Top 12 Art Magazine in 2020 | Helps you Improve on Creativity

Expressing your creativity, skills and imagination in a visual form can be quite fulfilling. You can use paintings or sculptures to express your conceptual ideas or technical skills. To make your artifacts beautiful and emotionally fulfilling, you need to be more creative. 

Several art magazines are available both in Print and online versions that help inspire your inventiveness and imagination. This article highlights on top art magazines that have passed the test of time. Read on and pick the one that serves your purpose:

Art in Print

Art in Print is an international art journal that publishes six issues per year.  It was first published in 2011, and it covers every style of printed artwork. The magazine has both online and print versions, and it also has several website contents that are free to access. The publication covers articles, reviews, and news on the latest styles and artists. They also have a calendar of auctions, exhibits, and competitions globally.

Every issue of the magazine features the winner of the previous Prix de Print competition with an essay on their artwork. The artists could be world-famous or infamous.

The Artist’s Magazine

The Artist’s is a unique magazine that was first published in 1983. It features information on special effects, painting techniques, and art business topics such as marketing. The magazine publishes ten issues annually, and it also shares its content with the website ‘Artists Network’

You can access articles, subscription pages, event listings, blogs and forums, and other useful resources from the online versions.

Pastel Journal

Pastel Journal is a bi-monthly magazine that was first published in 1999. It has a circulation of around 26,000 copies that offer useful information and inspiration for both amateur and expert pastel artists. It features beautiful full-colour reproductions, exhibitions, and news about contests.

You will also learn about workshops for the pastel arts and artist’s profiles, as well as step-by-step guidelines on how their artwork was produced.


Artnews is a magazine that was founded in 1902, and it is based in New York. The magazine was initially referred to as Hyde’s Weekly Art News, changed to American Art News, and currently Artnews.

The publication features articles, reports, news, and exhibit reviews of art from the past to today. It also features content from famous art writers and critics, and it has various awards that include the prestigious George Polk Award. The magazine has eleven issues annually.

Art in America

Art in America is a monthly magazine that has been in existence for over one century. It was founded in 1913. It features articles pertaining basically to contemporary art in the USA. The publication provides artist profiles, exhibit reviews, information on art movements, and scheduled art events around the country.

The magazine has a circulation of over 75,000 copies, and it is published monthly out of New York.

Art forum

Art Forum is a modern art magazine that is distributed from New York and has ten issues per annum. It has a unique square form, and it donates each cover to a single full art piece. The magazine features articles and reviews on art and books, gallery advertisement, and pop culture columns.

The publication was founded in 1962.  It has many notable contributors that include Dennis Cooper, Lucy Lippard, Clement Greenberg, and Rosalind Krauss.  

Professional artist magazine

This magazine was established in 1986 as an art calendar. It provides insights, business strategies and encouragement to artists to assist them in making a living from their passion.

Each issue outlines practical advice covering marketing, law, tips for an exhibit, developing portfolios, and other relevant and useful articles. The magazine has six publications annually as well as a website that provide frequently updated blogs from contributors.


Aperture is an art magazine that is based in New York City. It was founded in 1952 by the Aperture Foundation that was established by artists and art experts who included Dorothea Lange, Beaumont Newhall, Dody Wareen, and Ansel Adams. It was among the first journals that investigated and discussed photography as a fine art media.

The publication has four issues per annum that include photographs by both amateur and professional photographers. The magazine features articles that include scholarly reviews, insights, critiques, among others. The publication’s mission statement is  “ Common ground for the advancement of photography

Southwest Art

Southwest art is a magazine that features exclusively on American Western art. The monthly publication alerts art lovers and artists with news about artists, events, and collectors who share their passion. Every copy of the magazine showcases a full-page painting on the cover. 

Southwest Art magazine provides a comprehensive website besides the print version. It includes videos, blogs, art exhibit listings, articles, and much more.

Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Artist is another publication by the large F+W publishing company. It provides guides and tips for artists working in its title medium, discussions for artists, artist profiles, and art professionals and other resources and trends.

The magazine has six issues per annually with a circulation of over 90,000 copies. It features news on emerging and reputable water media artists. The publication is incorporated with the Artist’s Network website that offers access to event listings, articles, blogs &forums, as well as subscription pages.

First American Art

First American Art magazine was first published in 2013. The publication discusses historical and modern-day art by and about the indigenous people of South and North America. It has both Print and online versions that reach an international audience.

The magazine features articles on native art styles, reviews & essays about gallery exhibitions, as well as artist profiles.

Art of the West

Art of the West is a magazine that was founded in 1987 to showcase western-style art by American artists. It features everything from land and seascape, to Native American artwork, to the old cowboy. It has a simple classic cover that features a different, a full-page painting each issue.

The magazine has six issues per year that provide an archive of articles from past and present issues. It also gives information about featured artists, a list of suggested materials to read and view as well as a subscription to a bi-monthly newsletter.

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