Top 10 Psychology Magazines in 2021

Taking care of your mental health is paramount for you to be successful in other aspects of life. The field of psychology is ever-changing, and remaining updated with the ever-evolving research; then you must read psychology magazines. There are several publications in this field, but getting the relevant one can be an uphill task.

You will need a magazine to keep you abreast of practical self-care tips and information on the breakthroughs in the psychiatric field. In this article, you will get the top best publications that offer invaluable help to readers. Read on and pick what you need.

Reviews of Best Psychology Magazines

Psychology Magazines are a type of magazine that focuses on psychology, mental health and the human mind.

The most popular Psychology magazines include The Atlantic, The Atlantic Monthly, Psychology Today, The New York Times Magazine, Outside Magazine (O), and O Magazine (O).

Psychology Magazines are most often written for professionals in the field of psychology. They include articles, interviews, research updates and more. Psychology Magazines also provide advice to readers on how to live their lives, communicate with friends and family as well as explore the mind.

As with any other type of publication, Psychology Magazines can be a great source of information for individuals who are interested in learning more about themselves and the world around them.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a popular magazine among therapists and psychologists. It was first published in 1967, and it attracts people who are interested in matters involving human psyche.

 The magazine features writers from various backgrounds such as psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists, medical doctors, science journalists, and sociologists. You will get a unique spectrum of writing that is simple to read, whether you are trained in the field or not.

Psychological Bulletin

Psychological Bulletin is among the most cited psychology magazines available. It is a peer-reviewed academic journal that features evaluative research reviews and interpretations of issues in scientific psychology.

This magazine also focuses on qualitative and quantitative aspects, and it provides its readers with a breadth of perspective on the research in the psychology field. It also allows the readers to stay up-to-date on the new and exciting breakthrough in the area.

APA Monitor on Psychology

This monthly psychology magazine focuses on keeping psychology educators, practitioners, and scientists well informed on the breakthroughs taking place in the field. It also highlights how psychology influences society at large.

The publication serves as a vital bulletin for keeping the members of APA up to speed on association highlights and news.

The Psychologist

The Psychologist is a magazine that is ideal for anyone looking for a lighter read. The publication aims to untangle the human behavior and understanding what makes one tick. It consists of scientific, personal, and professional articles.

The magazine is designed to appeal to those searching for academic debate on a variety of psychological topics.  It also focuses on those looking for an easier read with a myriad of information.

APS Observer

APS Observer is a magazine that is published ten times per year by the Association for Psychological Science. It educates readers who are APS members on matters that affect the research and application of psychology. The publication also provides commentary on national issues that concern psychology around the country.

The APS organization focuses on advancing scientific psychology across geographically and disciplinary borders. It also advocates for additional support for psychological research in public policy. The publication is an excellent read for you, whether an unplanned downtime or for gaining more understanding of the changes occurring in the psychology field.

Psychological Review

This magazine is among the most influential and prominent journals in psychology. It is a publication of the APA that was first published in n1894, and it is a peer-reviewed journal. The magazine publishes articles that have a significant theoretical contribution to the scientific psychology field.

For individuals with an interest in learning about the latest theories driving research and innovation in the psychology field, this is a must-read.

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

This publication was first founded in 1920 by Ernest Jones, together with Sigmund Freud. It is a peer-reviewed academic journal that has six issues per year. It is mostly regarded as the first international forum for information, communication, and discussion about the psychoanalysis field.

The magazine has a wide readership globally, and it is the only psychoanalytic journal that frequently publishes extensive contributions from international authors. If you are looking forward to expanding your understanding of psychoanalysis and achieve a more global perspective to it, then this is your read.

Scientific American Mind

The magazine was launched in 2004 due to the rising interest and advancement of brain sciences all over the world. It concentrates on neurosciences, psychology, and other related fields. It is a bi-weekly publication that also features articles detailing the most significant breakthroughs in the areas of cognitive sciences.

The magazine is an excellent read for the readers who do not want to dive into academic journals but want a deep understanding of the field of psychology.

The Inquisitive Mind

Inquisitive Mind is an online journal that focuses on social psychology, and it covers politics, love, religion, family, and much more. Its articles range from light reads to more research-based studies.

The publication is free to access, and you can read it from the comfort of your home when traveling or engaging in other leisure activities. You can also use your smart devices to access it; hence it is perfect for all.

The Journal of Family Therapy

This journal is ideal for family therapists looking to subscribe to more peer-reviewed publications. It is a quarterly magazine that can make a perfect addition to your reading list. The journal covers all research concerning the family, including clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

Psychology of Men & Masculinity

If you are a therapist treating male clients, whether young or old, then this magazine is a must-have in your reading list. The magazine is published through APA, and it studies everything starting from fathering, addiction, body image, sexual development, as well as relationships built by men with women or other men.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology is an ideal publication for family or general psychologist who is treating individuals of all age groups. You will learn about the different changes that come with growth and thus change your techniques. APA publishes the magazine, and it provides you with access to research and analysis on the development of an individual throughout his/her lifespan.

