Top 12 Home Décor Magazines | Add Elegance to Your Home

We all desire to have the interior of our houses oozing with elegance and sophistication and will do everything towards this goal. Did you know that the appearance of your home speaks a lot about your personality?

Many people crave to have similar décor as one found in the lavish homes of celebs and business tycoons. However, lack of expertise and financial might sometimes hinder the achievement of this objective. With the home décor magazines, you can easily change the appearance of your home to be attractive with little or no expertise at all.

This article offers insight into the top home-décor magazines that are helpful. Read on and pick the one that gives you the best design ideas:

Elle Décor

Elle Décor magazine is among the most sought-after design and interior décor publications globally. The magazine is based in New York, and it was first published in 1989. It has articles featuring amazing images on useful interior designs as well as resources on decoration tips.

You will also get direct tips from the veterans in this industry and exclusive interviews of top designers.

Architectural Digest

This magazine was established in 1920 in  New York, and it is among the top publications in interior design. They have both printed and online editions with a vast readership. You will learn about all types of interior designs, as well as interviews and articles on traveling, celebrity lifestyle, shopping, and so on.

The magazine also has international editions for countries such as Germany, Latin America, France, and Spain.

Bridge for Design

This magazine gives inspiration and ideas to ace designers. It is a niche publication that focuses on interior design experts and enthusiasts. It has four issues per year, both in printed and digital editions.

The magazine has five issues per year, and it offers irresistible information on all home décor.

Romantic Homes

This magazine is ideal for readers looking forward to giving their homes a romantic, homey look. It features cottage-style décor and ideas to help you bring an appealing look and lifestyle to your home.

You will also learn how to live your life beautifully decorated as well as discover inspiring decorations and beautiful entertaining ideas. The publication also offers delicious recipes, meaningful designs, and DIY projects.

Case & Stili

If you have a penchant for Italian items, including home décor, then look no further than Case & Stili. This magazine has everything that denotes an Italian house and styles. It is an interior design publication available in every part of the world.

You will get fantastic room decor ideas and information for sprucing up your garden as well. The magazine also gives you tips and ideas on purchasing, modifying furniture, and accessories from the shopping section.


Dwell is one of the most popular interior décor and lifestyle magazines with a worldwide reader base. It was founded in 2000 with its digital platform being launched in 2016. It has six issues per year that give useful DIY and tour videos, alongside great articles on home décor tips and ideas for interior designs in new age choice.

There is also a section on its site that offers advice for shopping diverse decorative gifts and items.


Wallpaper is also among the most popular design and lifestyle magazines available. The publication covers topics from interior to fashion, travel, architecture, among others. The magazine was established in 1996, and its online version was launched in 2004.

The online edition covers breaking news on design blogs to follow, fashion, art, architecture, and travel. The magazine also publishes city guide books in alliance with Phaidon Press.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is a home décor magazine which was has been in existence since 1896. It has both printed and digital editions that include useful tips on renovation and garden décor. It also has innovative content on room design ideas. The magazine provides great discounts on subscriptions for both digital and print editions.


The veranda is an interior décor magazine that features interiors in the Southern United States. It is a beautifully organized publication that shows beautiful décor ideas for any region. It provides formal and elegant readers with ideas on how their partners live. It also incorporates many of the techniques and insights into their homes. 

Traditional Home

This magazine focuses on giving historical homes a traditional décor. It has articles that show historical places, while others offer suggestions on bringing conventional resources and décor ideas into modern homes.

You will also find ideas for classic color schemes and information on traditional window treatments and furniture styles. 

Country Living

Country living is a monthly publication that concentrates on country décor, antiques, crafts, and traditional cooking. It contains articles that showcase homes with luxury furniture, historic colors, cozy fireplaces, and simple window treatments.

You will also get a lot of information on ways to bring an elegant look to your home.

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens is a monthly magazine that provides ideas for home décor, family activities, and gardening. It is a magazine that caters to the average renter or homeowners and has practical solutions to everyday challenges.

You will receive seasonally focused décor issues with a myriad of information for specific projects.

Living etc

Living etc. is a magazine that covers modern interior ideas and trends. It has a broad readership base due to its full scope of information. The publication promotes modern and innovative décor ideas and also identifies a market for trendy, minimalist living.

The magazine also covers the latest and upcoming interior design trends and shopping guides. It has articles that also feature recipes of the Australian food guru, Donna Hay. The magazine publishes monthly issues, and it has also come up with Livingetc Home – that is an excellent range of accessories and furniture. 

The publication has an active digital community and even a blog by the name LifeStyleEtc, which has over 1.2 million users.

With the magazine listed above, you can transform your home and give it a stylish look that you so much desire.

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