines. The primary motto of these magazines is to educate people with the right information.

In these magazines, you can find articles or stories which are greater than the regular newspaper. Also, you will find larger graphics as well. Through these magazines, you can explore the depth of your subject. These magazines hold more in-depth research on every article. Hence, these magazines will help to stay updated. Here you can find some magazines with their target contents.

1. Power Transmission Engineering—MECHANICAL-ENGINEERING/Education/

 In this Magazine, you can find some information about the automobile. This magazine is famous among the students of engineering. The information about this Magazine is very up to date, and you can easily cover all those topics. Michael Goldstein was the founder of this power transmission engineering magazine. He published this Magazine in 1984.

You can clearly understand the gear industry. Even you can gather some industry news as well. You will get the information about the tradition of the Magazine. The founder wrote his day-to-day duties operational gear and technology-related stuff in this Magazine. You can explore some great information about gear technology as well.

2) PE Magazine

 This Magazine comes six times a year. PE mainly covers all the news and commentary on different engineering professional problems. Some examples are, licensing, engineering ethics, employment legislative problems, regulatory issues, education. Also, it covers some other important aspects which will be beneficial for all the engineers.

NSPE members can select PE magazines in digital format. Mainly these formats are the printed version, and the readers can access it from any internet connection. However, if you choose the digital design, you will receive an email every time it published a new magazine with its original link.

3) Gear Solution Magazine

Gear solution magazines are mainly designed to give a spotlight on the multiple types of the gear industry. It takes editorial contributions from different industry professionals. In this Magazine, you will find the main elements of the gear production formula. The details are raw materials, design, costs, heat treatment, quality control, workflow, etc.

Also, it is proven that material matters a lot. Especially if you are talking about gear design. Sometimes the materials are more than the raw components. The gear design stands on the machinability and durability of the raw materials. Some plans are based on the strength of selecting the raw material. The gear system is mainly based on surface durability.

4) Machine Design

Machine design is an American magazine. Also, on the website, you can find the OEM engineering market. The print issues different qualified designed engineers. Also, you can find other engineering managers’ information in this Magazine. This Magazine was founded in 1929. The headquarters of this Magazine is New York, USA. It is a print and web-based Magazine.

The main thing covered in these magazines is, computer designing, product manufacturing, electrical engineering, fastening process, joining, the new fluid power, manufacturing fields, engineering materials, and mechanical engineering. Informa takes mechanical engineering. It has editorial offices in different countries like Ohio, New York, Cleveland. In this Magazine, you will find the basic principles and effects of machine design.

5. Marine Professional


This is an IMarEST’s Magazine. This is available in organizations and institutions, even online as well. If you are trying to make a career in marine, then you should follow marine log magazine. However, if you do not know much about this Magazine, you should start finding information about it. This Magazine will help you to collect knowledge about marine engineering. You can get data for both, outside and inside.  

This marine magazine is on the list of mechanical engineering. Because mechanical engineering is covered in a wide area of marine engineering, in this Magazine, you can find the principle of naval architect, senior mechanical design engineer, principal mechanical design engineer, and safety in marine and environment safety rules.

6) ITS[useful-for-Railway-&-Other-engineering-(Diploma)-exams.]/Education/

Industrial laser solution is one of the most demanding mechanical engineering parts. Also, this engineering part is fascinating and exciting as well. The ITS  magazine contains fresh ideas and technology related stuff. This technology is used in different operations like metalworking, mould and die, packaging, printing, automotive, electronics, plastics, and processing industries. All these industries required laser applications.

Lasers have been using in the manufacturing industries for a long. Industrial laser solutions have focused mainly on processing materials. This Magazine covers the global laser applications in various technology. Also, you will know about the companies that are related to the global laser market.

7) E & T Magazine

E & T magazine is one of the famous magazines covering every type of engineering and technology-related analysis, news, and information. In this Magazine, you can find innovation announcements, including job-related stuff as well. Also, you can find different communication section, automation-related information. 

It has some depth information about electronics, management skills, IT, manufacturing, and different power. This Magazine is famous for the professional engineers and technology industries as well. You can find this in print, online also. It is easily downloadable for apple and android devices. If you have a membership, then this Magazine is free for you.

8) AW & ST Magazine—Industrial-Automation/Education/

Aviation week and space technology are also known as AW & ST. This is a flagship magazine. Also, it is a weekly magazine, as well. This Magazine is available in print and online market. This magazine reports on the aerospace, defence, and aviation industries. 

The central focus of this Magazine is aerospace technology. It has famous in the United States Military and industry organizations. The Magazine was founded in 1916. Space technology requires different engineering skills, and you can find some topics related to this. The publisher of this Magazine is Gregory D. Hamilton. This Aviation week was famous for its associated defence companies.

9) EDN Magazine

EDN is related to electronic industrial websites, and also it is a magazine. The owner of the Magazine is AspenCore media. This is mainly an electrical arrow company. The editor of this Magazine is Majeed-Ahmad.EDN used to be published monthly until April 2013. It is primarily a trade magazine. This Magazine is mainly based in the united states. 

The original name of this Magazine was published in May 1956. The Rogers Corporation did it. EDN fulfilled the need for all working electrical engineers. Also, it covers all the new technologies and electronic components. All the discussion you will find in this Magazine was at the engineering level.

10) Numerical Methods in Fluids      

Just like all other magazines, it is written in the English language. The international journal for Numerical Methods in Fluid is a complete scientific journal. This journal covers the fundamental developments in numerical methods basically which apply to fluid dynamics. The publishers of the Magazine were John Wiley & Sons. Chief editors of these magazines are Remi Abgrall and Charbel Farhat. 

The Charbel Farhat, from the University of Standford. This magazine publisher describes the magnificent developments in the computation methods, mainly applicable for solving engineering-related problems, especially in fluid dynamics. The editors of this Magazine support the areas of multiphysics.


1. Which Magazine Is A Trade Magazine?

EDN is one of the most famous trade magazines.

2. From Where You Can Get Aerospace Technology-Related Information?

If you read AW & ST Magazine, then you will get all aerospace technology-related new information.

3. Which Is The Most Exigent Part Of Mechanical Engineering?

Industrial laser solution is the most exigent part of mechanical engineering.

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