Top 10 Best Animal Magazines for Animal Lovers

If you are an animal lover and have a four-legged friend in your house then you might want to read some tips on how to keep your animal healthy and happy. Regardless of your animal, there are thousands of animal magazines available to share practical tips and heartwarming stories to cheer you up. Though you may find it difficult to make a list of good animal magazines to suit your needs! That is why we bring to you the list of top 10 best animal magazines to follow in 2019.

List of Top 10 Animal Magazines

Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness is more than a magazine. It is the most trusted source of natural health and wellness information for cats and dogs in North America. You’ll find all kinds of tips, photos, and fun videos in this magazine. In fact, this magazine is an interactive community of animal lovers. The mission of this magazine is to provide solutions to your concerns and deliver only the absolute best information on every platform. The first issue of the magazine was published in 2000.

All Creatures

All Creatures is a publication from Guideposts about the remarkable bonds and miracles that have occurred between humankind and the animals who share their lives with us. The magazine recounts all of the amazing ways in which animals have impacted the lives of individuals all over the world. In each issue, you can expect to find:

  • Heartwarming accounts of companionship provided by cats, dogs, horses, and other surprising creatures!
  • Inspiring true stories from people just like you and the amazing animals that have impacted them!
  • Tips on how to best care for pets and the surprising ways pets care for us in return!

The mission of this magazine is to share the idea of loving, respecting, and appreciating all of God’s living creatures on Earth.

Modern Dog

Modern Dog is a dog-centric magazine that publishes quarterly. The magazine was found in 2002. Connie Wilson is the founder of this magazine. It is one of the largest dog-related magazines in North America. The mission of this magazine is to support the efforts of organizations that work tirelessly to assist abused, neglected, or homeless dogs.


Catster is where cat lovers come together and get professional advice about cat behavior, cat health, and cat news. Formerly Cat Fancy, Catster collect supportive and hilarious information for cat lovers. A resource for real cat owners who passionately argue the merits of catnip at dinner, have very real opinions on vet costs and are eager to devote their time and financial resources to please the animals that really run their households.


Dogster is where dog lovers come together and get expert advice about dog behavior, dog health, and dog news. The magazine was found in 1970. Ted Rheingold, Steven J. Reading, John Vars are the founder of this magazine. It is a bimonthly magazine. Belvoir Media Group LLC is the publisher of this magazine. It is an award-winning magazine. It has won several awards including the 2005 Webby for Best Community Site.

Animal Tales

Animal Tales is a very popular animal magazine. The magazine is committed to educate, entertain, and inspire animal lovers. Animal Tales specializes in professional live educational animal programs for schools, libraries, and any other group and organization. They provide these programs through highly educated and experienced staff in a safe and effective learning environment that both engages and involves participants.

Modern Cat

Modern Cat is one of the best cat magazines in the world. They bring you the best, latest, and most interesting of what’s happening in the cat world. The magazine was launched in 2012. The mission of this magazine is to make cat lovers inspired by the best ideas & solutions for life with a cat—the coolest cat accessories & toys, behavior, and wellness.

National Wildlife

National Wildlife is a magazine published bi-monthly by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The magazine reports on new discoveries about wildlife and wild animal behavior and provides practical tips for wildlife gardening, bird watching, family outdoor activities, and wildlife photography. The magazine was found in 1962. It has won many awards for its striking nature and wildlife photography.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine is a very popular bi-monthly magazine found in September 1952. The magazine is at the forefront of informing and educating the beginner and the advanced aquarium hobbyist. TFH Publications is the owner of this magazine. It is a very popular animal magazine and it reflects on their circulation. The magazine has a circulation of 5300 per month. The mission of this magazine is to provide p-to-the-minute information on freshwater, saltwater and pond habitats with world-class photography.

Reptiles Magazine

Reptiles magazine is a very renowned animal magazine based in Irvine, California. The first issue of this magazine was published in October 1993. Lumina Media is the owner of this magazine. The magazine is known as the best source for news, health, nutrition, conservation, captive care information, and all things reptile, due to its expert writers and photographers and professional editors. It is a bimonthly magazine.

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