Bangla Newspaper in UK – Updated For 2020

According to the Office For National Statistics UK, more than 451,529 Bangladeshi people are living in the United Kingdom (UK). This is a survey data from 2011. So I guess, the population already been almost doubled from the past 9 years as more Bangladeshi people are being interested in migrating to the UK these days.

As their root is Bangladesh, they still love to read Bengali newspapers available in Bangla. Even they speak in Bengali within the Bengali community and whenever it’s possible.

Lots of them find either all Bangla newspapers online (those are directly being published from Bangladesh) or they buy the local UK based Bangla papers.

In today’s post, I am going to enlist some popular and renowned Bangla Newspaper in the UK. Let’s dive in –

BBC Bangla BBC Bangla is not just famous in the UK, but the study says, it’s very popular in Bangladesh as well. I still remember the days when we tuned the local BD radios to hear BBC Bangla News to find authentic and trendy news about Bangladesh and the world. The local UK guys from Bangladesh also love their online version as well.

Bangla Sanglap A very good going online newspaper in Bangla in UK. Covers almost everything happening in Britain and in Bangla community. They publish features about Immigrant life, Bangladesh, International News, Local politics, entertainments, sports and so on. What I liked very much about that, they highlight and focus the Bengali people in the UK if anyone found doing extremely well in any industry.

Bangla Post UK For Bangladeshi people who want to stay updated with London and what’s happening here and there in Bengali community in UK, then they should read Bangla Post UK.

Surma – This daily Bangla newspaper of UK being published by some people from Sylhet and doing pretty good covering all the aspects that every Bengali expatriate should know.

Bangla Mirror – This newspaper is not actually a Bengali version. But it pretty much talks about the local Bangla community in the UK and covers all the stories of Bangladesh which are available for the UK residents.

Potrika UK Potrika is one of the leading weekly newspaper in Bengali based on the United Kingdom. Cover everything about the Bangladeshi communities.

This is it!

Once I will find more worth-mentioning websites for the UK; I will add them to this list.

Or, do you know any newspaper name that publishes Bengali news for the UK but I missed to enlist here? Please comment below so that I can add.

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