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Car Magazines

Cars, cars, cars! Their love is insatiable. If you are a car enthusiast, there is a lot to learn about vehicles. You need information on how to maintain your machine, how to operate them, or even the different types available. You could also learn how to repair cars or manufacture new parts for vehicles.

Several car magazines have been around since the inception of the first car, and they continue to be published to satisfy the curiosity and passion of the car lovers. In this article, we highlight some of the most trusted magazines that give all information you may be looking for. Read on and pick what best fuels your zeal.

Car and Driver

This car magazine has almost anything that you want to know about your vehicle. Its contributors and blog commit all their time to bring you the most accurate information and honest opinions.

The publication also provides comprehensive reviews on various types of cars and new stories about the automobile world.

Road & Track

For those of us who love sports cars, there is no better publication to enlighten us than Road & Track magazine. The book serves as a personal look into the world of high-powered sports vehicles, hyper, and supercars.

The desire to get behind the wheel of a sports car and drive to your destination gets closer to reality by reading this magazine. You will get the satisfaction of knowing and driving this machine, even if in fact, you don’t own one due to their high cost.


This magazine is among the leading circulated car publications in the U.S. it covers unusual topics and stories related to cars. You will learn a lot about vehicles, both new and old and it is the perfect choice for any car-enthusiast looking forward to knowing everything about cars.


FourWheeler is the second most circulated car magazine. It gives an excellent insight into the muddy and precise road of off-roading globally. The publication provides a lot of information ranging from epic trails to get mud on your vehicle. It also contains articles and advice on how to maintain your machine.

You will also get inspiration about your next adventure off-roading and even the lives of others who love this venture. 

Off-Road Adventure

Off-road adventure is one of the best car magazines that provide you with insights into the world of off-road automotive engines and cars. The magazine is circulated free of charge since its inception.

The publication features exciting content ranging from reviews of up-coming off-road cars and engines. It also has articles and opinions on off-roading and comprehensive guides in fascinating parts of the world.

Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Motor News is an online news outlet for cars. It provides a lot of news and information regarding the world of automobiles and its latest hype. It also has a section that is dedicated to buying and selling cars.

The magazine’s content is diversified and updated continuously to keep you informed of everything that you need to know.


Automobile car magazine is a self-explanatory publication whose catchphrase is ‘No Boring Cars’. It is a popular car magazine with information about all the exciting aspects of the car world. The magazine gives comprehensive reviews, information about upcoming automobiles, and to-the-point statistics that are certain to excite your inner motorhead.

The publication has articles that are well-laid out and easy to follow. It is an ideal magazine if you are looking for an exciting way to spend your leisure time as you enlighten yourself about cars.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod magazine was first published in 1948 as an ordinary car magazine but has now evolved into a vast network. It comprises of blogs and online publishers and serves as a destination for car enthusiasts globally. It is a magazine that provides a unique perspective on the world of cars.

You will always find a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of everything that you need to know between the pages of this unique publication. It contains a myriad of data on good old-fashioned automobiles and hot rods.

The magazine is ideal for you if you have a passion for earth-shattering horsepower, a vrooming V8, or even the sound of burning rubber.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend is a popular car magazine that was first published in 1949. It has over one million active readers, and it provides you with a comprehensive review of recent trends in the automotive world.

You will get an in-depth analysis of the latest gears and car models and much more. You can also search and read about any cars in the many comprehensive articles of this magazine.

Everyday Driver

Everyday Driver is a new car magazine that provides fantastic and quality content about automobiles. It is an online publication that has a series of issues that are dedicated to the culture of cars that are loved. It has a light-hearted and comedic approach to all the content, and it is incredibly refreshing.

The magazine is presented with high professionalism to ensure that you get everything you need to know.

Super Street

Super Street is a car magazine that focuses mostly on Japanese sports cars, but it also covers a variety of other vehicle brands. Besides featuring the latest and greatest car news, they also include events such as Formula D and import Alliance. The publication also has impressive, high-quality photos of the unique cars available out there.


As the name suggests, Racer magazine focuses on racing cars and whatever goes on in the racing industry. You will learn everything of interests from motorcycles, Formula 1, or even rally racing. You will also get race results and learn about the technology powering the track monsters.

The publication also provides you with amazing stories about the race-car drivers and what inspires them. It is among the best auto magazines covering on race cars that you would not wish to miss. Its contents leave you yearning to read the next issue.

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