All Bangla Newspaper List For 2020 (With Updated Websites)

Welcome to Posora – A hub of all Bangla newspapers in a single page. We have listed all the Bengali newspapers below with their details history, publication dates, coverage area, editorial boards and all the stats you might be interested in reading.

Top 10 List of Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh

  1. Prothom Alo
  2. Daily Jugantor
  3. Kaler Kantho
  4. Bangladesh Pratidin
  5. Daily Ittefaq
  6. Daily Janakantha
  7. Daily Samakal
  8. Amader Somoy
  9. Daily Manab Zamin
  10. Daily Inqilab

The list will be updated often when I would find any interesting and new newspaper (whether it is offline or online) doing pretty good in publishing awesome news and purely based on Bangladesh and other countries or states where Bengali is the main language.

History of Broadsheet Paperback Bengali Newspapers

The Gram Barta Prokashika is known to be the first Bangla newspaper (a kind of weekly magazine) edited by Kangal Harinath Majumder at 1863 with the help of local Hindu Zamindars. The gram barta prokashika was just building awareness to the local people rather than publishing mainstream news. It is worth mentioning that, the initial attempt of those Bengali papers were heavily inspired by English newspapers.  

In the 18th century, Bengal Gazette and Somachar Dorpon came in and become popular in elite Bengali community in Indo-Bangla subcontinent. Then Kazi Nazrul Islam and Muzaffar Hossain started Daily Nabajug. In the 19th century, specifically at 1936 Sher-E-Bangla inaugurated Dainik Azadi which is probably very first Bangla newspaper that was widely accepted in the Bangla community of the sub-continent.

And the race has been continued. Lots of new bangla newspaper started their journey after that and lots have postponed their publication. Lets find a list which is very popular these days and publishing news actively.

Let’s know details about them, one by one!

Prothom Alo

Since its birth in 4th November of 1998, Prothom Alo has been one of the leading daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Having a whopping 20 Million+ visitors per month, it ranks at #5 top visited site in Bangladesh right after Facebook, Google, and YouTube. 65.92% of visitors of this newspaper (online version) are from Bangladesh, 11.13% are from USA and the rest are from India, Canada, Australia and from other countries. 67% visitors directly visit from their browser whereas 14.14% are from social media websites. According to research by Quantum Consumer Solutions Ltd, prothomalo is the most read and most influential publications in Bangladesh.

Daily Jugantor

Jugantor was founded in 1st February of 2000 backed financially by Jamuna Group. Its been almost 20 years they are publishing newspapers and still crushing the Bangla news world. According to Alexa, they are at #5 most visited Bangla website in Bangladesh. Jugantor is getting around 6 million visitors every month. About 58.95% traffics are from Bangladesh and 12.42% are from the United States. The rest of the traffics (visitors) are from Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Jugantor getting only 9.25% visitors from Google search whereas they have a good ratio of 44.7% of direct visits from the visitor’s browser. Their online site ( gets plenty of traffic from their official Facebook page.

Kaler Kantho

Kalerkantho is founded at 10th January in 2010 financially backed by very renowned business group in Bangladesh named Basundhara. The father of this newspaper is East West Media Group. According to Alexa, they are positioned at #7 as the most visited website in BD. With a whopping 15 Million of visitors/month, they are doing pretty good online these days. 64.37% visitors are from Bangladesh and the rest are from the United States, Canada, UK, and Germany. 58.13% of visitors visit the online version of Kalerkantho directly from their computer or mobile browser. Facebook drives most of their social media traffic these days.

Bangladesh Pratidin

This newspaper started their journey in 2010 and became hugely popular in Dhaka just after their launch. They had an awesome marketing concept to market this newspaper and that was just 3 Taka per paper. Bangladeshi people always love buying in cheap and they grabbed the offer. Almost all the offices, confectionary stores, and little shops started ordering Bangladeshi Pratidin daily and the success continued. This newspaper is also a sister concern of Basundhara Group. According to Alexa it’s ranked on #11 in top sites from Bangladesh. Their online version gets nearly 4 Million visitors every month. 65.14% of traffic is from Bangladesh and 13.10% are from the USA. According to the FB pic, they are available in 181 countries of this world with a stats of the highest number of circulation every single day.

