Top Wood Work Magazines for 2020 | Makes you Work Like a Pro

Are you an enthusiast in woodwork and looking for unique inspiration and information to improve your skills? Or do you want to be more accurate and efficient in your work to take it to high notch? You can only do this if you acquire unbiased and credible information from other passionate woodworkers.

Wood magazines give tips that motivate you, whether you are a novice beginner or a seasoned professional in woodworking. There are wood magazines that cater to the needs of every level, whether an amateur or a veteran.

This article highlights the most popular magazines that give a state of the art information to help advance your skills. Read on and pick what suits your needs:

The American Woodworker

For many decades, the American woodworker has been the premier publication for woodworkers across America. It gives information on how-to for woodwork enthusiasts of all levels. The magazine has six issues every year that feature up-to-date plans on woodwork with detailed instructions, product reviews, new project ideas, tips on safety, among others. 

Woodworker’s Journal

Woodworker’s Journal is a fantastic wood magazine that is compiled by professional and hobbyist woodwork enthusiasts. The magazine publishes six issues annually with new projects that have detailed step-by-step instructions. It also provides advice on various techniques and tips. You will also get products and tool reviews each month from a section of the publication.

The magazine presents all concepts, techniques, tips, and ideas in excellent formats that are easy to grasp. The instructions are accompanied by photos, diagrams, illustrations, and captions, making it simple to follow and apply. There are also full-size patterns on carpentry such as hardware, joinery, finishing, and techniques for you to explore, resulting in the excellent outcome of your projects.

Carving Magazine

Carving Magazine is a suitable publication for those woodworkers that are particularly interested in carving woods. It publishes four issues every with exciting carving projects that include detailed instructions for woodworkers of all levels of experience. The magazine has both photos and stories that make it enjoyable.

 Popular Woodworking

Popular woodworking is another wood magazine. It is popular among woodworkers, and it publishes seven issues each year. Reading the magazine gives you expert information on project construction, building techniques, tool, tips, among others.

The magazine also includes several colour photos, technical illustrations, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions.

Fine Woodworking

The Fine Woodworking is an excellent publication for seasoned and experienced woodworkers. It publishes six issues annually plus one copy that features specifically on tools and product reviews.

The magazines feature excellent design ideas, techniques, tips, new project plans, and jigs. As its reader, you get unusual solutions from other readers from its ‘Method of work’ feature. The magazine is however for more experienced woodworkers and may therefore not be ideal for beginners.

Shop Notes

Shop notes is a wood magazine that is suitable for all skill levels woodworkers. It features new woodworking plans, jigs, tools, techniques, and product reviews. The magazine is written by professional woodworkers with great experience giving practical tips and hands-on information.

The readers get great woodworking projects with detailed step-by-step instructions that make learning enjoyable. It is helpful to both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Wood Smith

Wood Smith is also a popular magazine among woodworkers, and it has a considerable following. It has woodwork projects with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that are too detailed. Both beginners and experienced woodworkers find the magazine useful as they get practical tips and techniques.

Experienced woodworkers give expert analysis of tools, accessories, and products that are useful for the readers.

Woodcraft Magazine

If you are an expert in woodwork wishing to take your craftsmanship to a higher notch, then woodcraft magazine is what you need. The magazine has various tips necessary for woodwork as well as vast resources to aid in achieving your goal.

The publication also gives step-by-step project plans that aid you in every stage of your project. It provides detailed instructions, explanations, and procedures for you to explore. You also get expert advice from many professionals and veteran woodworkers in the field of carpentry. The magazine contains insights into hot new products, guides, reviews, hot tips, and secrets that are relevant in upgrading your skills.

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Craft

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Craft magazine is suitable for providing appropriate guidance. It has various how-to tips and illustrations that are vital for woodwork projects. It is ideal for all levels of skills, and it helps in minimizing operational costs.

The magazine has excellent tutorials that are designed to upgrade your knowledge base and expertise. It also has ready-to-use patterns and tutorials that display new techniques and skills to you.


The wood magazine is designed to teach woodworking skills and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. It comes in a lifestyle format that is easy to comprehend, and it is also compatible with everyone’s style.

The magazine has numerous project ideas in between the pages are ideal for you as well as tips on how to actualize the designs. The publication also contains reviews of product and tools that have been tried and tested.

The magazine handles every aspect of carpentry that consists of detailed illustrations of the subject matter. It also has up to date and relevant content that helps you to create functional masterpieces, and it is ideal for a modern professional woodworker.

Great Book of Woodworking Tips

If you are looking forward to sharpening your woodworking skills, then this is the book to purchase. It offers a hands-on approach on how to draw, clamp, rout, join, and even finish your project.

The book has 650 workshop tips that re sufficient for any task that you have. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it also gives guidance on how to go about everything. It also offers well-organized prints, labels, and illustrations that are easy to follow and apply.

The book has excellent photography as well that is vouched by expert editors, thus providing a ready source of advice. Its hardcover makes it durable and therefore a worthy investment.

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