Top 15 Horse Magazines in 2021 | Learn Everything You Need to Know

Are you a horse rider, or do you have a passion for these animals? Or do you enjoy admiring horse races either physically or on your screen? If your answer is yes, you will agree with us that there is so much to learn about horses that you can’t exhaust the knowledge.

You will need to know about the animal’s health, tips on training them, how to win the race, and so on. Several magazines are available that have a myriad of information to keep you updated.

In this article, we highlight the best horse magazines that will enlighten you about this valued friend:

Best Horse Magazines Reviewed

Young Rider

The young rider is a bi-monthly publication that is geared towards teens with a passion for horses, those who own them, and also those engaging in riding lessons. It features pictures of children riding and taking care of their animals.

The magazine is written in such a style that makes it fun to learn about horses by the teens.

Horse Illustrated

This magazine is one of the top horse publications, according to horse lovers. It is specially written for those who care for more than one horse. The book provides hands-on horse owners with all they require to know about horses. You will learn about the latest equine news, training solutions, horse e breed profiles, as well as English and Western riding. 

Dressage Today

This magazine features the art and discipline of dressage from reputable trainers, top riders, and judges from all over the world. It is a monthly publication that covers international and national dressage events as well as articles on how to care for horses. You will also get information on managing horses that have been trained for dressage.

Equine Wellness

Equine Wellness is a horse magazine that offers horse lovers resources on how to properly care for the health and the wellbeing of their horses. It also features a wide range of articles covering the horse-riding etiquette, as well as the different types of horse injuries and sickness.

Western Horseman

The western horseman is an ideal magazine for individuals looking forward to understanding all aspects of the world of the west further. It gives exciting insights from trail riding to the rodeo world. You will also learn about training western horses, equine care, as well as the lifestyle of the west.

The magazine division of Morris Communications publishes the monthly publication. It was first published in 1936, and it also features on horse tracks and ranching.

 Horse & Hound

This magazine covers almost everything about the horse world. It features the past events on judges, the horses, and the riders that were competing up to today. It also covers all disciplines and looks at the horse-related court cases.

You will get any information that you are looking for about horses and learn how to care for your animal. The magazine provides veterinary advice caring for a horse and information about horses for sale.

Paint horse journal

This magazine provides all the information necessary about the paint horse industry. You will learn about the different disciplines that paint horses participate in, tips on how-to-do well in the subject you are competing in, and also where the breed is going.

American Quarter Horse Journal

This journal focuses on everything about the American Quarter horse. It has articles covering everything from breeding to health management, as well as training. You will also learn every about every aspect of the American Quarter horse industry.


Blaze is an interactive discovery publication that focuses on Blaze, which is a real-life rocky mountain horse. It features fun facts and articles, horses, and children who love them. The magazine also includes beautiful games and amazing art crafts.

The publication is suitable for young kids from 8 to 14 years of age and who are eager and interested in ponies and horses. It is an excellent way for you to learn about your equine friends.


This magazine is also known as ‘The horse owner’s resource,’ and it is a monthly publication dedicated to passionate horse owners. Its articles feature up-to-date information from experts in the equine field on care and maintenance of horses.

You will receive suggestions and solutions for horse training and medical issues from each publication. There are also articles on ho to understand and influence your horse’s behavior.

Horse & Rider

This magazine features western horseback riding. It is ideal for riders of all levels, whether a beginner or advanced. The publication provides essential exercises and tips that prepare you and your horse for competitions and events.

You will read about inspiring stories that encourage readers to maximize their riding skills. 

Practical Horseman

This magazine focuses on horse breeding, training and raising horses for events and shows. It offers step-by-step training instructions, stable management plans, and tips as well as insights from the top and award-winning horseriders.

The American equestrian publication also focuses on English-style riding, most notably jumpers/hunter as well as dressage and events.

The Team Roping Journal

Team Roping Journal is an ideal publication for those interested in learning more about how to become a better roper. It has information on the roping discipline starting from how-to make you and your horse better to information about those in the industry.


This magazine focuses exclusively on the people in the horse industry, unlike other publications. It provides information on how to stay up-to-date on the happenings in the horse industry. You will learn about who is doing what and the influencers of this field.