Daily Ittefaq

Ittefaq was started their journey on December 26 in 1953. Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani & Muhammad Khan were the founders of this newspaper. Later Tufazzal Hossain Manik Mia won the publishing license of Daily Ittefaq.  It seems they are the oldest newspaper of Bangladesh (right after Dainik Azadi). Currently, they are having almost 3.16 million traffics at every month. 52.93% of traffics are from Bangladesh and 20%+ traffics are from the United States. According to the research, Ittefaq is probably the most read online newspaper that has a higher number of USA visitors. 64.21% visits this news site directly from their browser. According to Alexa, their online version positions at #43 as most visited websites from Bangladesh.

Daily Janakantha

Founded in 21st February of 1993 and one of the most Bengali daily in Bangladesh and owned by Janakantha Shilpa Paribar. According to Similarweb, the online version of this newspaper receives half a million (560k) visitors every single month. From Bangladesh, 52.20% traffics visit this website and from the United States, it’s about 22.2%. 70% of traffic directly visits janakantha from their browser. If we talk about their social media campaign, then they get 99% of traffic from Facebook and only 0.86% are from YouTube. In Bangladesh, this daily ranked at 580 as the most visited sites list.

Daily Samakal

Daily Samakal was founded in 31st May of 2005. Its 145th most visited site in Bangladesh. Their online version gets 1.5 million visitors at every month. And every visitor spends an average of 4 minutes reading the news. From that million visitors, around 62% of traffic is from Bangladesh. 2.5% of traffics are from Canada. Only 12.75% traffics (visitors) are from Google using various search terms (Keywords). According to their social media campaign, 97.5% traffics are from Facebook and the rest are from YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Amader Somoy

Founded in 2003, it currently has specific niche readers in Bangladesh. Currently, their online site’s version generating 1.25 million visitors every single month. People come to this site visits at least 7 news pages on average. From Bangladesh, they are getting almost 57.60% of visitors and 16% from the USA and 5% from Canada. They have a good number of traffics from Germany as well. 84% of traffic directly visit the website from their web browser. 0.3% are from Emails and 6% are from social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Their online site position at the 179th position as the most visited site in BD.

Daily Manab Zamin

This daily newspaper founded in 1997 and comes with a tabloid format (Probably the first daily in BD that publishes news in Tabloid format). Currently ranked at 128th Position in Bangladesh with a whopping 5 million visitors every month. And the visitors are being improved day by day. Their clean and colorful layout is the key I think. From this country they get 54.2% traffics and the rest are from the USA, Canada, Germany and Saudi Arabia. They drive good traffic to their site from Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook. Manabjamin has an Mobile version as well which loads on mobile devices only (if you are on mobile, you will be redirected to that “m” version.

Daily Inqilab

Founded in 1986 and spread throughout the country in a very short time span. Receives about 1.2 million of traffics from all over the world. They get 11.8% of searches from Google and 15% from social media sites. 0.18% is from display advertising and 47.8% traffics directly browse the site from their Chrome/Firefox or Mobile Browsers(like Opera). Amongst all the visitors, 46% are from Bangladesh and the rest are from Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and CA.

List of Online Bangla Newspapers

The use of internet has made our lives easy and simple. The internet makes a revolutionary change in how we get news and information. There was a time when we have to depend on the print edition of the newspaper to get useful data and information on the business, science, technology, sports, politics, economy, etc. But things change thanks to Online Newspapers. Now we can get all kind of news through the worldwide web. 

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. You will find a full list of both “print edition” newspapers as well as online Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the online Bangla newspapers and their information regarding history, publication dates, editorial boards, social media accounts, coverage area and many more. Hope you will find this article informative and interesting to read. 

