Best Flipboard Magazines

Purchasing a magazine from a shop when you have Flipboard magazines available on the internet is one of the most foolish works you would ever do. From the latest fashion trend to the various news agency’s exit polls to the newest buzz feed to the recent controversy on Twitter, everything can be browsed and then be read by you on your iPhone or Android handset.

The term Flipboard because you could “flip” it through to read another news headlines, once you are done with the recent one. It gives you the feel of any random physical magazine, thus not allowing you to feel the need for one.

10 Best Flipboard Magazines

You could also create your Flipboard magazine based on your passion, hobbies, fashion choice, lifestyle, etc. Flipboard has always been user-friendly, and its primary intent is to allow the users to have all their favorite content available on the web.

We have a list of some of the best-Flipboard magazines. Have a look at some of them:

Flipboard MagazineDescription
1.So bad so goodThe best and worst of web
2.The Art of manlinessTransforms you into an ideal man
3.World new watchKeeps you updated with all the recent news
4.All that is interestingFrom memes, fun videos, anything that might interest you. 
5.National GeographicArticles relating to nature, photography etc.
6.Inside FlipboardAll the tips, tricks, and FAQs regarding Flipboard
7.Life in colourInterior decoration, Fashion contrasts and combinations 
8.Coffee and teaAll that you need to know about the brews.
9.NPR: BooksBooks review, literary works, interviews and much more.
10. #MagsWeLoveAll about the Flipboard magazines and the best of them.

1. So Bad So Good

So Bad So Good Flipboard Magazines

The tagline of the magazine itself says “The best and worst of the web“. The magazine is like a fun crazy ride where you don’t know what you will encounter next. There is a collection of some of the most fantastic memes 

of the internet, and even some of the best “game of thrones” post.

Along with the entertainment, the magazine also gives an insight into the things that might help a human. For example, “A helpful guide to make your office crossbow” (wait, what). As a reader, you will love the collection of articles of this magazine that includes the best and worst memes on the web, advice on the particular human aspect of everyday life, writing articles, and some funny cat videos.

2. The Art Of Manliness

Flipboard Magazines Art of Manliness

The Art of manliness has a witty, sensible, and attitudinal collection of articles that will help you transform yourself into an “ideal man”. Beginning with “A manly handshake: An illustrated guide”, which allows you to learn the Art of manly handshake, to “Preventing Swamp Crotch: 10 products scientifically tested”, this masculine magazine has different articles that help you transform yourself into an “ideal man”.

Alongside the magazine’s manly aspect that teaches you to be a “man”, the magazine also has articles such as” Male Loneliness: And what men can do about it” that showcases the dark side of being a man.

3. World News Watch

World News on Flipboard

Numerous Flipboard magazines keep us updated on the local news, global news, sports news, election news, and much more. The only thing that creates a difference is the collection. World news watch collects the information from all over the world and gives you a sneak peek of what’s going around in the world under a single column. This magazine is undoubtedly not for you if you want to uplift your knowledge; instead, this will only help you gather information about the latest car bombings, military threats, missing persons, or overseas scuffles.

4. All That Is Interesting 

All That Is Interesting Flipboard Magazines

Interestingly, a magazine full of humour, with some witty article topics, and it’s fun to read the articles published by them. Every item that they post something to learn from and leaves you in deep thought. You just read about anything and everything once you are on their page.

From the most absurd artist’s performance to the ugliest animal on the planet, to Amazon’s new kindle oasis has leaked, the articles have a fresh feel when you read them. They have top-notch papers.

5. National Geographic  

Latest issue of National Geographic Magazine

The title of the article needs no introduction, though. As the name suggests, this Flipboard magazine publishes the best articles related to nature, the world, animals, birds, and many more. If you are a nature-lover or a world enthusiast, you must indeed have a look at these magazines. Along with some excellent content, they have some mind-blowing photos of nature and the world as a whole.

If you love to have the best travel experiences, love immaculate photography, look at beautiful sunrise and sunsets you must indeed have a look at this magazine and subscribe to it.

6. Inside Flipboard

Inside Flipboard Magazine

The Flipboard magazine app is the most conveniently running app and is easy to use, but there are times when the customer might encounter some issues. To solve these issues, Flipboard has launched this magazine. 

The magazine consists of all the tricks, tips, and FAQs the user might need while he goes through the app. Being a user-guide manual the magazine also has some interesting publications that include “Start a New Gifting Tradition: Donate”, “A taste of togetherness”, and many more articles, that try and make a change. 

If ever you get stuck with the Flipboard app and encounter issues such as, “How to link your Facebook account”, “Thinking if you can reflip your RSS feed”, don’t panic, go ahead and have a look at this magazine you will find the solution to every issue.

7. Life In Color (Lifestyle)

Life in Color on Flipboard

It’s all about pomp and colour. A magazine by ELLE DÉCOR this magazine is whole-heartedly dedicated to colour and fashion. Decorating a house has always been a tedious task for a person who has never done it before. Here Life in Color magazine comes to your aid. The magazine has it all from the best colour contrasts to allow red pomp in your living room. This is a fabulous guide for interior decoration.

The magazine also covers colour-related style trends and helps you be at the top when it comes to fashion sense. This is a must-read magazine for fashion and decoration lovers.

8. Coffee And Tea

Coffee and Tea Flipboard Magazines

The cover of the magazine itself shows a freshly prepared coffee cup, which reveals that anyone who is a coffee or a tea lover must indeed have a sneak-peek into this magazine. Anything that is coffee or tea-related has been covered efficiently in the magazine.

It has articles that include “Why you should drink dark-roast”, “must-have tea-brewing technology”, which claims it to be a must-read magazine for people who want a “cup of joe”. The magazine “Coffee and tea” also has some of the best coffee memes.

9. NPR: Books

NPR Books on Flipboard

The world is full of book lovers and books, but there are barely any sites that give impartial book reviews. If you are a book lover and are interested in an honest book review, the mag is just perfect for you.

The magazine provides literary news, recommendations, and exclusive interviews with some great authors. They provide you with books of all genres and have a collection from different corners of the world, which you might not have known easily.

10. #MagsWeLove

#MagsWeLove in Flipboard

There is numerous content available on the Flipboard magazine app, making it difficult for you to find the best mag for you. This magazine recommends the top Flipboard magazine that you must indeed look into.


1. How Can I Add More Topics To My Flipboard?

A. Open the app and click the following tab.

B. Click the option of the topic on the top of the tab, and then the topic picker. Click on the particular issues you want to have a look into.

C. Once you are done, click “done”.

2. Can I Add My favorite RSS Feeds?

Yes, you could. You need to enter the RSS URL in the search bar. A menu comes in front of you; now, you are done.  

3. Can I Create A Private Magazine?

Yes, you could, you could create a magazine of your interest in the Flipboard.

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