Top 13 Fashion magazines in 2020

Being in the fashion industry is quite competitive. For you to remain relevant, you must produce the most appealing styles. If you need to convey and promote your design’s vision to the eventual purchaser, then fashion magazines are an essential component of your industry. You also need to pick the best designs as an individual that makes you attractive even in your career and professions. 

The fashion magazines include components on beauty and lifestyles as well as advice on how to keep a decent figure, make-up and guidance on style. Different styles keep emerging, and there is a need to know the current trends. You can never know what is on fashion unless you are an avid reader who is open-minded to what is new. Most people are keen on what to wear and would go to whatever length to achieve the luxury of dressing their best to work and also as casual.

Different fashion magazines are available for those focusing on improving their looks. Read on and pick one that is perfect for your needs:

Images of Top Fashion Magazines

1. Best for Teenagers: Teen Vogue

This magazine is one of the best-selling fashion magazines for teenagers. It relates to trends in fashion for teens. Its contents include promos and events formation, celebrity talk, fashion and style guides. 

The monthly publication also covers beauty, living, culture, and runway based in New York City. 

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2. Best for Beauty Info: Allure

Allure is a monthly, American women’s publication that focuses on beauty. It is the primary source of beauty information that ranges from expert hair advice to celebrity beauty tips. The magazine also contains product review and other methods of improving your beauty regimen.

3. Best for Latest Fashions: Essence

If you are looking for the latest in fashion, skincare, beauty, and hairstyles, Essence is the ideal companion. You also get to learn about the latest upcoming festivals by reading this publication. It is a monthly magazine which mainly targets the African-American woman who believes that black is beauty.

4. Best for Several Subjects: Town and Country

If you are looking for a magazine that touches on a wide array of subjects, then Town and Country are what you need. The magazine covers on unique travel destinations and home design ideas. You will also get information on fine dining, fashion, and art as well as other topics. 

5. Best for Beauty Store Owners: Beauty Store Business

The B2B shares the latest news in the beauty industry to owners of the beauty stores. It also gives information on hair salons where the readers can also watch online DIY videos. It is also possible for you to find a list of suppliers and information on products. 

The magazine enables you to energize the sales of your store with hot new products, trends in retailing and industry news. You will also receive expert advice on marketing techniques, store operations and merchandising. 

6. Best for Private Lifestyles: INSTYLE

For an in-depth perspective of design and fashion, INSTYLE magazine is the best publication. It emphasizes on the private lifestyle of the most famous people and includes topics such as home entertainment as well as different aspects of fashion and style. 

7. Best for Fashion Photography: W

W is an award-winning publication due to its masterful fashion photography. It is a leader in women’s fashion and beauty magazine that features the absolute best in the latest styles. The magazine features stories on style through the lens of fashion, culture, fashion, art, culture, celebrity, and film. 

8. Best for Physical Appearance: MedEsthetics

If you are looking for information that is geared towards medical professionals that provide medical procedures, this is the magazine for you. The publication gives information that will be helpful in the repair of a person’s physical appearance. 

9. Best for Married Women: Redbook

The magazine targets married women, and it encourages them in their personal growth. It mostly features articles about love, sex, fashion, beauty, home, food, mind, body, and money. It also focuses on the married woman improving her career, kids as well as how to handle a woman’s proverbial downtime. 


10. Best for Women of Ages18 and 49 Years: Glamour

The magazine was initially known as Glamour of Hollywood. It is one of the most significant fashion and woman’s magazine and targets women aged between 18 and 49 years. It holds the Glamour women of the year awards to honour famous women.

The magazine is currently only available online, and it features on matters that matter to women such as outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, politics and celebrity news. 

11. Best for Men’s Fashion and Style: GQ

The magazine was initially known as Gentleman’s Quarterly, and it focuses on improving a man’s fashion, culture and style. It also covers sports, technology, music, travel, fitness, books and sex. The publication is among the most successful fashion magazine for men in the US, and it also covers articles on movies, food, and culture. 

12. Best for Women’s Lifestyle and Beauty Topics: Marie Claire

Marie Claire is an international women’s magazine which started in France in 1937 and was later published in the USA in 1994. It is a weekly publication that centres around women’s fashion, beauty topics, and style. It gives women a glance at life beyond their home country. 

The magazine is published every Wednesday from the time of its inception until today with the only interruption during world war II. 

13. Best for Excellent Designs: Harper’s Bazaar

Bazaar magazine deals with the best women’s fashion. It is aimed at sophisticated and upper-class women’s designs. The magazine is a monthly publication that contains high-profile photos that reflect on different styles, designs and other superior designs. If you are a woman who demands the best in everything, then Bazaar is meant for you. 

The magazine is published by Hearst that is based in New York City. It boasts as a style-resource for those women who pioneer in buying the best, from casual to couture. 

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