History of Online Bangla Newspapers is Bangladesh’s first online based newspaper. It was first launched in 2005 as the first Internet-based news agency in Bangladesh. At that time there were other two news agencies in Bangladesh. One of them was state-owned Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) and the other one was privately owned United News of Bangladesh (UNB). In October 2006, re-launched as Bangladesh’s first free online newspaper and was rebranded as  

Top 10 List of All Online Newspaper in Bangladesh

There are more than 100 online Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh. Here I have made a list of top 10 online Bangla newspapers that are very popular among the readers and doing very good in publishing awesome news from reliable sources. They are:

  1. BD News 24
  2. Bangla News 24
  3. Priyo
  4. Bangla Tribune
  5. Rising BD
  6. Jago News 24
  7. Dhakatimes24
  8. Poriborton
  9. BD 24 Live
  10. The Report 24

Now, lets read the details about each of them!

BD News 24 is Bangladesh’s first bilingual 24/7 online news portal and it is the pioneer of online news media of Bangladesh. Because of its highest standards of professionalism and ethical journalism, is one of the most popular online Bangla newspapers with an Alexa ranking of 31 in Bangladesh and 7,183 globally.

More than 500 journalists and photographers around Bangladesh work day and night to provide the truth behind every incident. Bdnews24 is providing accurate news and unique insights to its widely dispersed audience for more than 12 years now. A team of talented, experienced, and tech-savvy journalists led by Toufique Imrose Khalidi continues to innovate and set new standards for the digital generation.    

Bangla Tribune

Bangla Tribune is another very revered Bangla online newspaper. It was launched on May 13, 2014. This news portal is owned by Gemcon Group. The group also owned the literary journal Bengal Lights. Because of its neutral coverage and incisive analysis, Bangla Tribune becomes very popular and trusted online newspaper in a shorter period of time. Bangla Tribune’s Alexa ranking is 96 in Bangladesh and 19,776 globally.     

The publisher of the newspaper is Kazi Anis Ahmed. The slogan of the newspaper is “Kom Kothay Sob Kotha”. Bangla Tribune supports equal gender rights in Bangladesh and its editorial policy as liberal. This newspaper has a major impact on international media as a newspaper like “The Guardian” use Bangla Tribune news as a major source. Renowned Bangladeshi actress Bonna Mirza is the head of Brand & Marketing of Bangla Tribune. 

Bangla News 24 is a new-generation online news portal in Bangladesh. Along with the Daily sun, Bangladesh Pratidin, and Kaler Kantho, is owned by East-West Media Group Ltd a sister concern of Bashundhara group. The Alexa ranking of this online newspaper is 17 in Bangladesh and 3954 worldwide. This online Bangla newspaper was officially launched On 1 July 2010. The vision of this news portal is to provide the most credible information on Politics, Business, Sports, Technology, Health, Lifestyle, etc. to its readers. 

With a team of renowned and professional journalists, provides real-time news coverage with accuracy and also maintains the highest standards of professionalism in journalism. believes online readers wherever they are at home or abroad are contributors and catalysts. So they have an Open Forum where the readers can share their opinion regarding any event.  

Priyo is a very renowned Bangla online newspaper. It was founded by Zakaria Swapan on January 1, 2011, as a foreign subsidiary (FDI) of Priyo Inc. USA. It is also enlisted as Priyo Ltd. at Bangladesh Association of Software and Services (BASIS). The main vision of this online newspaper is to provide pop cultural news, local interest stories, and political and cultural events to its local readers. According to Alexa reach over 4 million unique readers and their website gets more than 40 million page views per month. Moreover, has a large community of over 3.7 million followers on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. has a dedicated team of experienced and talented professionals who work hard to bring deep insights from the heart of the community and provide 100% accurate information right into your hands. They always try to keep their readers updated 24/7 with the most recent news. Journalists and contributors from all over Bangladesh write thought pieces and other types of articles regularly.    

