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Parenting is a remarkable journey of supporting and promoting the physical, social, and intellectual development of a child. It is a process that begins from infancy to adulthood and must not be taken lightly. The intricacies of raising a child may not exclusively be for a biological relationship but could also be for an adopted child.

It is the dream of every parent to bring up their child in the best way possible to turn them into responsible citizens. There are several parenting magazines to help everyone undertake the parenting journey with confidence. In this article, we highlight various magazine that is right for you no matter what your style is or the stage in your parenting journey.

Best Parenting Magazines Reviewed

The best parenting magazines are the ones that can provide information critical for your well-being and that also inspire you to work towards a better future. So, here is a list of all of them.


Parents magazine is among the most significant print magazine in the US. The publication provides scientifically backed information about the child’s full development. They give great recipes, family activities, family trip ideas, seasonal-crafts, among others.

Although the target group is mothers aged 18-25 years, they also have articles outside this range. The magazine has a unique feature called ( IRL) or parents in real life that highlights a family. It answers questions about parenting styles and family dynamics as well as a section called ‘Time for you’ that teaches self-care.

Pregnancy & Newborn

Pregnancy & Newborn is a print magazine that covers topics on parenting. It starts from the time one is trying to conceive, through birth, up to the first year of the infant’s life. The publication gives a lot of information on the baby’s development and what to anticipate.

They have a big website for reviewing the baby’s gear and advertises giveaways. The website also has a dedicated website that features a variety of birth and baby-shower stories. It also has an interactive segment where you get feedback from medical professionals. 

You will get information from lactation consultants, child educators, among others. You can also get answers on questions about newborns and pregnancy.

American Baby

American Baby is a magazine that focuses on pregnancy and newborns or infants, especially in the US. It provides excellent information on issues that pertain to pregnancy and infants, the activities about the little ones, advice on fashion about maternity and postpartum. It also gives information about interviews.

You will also learn of what is new in the world of babies and maternity from their unique feature, CribNotes.

Your Teen for Parents

Every parent finds it tricky to navigate through the years of teen development.  It is the period when a parent must prepare the teens for adulthood, and one needs to be careful. The magazine focuses on the older and teenagers, and it has both the print edition and online version.

They have topics covering middle school and colleges. The articles include how to positively address puberty, academics, sports, sexuality, preparing for college, among others.

Working Mother

Working mothers is a print magazine that provides information about working moms. It emphasizes on how one can achieve a balance between work and life and how to separate family time from work. It also features fun things like projects and crafts for the kids.

The magazine has a website that shows the best companies to work for as a mom. These companies offer flexible leave, upward mobility for women, as well as on-site childcare.

You will also receive advice on how to handle workplace issues such as disabilities, cultural discrepancies, and gender. The information is also available on general difficulties that a working or expecting mother encounters in her workplace.


Kiwi is a magazine that targets everything about parenting, both natural and organic. It features a wide range of topics starting from pregnancy to college. It also advises on proper nutrition, yoga, meditation, as well as fun screen-free activities for children.

The magazine has both the print edition and online version that is free to access. The magazine has an online forum where its members communicate and exchange ideas.

Family Circle

This magazine is among the oldest parenting publications in circulation in the United States. It is a lifestyle magazine that focuses heavily on the family as a unit. It features topics that are specific to preschoolers through teenagers.

The publication has a wide range of recipes that aim at pleasing every member of the family without taking a lot of time to prepare.

It has both the print edition and online version which has a section with specific articles for the teens.

Baby Talk

This magazine was first published in 1935, and it is the oldest baby magazine in America. It deals exclusively with baby-related stories and information. The magazine is aimed at newborns and first-time mothers.

The publication has a real-life approach to issues relating to before and after your first child. It advises on the baby’s life which may include restless nights.


Parenting is a popular magazine that is found in almost every family doctor’s and paediatrician’s waiting area. It is an ideal publication for both mothers and fathers. It provides information on what to expect with your first child.

The magazine has a section dubbed ‘Parenting Reporter’ that offers relevant and up-to-date research on topics that are of great concern to parents. The publication has useful information both to first-time and seasoned parents alike.

You will also get crucial information on the ‘work and family’ section that includes advice on how to work from home. The article also focuses on picking the best daycare and finding a suitable job that doesn’t interfere with your family time.

The magazine has a ‘Children’s Safety’ section that you can use a reference guide for several health topics. You can learn how to protect your kids during the winter season, how to handle food poisoning, among others.

Family Fun

Family Fun is a parenting magazine that focuses on pleasure for the family.  There are several sources of stress for a parent, such as worrying about finances, your kid’s safety, how to cook and many more.

Family fun has various articles about taking a break from the stresses of life and enjoying the company of your whole family. It includes over 180 pages with a wide array of craft and party ideas, recipes, as well as travel tips.

The magazine also provides articles by other parents giving real-life information that is comforting and encouraging.