Saddle & Bridle

Saddle & Bridle is a horse magazine that is perfect for anyone with a passion for the saddle-breed industry. The publication focuses on all the different aspects of this industry, and it also explores the American Saddlebred, their training and competitions. It also looks at the buying and selling of this breed of horse.

9 Things To Consider Before Buying a Horse Magazine

1. Consider the type of horse you want to buy and choose the magazine accordingly.

2. Consider the quality of content in the magazine.

3. How often will you be able to read it?

4. What other magazines will you be reading if you buy this one?

5. How much does your horse need to do?

6. What is included in a subscription and what is not?

7. What are the expectations for returns on your investment?

8. Ask about meeting/seeing horses before buying them!

9. Check out reviews from previous buyers or sellers!


Why Horse Magazines are Important

Horse magazines are important because they are often the first stop for people to find information about horses and horse riding, and, more importantly, they provide a glimpse into the world of horses.

Unfortunately, horse magazines have been steadily declining in number over recent years. This is due to the development of digital resources for equestrian information, and horse-related websites being more accessible online.

The rise of digital access means that getting to know horses has never been easier or faster. However, this change in access does not invalidate the importance of print publications over other forms of media. Because when you want to learn about horses in detail then print is still your best bet.

What to Expect from a Good Horse Magazine

Horse magazines are a great way to learn about horses. If you are interested in horse racing, you should definitely read a good horse magazine.

A good horse magazine offers lots of information and it also covers relevant topics that are not only related to horses but associated with them as well. They offer tips on how to care for your horse while maintaining it in the best possible condition, whether you’re just starting or have had years of experience with them.

A good horse magazine is important if you want to use horses in a business or if you want to gain more knowledge about the breed. The price of a good horse magazine is not too high so anyone can buy and read it. You can even find some for free online if they aren’t available at your local library or bookstore.

What can you do with old horse magazines?

Horse magazines are often thrown out as they are not in style anymore. However, if you know how to transform these magazines into something brand new and unique, then you will have a lot of fun!

Old horse magazines can be used to make a variety of paper crafts like bookmarks, napkin rings, and bookmarks. You can also use them to make cards for friends and family members or even create your own personalized stationery. There are many creative ways that old horse magazines can be put to use in the home or office. Horse magazine crafts also look great when you display them in glass jars on your desk or mantelpiece.

What is Horse Illustrated?

Horse Illustrated is a magazine that provides information on horses. It contains stories, tips, and advice. Horse Illustrated is geared towards horse lovers of all levels of expertise.

Every horse has a unique personality and the different experiences you have with your favorite steed shapes who you are as an individual. There is no wrong way to take care of your horse- just do what works for you. Horse Illustrated provides in-depth advice for those who are looking to get more into their relationship with their equine companion, while also providing current news and information about horses in general.

What does Horse and Hound mean?

Horse and Hound is a very old English expression used to describe a particular breed of hunting dog, typically a greyhound. It has been in use for centuries and has become synonymous with the sport of hunting.

The term can apply to any breed of dog that hunts, but the greyhound is recognized as the most common type. It is also often used to describe any of a variety of types of hounds that hunt by sight rather than by scent.

What happened to the Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine?

Horse Backstreet Choppers was an impressive magazine, with a horse-themed logo, and bright colors. It was published by the Horseback Street Stable, a company that had been around for over forty years. In 2006 the company’s founder had died and they were taken over by his family.

Horseback Street Stable is now owned by the family and no longer publishes its own magazine. The company’s website states that they are committed to “continu[ing] to bring you the finest in equestrian news and events.” Horseback Street Stable has also gone on to publish other magazines in their stable, including Legend Rider magazine which focuses on horse show results as well as Dapper Dan for women who want to learn about horses through fashion and lifestyle articles.

Where can I get free magazine subscriptions?

Many publications offer free subscriptions to their magazine in exchange for your email address. You can use these magazines as a way of advertising products, giving them away to friends, or including them with your next order.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get free subscriptions, these resources will help you:

If you want to learn more about other ways of getting free magazines, check out these articles:

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