Rising BD is a free-to-access 24/7 online newspaper in Bangladesh. It is completely free to the public and provides District and National news. This online news portal publishes all the latest news in both Bengali and English Language. was initially launched in 2012 but the official launched date was 26 April 2013. This news portal is financed by the Walton group. The Alexa rank of this newspaper is 78 in Bangladesh. provides news in different categories like National, International, Politics, Sports, Literature, Banking, Share Market, Economics, Agriculture and many more. With trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity this online newspaper has made a strong position among the readers. Moreover, is very renowned for its speed of newsgathering and publication. The vision of this online newspaper is to inform, educate, entertain, and above all, inspire its readers.   

Jago News 24 is a very popular online news portal among the worldwide Bangla Community. This news portal was launched on May 10, 2014. The slogan of this online newspaper is “Home of online objective news”. It is owned by AKC Private Limited. Within a short period of time, Jagonews24 become very reliable and popular among the online reader. The Alexa ranking of this newspaper is 16 in Bangladesh and 4,448 worldwide. 

The vision of this newspaper is fearless, investigative, informative, and neutral journalism. always provided real-time news update with the help of modern technology. Unlike other newspaper, Jagonews24 provides follow up news of previous incidents. Readers can easily find the latest news and top breaking headlines from different categories like politics, economics, culture, education, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports, etc. A group of young, dedicated, and talented journalists is working 24/7 to make as a pioneer for the online news portal and build a bridge with Bengali language people around the world. 

Dhakatimes24 is a rising online Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. It was founded on 14 April 2012. The Alexa ranking of this online news portal is 119 in Bangladesh and 29,805 globally. The slogan of this online newspaper is “Kothin Er Sohoj Prokash”. provides 24/7 base update news. You can find the latest news about entertainment, politics, international, business, science, technology, sports, movies, jobs, feature and many more. has a dedicated team of experienced and talented professionals who work hard to bring deep insights from the incident and provides real-time news coverage with accuracy. Journalists and contributors from all over Bangladesh work day and night to innovate and set new standards for the online Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh. 

Poriborton is a very popular online Bangla news portal in Bangladesh. It was launched on July 3, 2013, by engineer Ahsan Habib Lenin. The slogan of this exceptional online newspaper is “Somoyer Proyojone”. The Alexa ranking of this newspaper is 226 in Bangladesh and 55027 worldwide. The vision of this newspaper is Policy-based, accountable, and professional journalism of the highest quality.

Considering the spirit and values ​​of the War of Liberation, the has presented neutral news and quality news to millions of readers outside the country and the countryside. One of the features of is impartial and objective news. This newspaper also provides news about contemporary events, talk shows, documentaries, business-related events, science, and technology, etc. Presenting truthful information and providing the right entertainment is the main purpose of   

BD 24 Live is a leading online news portal in Bangladesh. It was launched on 14 May 2011. The slogan of this online newspaper is “24 Hours with Bangla”. Within a short period of time, this newspaper has created a very trustworthy place among online readers. Alexa ranking of this online news portal is 12 in Bangladesh and 2946 globally. is awarded as the Best Online News Portal of Bangladesh. 

The vision of this online Bangla newspaper is to give a nice, fresh and fair media for the people of Bangladesh where will be no Sign of “black media”. is trying to remove yellow media from Bangladesh. provides news in different categories like politics, economics, culture, education, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports, etc. This online news portal always tries to keep its readers updated 24/7 with the most recent news.     

The Report 24 is a latest and rising online bilingual newspaper of Bangladesh. This online news portal was founded by United Media Limited. The Alexa ranking of this newspaper is 3100 in Bangladesh and 482595 worldwide. You will find all the current news headlines of National, International and regional events in Bangla and English. This popular online newspaper provides news on the latest share bazar update, Jalsha Ghar, health fitness, Science and Technology, travel, tours, world sports and many more. You can keep yourself updated with the latest news of directly from their website or you can follow this online newspaper on a different social network such as- Facebook, Twitter, etc.      

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