The psychology magazines and journals are a good read for all who want to remain updated with the latest research and breakthroughs in the psychology field. They help you to grow as a therapist and also let you offer better care to your clients.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Psychology Magazine

1. Be aware of behavioral topics/topics that your clients may be interested in.

2. Look at circulation numbers to determine if the magazine is influential and what people are reading. It’s important to note that an influential magazine has a high readership, meaning that it’s likely more people read it than their competitor, not only because they have more subscribers, but also because of its influence on the field.

3. A psychology magazine with reputable sources should be chosen.

4. Don’t buy an issue of a psychology magazine until browsing through at least one copy of its content

5. Don’t purchase anything until browsing their website first.

6.Take note of who has purchased magazines in the past year according to statistics provided by magazines themselves.

7. Decide which type of publication best fits your needs and interests as well as your background knowledge on psychology such as types of topics covered or the academic background of the author.


What are the most prestigious psychology journals?

One of the most prestigious psychology journals is the journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It has been published since 1932. The journal is ranked as a top-tier journal and it is indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index, Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, and PsycINFO.

One of the factors that contribute to a journal’s prestige is its impact factor. The impact factor for this journal is 1.957, which shows its importance among other journals on psychology topics.

The journal publishes research findings related to personality, social relations, social development, health and well-being as well as perception and cognition.

Is Psychology Today a good magazine?

Though many of the articles in Psychology Today are written in a succinct and accessible manner, it is not for everyone. There are some articles with more complicated content that require deeper analysis.

Psychology Today is an excellent magazine to read if you have an interest in psychology or mental health. There are so many informative and interesting articles to read on topics ranging from stress, anxiety, and depression to sexuality, mental illness, addiction, and more. Many of the articles in Psychology Today have been written by experts such as Dr. Lisa Firestone or Dr. Jena Lindley who provide perspectives on a variety of mental health topics from personal experiences and research that help readers’ understand what is going on with their loved ones or themselves better so they can make the best choices for themselves or those they care about.

What are some reputable psychology journals?

Many reputable psychology journals are available to students and professionals in the field. Some of the journals include Psychological Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Journal of Clinical Psychology.

The following are some of the most reputable psychology journals:

-Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: is published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology on behalf of its members, which includes eminent psychologists from around the world.

-Journal of Clinical Psychology: is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes studies related to clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatric research, human factors in technology design, neuropsychology, case reports, case series reports with implications for treatment guidelines.

-Psychological Science: is an American scientific journal published by the American Psychological Association. It covers all aspects of research on human behavior and includes rigorous

Is the American Psychological Association a magazine?

The American Psychological Association (APA) is an educational, professional, and scientific organization that publishes the Journal of Psychology and is a leading source for information on psychology. The APA publishes over 100 peer-reviewed scientific journals annually in addition to books and book chapters. It also has an extensive website with over 10 million visits per year. The APA’s mission is “to advance the creation, communication, interpretation, advancement of psychological science”.

The American Psychological Association is a magazine that publishes various types of magazines including journals as well as books and book chapters. They have an extensive website with more than 10 million visits per year that contains various types of information including their mission statement on advancing psychology by publishing journals and books.

Which Psychology Journal has highest impact factor?

The journal with the highest impact factor is Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It is ranked number 40th in ISI Web of Knowledge.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which publishes research on personality, social psychology, social cognition, social and cultural neuroscience.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is ranked number 40th in ISI Web of Knowledge.

What is a good H index in psychology?

H index is a numerical measure of the quality of a psychologist’s published work. It is created by calculating the number of times a psychologist’s name crops up in the bibliography of other psychologists’ works. The higher the H index, the more references to other psychologists’ work that a psychologist has appeared in.

The H index is typically calculated for an individual journal article or book chapter and should be used as one factor in deciding whether or not to read an author’s work.

How many times the psychology today be published in a year?

Psychology Today is a magazine published by the American Psychological Association (APA) in the United States. As of December 31st, 2017, it has published 624 issues since its launch in 1967. It remains the APA’s most read publication with an estimated 5 million unique visitors in December of 2017.

Is American Psychologist a good journal?

American Psychologist is a top quality journal in the field of psychology. It publishes high-quality research and has been vetted by experts in the field for over fifty years. The journal accepts articles that are submitted under the strictest standards of peer review. This means that submissions are scrutinized by two experts with relevant expertise. The reviewers, who are usually specialists in the subject matter, assess the research design, methodology, data analysis and contribution to knowledge as well as whether it meets ethical standards.

This is an example of a journal that is considered to be high-quality and reputable.

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