Top 10 Aviation Magazines to satisfy Your Passion

Are you a professional pilot, aviation-enthusiast, or a simple plane admirer? If your answer is yes, then you will agree with me that there is so much to learn. If you love the feeling of soaring high above the clouds to whatever destination with this impressive machine called the airplane, you will seek to know so much about it.

Various aviation magazines are available that focus on the different planes, how to operate them, what you need to be a better pilot, and much more. This article looks at several magazines available. Read on and choose the right one for you.


The Aeroplane is an aviation magazine that is the first choice for history and aviation enthusiasts globally. It dates back to the golden age of flying and gives an impressive history of aviation. It also focuses on military aircraft from the 1930s to the 1960s. 

The publication has regular features such as interview series with experts from historic aircraft scenes, and landmark planes under the spotlight. The magazine also has a monthly comment column, service and technical details, and an exclusive insider’s look at crews who operated legendary aircraft and much more.

Airliner World

Airliner World is the world’s number one trade magazine on aviation. It offers you extensive coverage of the world’s airlines, aircraft, and airports monthly. The publication was initially launched in 1999, and it has become one of the largest selling magazines in the aviation industry.

It is a must-read magazine if you are interested in commercial aviation as it delivers exciting features on various aspects of the airline industry. You will read about air traffic control, flight safety, and the environment with eye-catching, colorful photography.

You will get a lot of reviews and profiles of airports, airlines, and crafts from all over the globe. You will also receive captivating features from the digital edition, such as technology updates, comprehensive news coverage, airport developments, and much more.


The flyer is an online aviation magazine that helps to grow your passion for flying. If you are interested in knowing how to fly your aircraft, then this is the magazine for you. You will also learn about the latest aviation gear from mother flyers.

The publication gives you the best coverage of aircraft and cutting-edge prototypes. You will get everything necessary about aviation and flying today with every issue of this magazine.

The Aviation Historian

Aviation History is an ideal magazine for those who have a real and deep passion for history or flying. You will explore the aeronautical history from the beginning to new jest as well as learn about the birth of spaceflight.

Every issue of the publication provides you with a well-blended mix of high-quality information from the beautiful archive photos to graphics. You will also learn about military flying between the world wars and the cold war.

The publication lets you see the larger picture of the role of flying in shaping and influencing humanity. It is a digital magazine that will help entertain your passion.

AirForces Monthly

This magazine helps you to explore the world of modern military aviation. You will learn about weaponry, exercises, best aviation news, and coverage from all over the globe. The magazine also provides you with information about the world’s air forces and their conflicts.

You will also get insights into the latest military technology and staff interviews. It gives you a well-informed view of every aspect of military aviation. The magazine has impressive and colorful photography throughout its pages.

Aviation Week

This magazine is an online publication that features news and other articles related to commercial aviation, technology, space, business, and more. It has a part that can only be seen by subscribers and another free one.

The publication also has galleries with different topics, aviation week events columns, and as well as a job search.


This magazine is an independent aviation news publication that publishes articles related to several aviation topics. It features flight p0lanning, training, aircraft upgrades, among others. The paper also hosts the blog AVweb Insider.


This magazine is ideal for aircraft enthusiasts who desire to build their flying machines. It contains all the necessary information on the trends and materials used to construct a plane. You will get detailed step-by-step instructions from the beginning to the end until you get what you desire.


Vertical is another fantastic publication that is loaded with awesome photos. It serves as the professional source for piloting helicopters.


This magazine is the official publication of the United States Air Force. It reports on news and information about and of interest to Air Force members and their families. It is a bi-monthly online magazine published by the Defense Media Activity group. 

Texas Aviator

This magazine features interesting and exciting articles for pilots and aircraft enthusiasts. It covers news about planes, travels as well as enjoying the aviator’s lifestyle. The publication has a sleek, modern layout with articles on airports, pilot groups, and other pieces that explore the rich history of aviation.

The release ahs items that are ideal for pilots of all levels, even those yet to venture into flight school. Most of the material focuses on Texas events, destinations, and airports. The magazine also has adverts that are not necessarily on aircraft.

General Aviation News

General Aviation News is a magazine that provides comprehensive information to the pilots about everything on aviation. It contains articles with topics that range from federal regulation to ideas on how to update and maintain your airplane. 

The magazine has a classified section that features a lot of listings for airplanes, parachutes, hangars, residential airparks, and much more. There is also a fly-in calendar for you to file flight plans to new destinations.

The publication has a print edition and a free digital version that is user-friendly and quick to load. It has various columns and classified that provide you with any information that you may be looking for. The magazine is also clean and informative, making it a must-have for all aviation enthusiasts. 

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