Top 10 Outdoor Magazines for 2020 | That are Great Exploration

Outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, climbing, angling, among others, are great ways to cool off the stresses of reasonable day-to-day endeavours. The activities are more enjoyable, especially if you do it with a friend or family member.

It will be quite fulfilling if you have ideas of the sites to visit and the outside gears to use. Various outdoor magazines are available out there both in printed versions and online. The magazines have fascinating features on the latest expeditions or even other discoverable events.

This article explores the state of the art publications that are of great interest. Read on and pick what best suits you:


Climbing is a US-based magazine that was first published in 1970. It focuses mainly on advice about technical climbing that includes bouldering, trad climbing, sport climbing, and alpine climbing. It is ideal for both rookie and amateur as well as expert climbers since it has features and news that keep everyone entertained. 


Backpacker is an outdoor magazine whose primary focus is hiking in the US. Both the online and print version of the magazine gives detailed information about trail recipes, hiking trails, survival skills, and other useful backpack knowledge.

The magazine also includes regular and detailed reviews of camping gear and hiking as well as common features from the Pacific Crest and Appalachian trails.

Outside Magazine

Outside magazine has been in circulation for over four decades. It provides its readers with brave life encounters. The primary focus of the publication is an adventure storytelling travel, sports, expeditions, and fitness. It also offers various outdoor sub-genres.

The magazine has both digital platform and printed versions that reach an audience of over 7.5 million people.

Outdoor Photographer

The outdoor photographer is a fantastic magazine that is dedicated to exploring the fascinating wildlife and landscape in nature. The publication features photo essays together with columnists and contributors that are among the most celebrated names in the photography field.

It also features articles on equipment reviews and recommendations and also techniques for outdoor photography enthusiasts.


Alpinist is an attractive quarterly magazine that is based in the USA. The publication focuses on mountaineering ascents globally. The magazine was first published in 2002 but ceased publishing briefly in 2008 and re-launched in 2009.

The magazine focuses on fast and light ascents as well as clean-climbing and also climbing gears. As a result, it won various awards in the earlier days.


This magazine is a glossy outdoor expedition journal that features a collection of individual stories of journeys, adventure travel, and expeditions. The magazine is beautiful to look at, and it has striking images. It is available both online and printed versions making it accessible to the majority.

Rock & Ice

Rock & Ice magazine was first published in 1985. Its primary focus is on the rock, and ice climbing and its features range from adventure stories of destination places. It also has articles revolving around human-interest profiles and topical and historical pieces.

The magazine has both print and digital editions with its website as one of the most popular climbing-focused sites online.

National parks

This magazine focuses mainly on the protection and enhancement of America’s National Park System, for present and future generations. It is a publication of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) that was founded in 1919. NPCA is an independent, non-partisan voice that works to strengthen and protect the national parks and sites in the US.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream is an informative magazine for the outdoor adventure enthusiast. It discusses several vital topics that are related to successful hunting and fishing. It also features on expert opinions, article reviews, blogs, and other fishing and hunting info. It is a leading source for the outdoor sportsman.

National Geographic traveller

This magazine combines spectacular photography of national geographic with a great passion for exciting travel destinations. It features articles, images, and stories of different travel locations and adventures. The magazine helps to reignite your love for traveling and other ventures.

It is an excellent publication for travel enthusiasts who are always keen on learning of new sites. If you enjoy discovering new places and having fun, this is the right magazine.

American Snowmobiler

For the lovers of snowmobiling, this magazine is an ideal choice. Its primary focus is on the niche of snowmobiling, and it includes guides on news, interviews, and several other topics related to snowmobiles.

It highlights on the best sites for recreation on snow as well as the best gear for this adventurous travel.

American Handgunner

The American Handgunner is an ideal magazine for the handgun enthusiasts who are keen on learning everything about this activity. It provides information on a wide range of gun models and makes. It also gives exclusive articles on accessories, new product highlights as well as opportunities for winning awesome giveaways.

The magazine also focuses on handgun hunting, competition shooting, tactical knives, reloading, as well as other shooting-related activities in the United States.


This magazine is a perfect source of bass fishing information for all fishing enthusiast. It has advice columns, glossy photos, and tutorials that provide you with the skills that help to improve on the size and the amount of bass that you will catch on your next adventure.

The magazine has both printed edition and an online version that you can access through your android and apple devices.

Deer & Deer Hunting

If you are a lover of hunting whitetail deer, this magazine is a perfect choice. It contains massive information on everything you need to know from hunting stories and gear. It also gives specific information about the animals themselves.

Florida Sport Fishing

This magazine focuses on Florida’s unique eco-system, and it advises saltwater fisherman. It is perfect for anglers of any level keen on learning and engaging in this adventurous exercise.

The magazine has tutorials, guides, and professional advice for saltwater angling in Florida.

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