Top 12 Dog Magazines in 2020 for Pet Lovers

If you are a dog lover, you will agree with me that it is one of the best pets to have around. Dogs are not only friendly companions, but they are also protective. To this end, then, you must do everything possible to ensure that this canine is in good health, has the best behaviors ever and that it gets the best new products from the veterinary field.

Taking care of your pet may be challenging unless you have the right knowledge. Various dog magazines are available to help you with this noble undertaking.

This article highlights the top 10 dog magazines that have stood the test of time. Read on and pick what suits your needs:

Best Friends

The Best Friends Society publishes this magazine, and it is one of the most significant pet publications in the United States. The release gives inspirational information on pets including tips, news about the organization, tricks as well as perspective articles. It is filled with stunning photos of the animals living in the shelter.

You will also get professional advice on the ‘Ask the Vet’ column to keep your pet healthy. The publication is issued as a donation to share with other dog lovers upon your donating $25. You will receive the magazine every two months. 

Dog Watch

The Dog watch is a monthly magazine by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It features articles on diseases, health aspects, best pet food, common dog problems, immunizations and much more.

Though the publication is not very popular, it is among the best on canine health. The university gives expert advice on everything that you need to know to keep your pet in good health.


Dogster is a bimonthly magazine that was formally known as Dog Fancy. The publication provides you with tips, incredible photos, and advice to help keep your canine friend healthy and happy.

The magazine also helps you to interact with your pet as it gives ideas and activities with uplifting stories and travel. It also contains a section called ‘Body and Mind’ that advises on how to care for the canine’s mental and physical.

Today’s Breeder

Today’s Breeder is a publication by Purina Pro Club that teaches you about your dog’s health. The magazine also gives training tips and guides on how to improve the welfare of your canine. There is also great and helpful advice on purebred dogs.

The publication is available on their website, but you must become a member to receive it.

Whole Dog journal

The Whole Dog journal gives you a holistic approach to taking care of your canine. The magazine focuses basically on natural remedies with dog training tips. You also get information that helps you to understand your dog’s behavior. The journal also has guides on herbs and supplements that are necessary for solving healthcare problems.

The publication has a website that provides expert advice on everything you need to know about your canine.

Dog News

Dog News is a weekly magazine that focuses on show dogs and purebreds. The publication has two sections i.e., ‘Best of the Week’ and Questions of the Week’ where you get all the information about to the best care for your canine. You will also get answers to questions that may be helpful for your pet’s health and other issues.

Dogs Today

Dogs Today is a monthly publication that provides you with information on the ethical care of canines. It teaches you how to improve your dog’s life, and it is full of training methods that offer you friendly interactive activities.

The magazine to send questions to other readers as well as offer advice to others. The publication also has stunning articles with fabulous illustrations to help you understand. You can either subscribe to printed edition or online fashion.

The Bark

The Bark is a modern dog culture publication with both printed edition and strong online presence. It contains fun and informative articles that revolve around research and science in the canine world.

The magazine focuses on dog studies and gives insight into how people interact with dogs. It also provides recipes, art, wellness, and review columns.

Modern Dog

Modern Dog is a lifestyle magazine for canine owners. It provides fabulous, informative articles on your pet’s behavior or how they think. You also receive top-notch training tips and advice on how to keep your dog healthy.

The publication further offers you tips on DIY projects, tutorials, and recipes for homemade treats. You also get the opportunity to participate in competitions, contests, and giveaways.

 Family Dog

Family Dog is a publication from the American Kennel Club that has six issues per year. It provides interesting how-to tips and training methods in a fun format that helps you to make your canine part of the family.

The magazine has AKC expert columns on natural therapies, dog nutrition, and alternative therapies. You also read on feature stories as well as stay up-to-date with your dog’s health.

Animal Wellness

Animal wellness is a dog magazine that covers everything you may need to know about keeping your pet happy and healthy. You will discover how to train, feed, and protect your canine friend from any harsh conditions.

You will learn about proper nutrition and the right food for your canine. It also provides information about your dog’s dental health.


There are many dog magazines to help you manage your pet and keep it happy and healthy. You can learn of various training tips that will help you interact well with your canine and make it fit into your family.

You can also receive expert advice from vets who share information in most magazines that will help to know about your pet’s health and behaviors. You can either read online or even look for printed editions to learn everything you require to understand.

The above-listed magazines are among the many out there that give the best information ever.

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