Top Sites of Bangladesh Where People Spend Most of Their Time

According to a research by Word Bank, 5.0% of Bangladesh’s total population are in the coverage of Internet. And this is data of 2011. Now its 2019 and I think the ratio has been tripled already. So I think its 15 to 20% of the total population uses Internet using their mobile phones and other devices (Laptop, Desktop, Tablets and so on).

But what are they do in Internet?

I have scraped Alexa today and found some interesting stuff.

A bangla newspaper right at the top of the list of most visited sites from Bangladesh and that is ProthomAlo. Its just below of Google and YouTube and right above of the Facebook!

What’s truly inspiring seemed to me that, the Bengali people read a newspaper than the social media sites like Facebook. This is such an awww news for the people like me. 🙂 I really love to see it at the top. And I know, anything at top of Facebook is good for the society and for the country itself (if we see the bigger picture of future).

Daily Jugantor is at #5 position of sites list (Alexa) which looks interesting to me as well. Because I though Kalerkantha is on the second list due to the huge marketing they do all over the place. I think quality and popularity since age became a major factor here.

In the top 20 sites, 6+ sites are newspapers. Pretty good to look at.

Undoubtedly, YouTube at the #2 just behind Google. People are Googling a lot these days and that’s really very good practice.

Cricbuzz at the #15 by defeating espncricinfo which is outstanding. I don’t know whats the catch here. But I think, people from Bangladesh doesn’t like clutters thats what we get at espncricinfo website. So, a niche like cricket won the spot here.

Bdjobs also in the top #20 list because of the huge job seekers from Bangladesh. I still miss here any of the competitors of BDjobs in Bangladesh. Maybe someone should come up with a better idea than bdjobs soon? Maybe. I hope it should be as soon as possible.

Daraz (a shopping site) is in the #30 list and it’s really promising. But I would like to see more Bangladeshi e-commerce site at the top soon.

For the telecom industry, Teletalk won the list here staying within the top #20. Grameenphone is in top #30 by the way.

Thats my research.

What do you think?

Comment below, I want to hear. 🙂

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