7 Reasons to Read Parenting Magazines

Parents Magazine is one of the best sources for new parents, as it provides them with information they need to make smart decisions for their family. The magazine offers articles that are meant to educate as well as entertain, making it a favorite around the house.

1. A healthy Children are the most precious gift you can give to the world and magazines can play an important role here by providing related knowledges and tips.

2. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in parenting.

3. Get advice on how to be a better parent and raise happy, healthy kids that have amazing personalities!

4. Find out what your children are thinking with fun and inventive games!

5. Get answers to tough parenting questions like “Why is my daughter so moody all of the time?” and “How can I get my son to eat vegetables?”

6. Keep your kids busy by giving them activities that keep their minds stimulated and hands busy!

7. It provides opportunities for parents to connect with other parents who have children of similar age or interests


Is there any benefits to reading such magazines?

The most important thing about parenting magazines is that they provide a lot of information. They offer advice on a variety of topics, from discipline to dress-ups. They are also filled with entertaining stories, health consultations, and colorful pictures.

Many parents find it difficult to get the time to read more than just their family’s favorite children’s book or two each night, which can be frustrating when trying to learn about what might be going on in your child’s life or school daily. Reading parenting magazines can help parents stay informed without becoming overwhelmed.

What happened to parenting magazine?

The magazine has been publishing for over 20 years and is one of the most popular parenting magazines in the world. From 1994 to 2000, it was owned by the Simon & Schuster publishing company, but then it went on its own.

Today, Parenting Magazine is a free magazine with a circulation of over 3 million subscribers that is published on a monthly basis. It can be found online at, and you can also download it or subscribe via iTunes or Android apps.

The magazine covers topics such as teen pregnancy prevention, gender identity, education and technology among others. The content is updated on a monthly basis so parents can get up-to-date information as soon as possible

How often does Parents magazine come out?

Parents magazine comes out monthly, giving parents a space to learn about the latest parenting trends and tricks.

Parents is one of the most popular lifestyle magazines in America and has been around since 1978. It has a broad range of topics that includes parenting, health, fitness, food, travel, beauty and fashion. The magazine is distributed throughout the United States with its headquarters located on Long Island.

What are the top 10 family & parenting magazines or Resources in 2021?

Parents are always looking for the latest and greatest in family and parenting magazines. Some of the top choices include

“The New York Times” has a series of articles about parents that are aimed at providing insight and advice about how to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children.

“Family Circle” is published by Time Inc. It covers topics such as recipes, crafts and DIY projects.

“Publishers Weekly”, which is a weekly trade magazine for publishers, also offers information on publishing trends. There are also articles on business, technology and popular culture in this magazine.

The “New Yorker”, which was featured in its own film based on the work of Jhumpa Lahiri offers stories from a divergent point of view that focus on life

Is Family Fun magazine still being published?

Family Fun magazine is a parenting magazine that was first published in the 1960’s and is now published by Scholastic. It was a monthly periodical that helped to bring the love for children into the United States.

Family Fun magazine started out as a local publication for New York City, but it has since expanded to many cities all over the world. While it used to be primarily known for its family-friendly content, it has also covered other topics such as school curricula and educational toys.

Family Fun is still being produced today, but due to its declining readership of around 20 percent each year there are signs of trouble in the horizon. It has been argued that Family Fun may be losing its focus on family-friendly content and beginning to focus more on how children learn than on

Is parents a good magazine?

There are many magazines that parents can read. For example, Parenting magazine has articles on a wide range of topics including children’s behavior, sleep problems, and discipline strategies.

There are a few magazines that focus primarily on parenting and family life. Some examples of such magazines are Family Circle and Parents Magazine.

The main difference between the two types of magazines is the audience they serve. Parenting Magazine aims to provide information to parents with children around the ages of three-to-six years old. Parenting Magazine also routinely interviews experts in the field about their thoughts on various topics for parents to consider and incorporate into their parenting practices.

How much is a subscription to Parents magazine?

Parents magazine offers a variety of subscriptions available, including a digital subscription, a $24.99 annual subscription, $59.97 monthly subscription, and even a free one-month trial for readers to try out before they decide to subscribe to the service. They have different pricing options for each kind of subscription as well as discounts for purchases over an extended period of time; this allows parents to save money on their subscriptions by planning ahead and buying them at lower rates over time.

Parents is one of the most popular magazines in America with more than 3 million subscribers across its website and print publications.

How do I cancel my subscription to Parents magazine?

You can contact the customer service department at and cancel your subscription by phone or online, or you can just return it to a nearby store.

How do I change my address for Parents magazine?

Many people are interested in changing their address for Parents magazine, but they often don’t know how to go about it. They may not be sure if they should let the publication know on their own or whether they need to contact a representative. The best way to change your address is by calling the publication’s customer service line at 1-800-888-5909.

An important step in changing your address for Parents magazine is ensuring that the new one will be accurate and up-to-date with current mailing guidelines. This includes verifying that the new address is within the United States and that it does not have a post office box or a return mail service as part of its name, which would prevent mail from being delivered there.

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