The Top 10 Hunting Magazines that Inspire Us in 2020

Hunting is among the most enjoyable outdoor activities. With the right information and gear, you can take to this venture to a higher level and keep looking forward to the next one. Various publications are there that give all the tips, techniques, and information about the necessary gear. You will also read about inspirational advice from experts in this field.

In this article, we highlight the top magazines that will inspire you to take your art a notch higher. Read on and choose the right one for you:

Outdoor Life

Outdoor life is a magazine that provides the latest information on the how-to hunt, gear tests, gun reviews, fishing photos, and much more. You will get everything you need for hunting no matter what your interest is.

The publication also focuses on true-life stories about the reviews on best outdoor gear. You will also receive inspirational articles with instructions to help you advance in your outdoor activities.

North American Whitetail

This magazine is based on the famous popular deer-hunting show on the Sportsman channel. It is ideal for the passionate hunter who desires to get a trophy deer. You will learn about the tricks and tips of hunting and the right places to carry out this adventure.

The publication also gives information on the latest techniques and approaches for your next-deer-hunting journeys that are available in the issues.


Bowhunting magazine provides you with the most insightful, entertaining, and educational news on hunting with a bow. You will get all the information necessary for hunting wild to bow fishing. The publication also has articles on large to small game bow-hunting, gear reviews, tips, and much more.

It also provides the latest information on the newest edition on this venture that is helpful to newbies wishing to learn how to bow-hunt. You also learn about the best equipment to use for the big game during your undertaking.

Buckmasters Whitetail

Buckmasters Whitetail is a hunting magazine that is filled with new information for your hunting expedition. It has various editions with helpful clues and tricks, latest hunting equipment, gear review, and much more.

The different publications feature articles from real hunters with beautiful images to help make your hunting experience the best outing ever. The magazine has six issues per year, and you get a Buckmasters hat, white decal, Doe-n-Rut, as well as big Bucks DVD with each subscription.

Huntin Fool

Huntin Fool is a monthly hunting magazine that is dedicated to big game hunters. You will access to a personal hunt advisor upon signing up for a membership on its site. You can receive advice on how to personalize your hunting as well as the gear to use. The publication also gives you in-depth state-by-state coverage.

Field & stream

Field & Stream magazine is among the best hunting magazines available for the hunters and anglers. The magazine provides information on the latest hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the professionals in the field. You also get gun reviews, outdoor gear, rut reports, and much more information that is necessary for you to improve on your skills.

The publication is ideal for the conservation of wildlife and the best places to carry out the adventure. You will also get step-by-step instructions on the how-to hunt.

Deer & Deer Hunting

The Deer & Deer magazine is among the best-selling hunting publications in the U.S. It provides you will all the detailed information that you require about deer hunting. You will also receive informative advice from the experts with proven techniques for hunting to your nest trophy.

The publication also contains product reviews, the best hunting practices, book reviews, and much more. If you are looking for the best hunting spots, the magazine ahs articles covering this.

Gun Dog

If you are a lover of hunting dogs and want to know about the different types and everything about them, then Gun dog magazine is all you need. Each issue of this publication covers different breeds of the dog, health-related issues, accessories, training, and reviews on gear.

The magazine has helpful information to you whether you own a dog or not. It publishes seven issues per year, each focusing on the different breed and the various training methods on how your dog can hunt birds and nutritional tips to keep your canine healthy.

The publication also offers information on firearms, hunting, shooting competition, reloading, and other shooting related activities in the United States.

Guns and Ammo

This magazine is dedicated to every weapon users, whether one is out in the shooting range or engaging in competitions. It offers advice on everything that you need to know about hunting in the field using firearms. The publication has articles on firearm reviews, shooting gear, optics, and ammunition to keep you updated. You will also learn about the latest guns and rifles to carry out your ventures.

Florida Sportsman

Florida Sportsman is a magazine that is ideal for all those with a passion for fishing and hunting in Florida. The publication has articles on reviews in fishing and hunting gear, guides on excellent locations and methods, and stories from experienced sportspeople.

You will get helpful information that will enable you to improve your hunting skills, whether you are a beginner or a professional hunter. It is thus an ideal companion for any hunting-enthusiast.

Sports Afield

This magazine is ideal for the hunters who are considering engaging on a hunting trip to Africa. It gives details on what you would like to know, such as legally hunting animals, the gear and guns to use when hunting these animals, and anything else that you need to know about such ventures.

The Pointing Dog Journal

The Pointing Dog journal focuses on the activities of bird hunting with this particular breed of dogs. The magazine explains the relationship between the dog and the hunter. It also gives tips on how to be successful.

You will also learn about the best places and time for the hunting adventure. The publication has six colorful issues per year, each with the expert advice that you need to get to the next level.

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