Top 10 Photography Magazines in 2020 That Express the Real Ideas First Hand

Expressing your thoughts or ideas on paper is a powerful tool, especially if you want them to have a lasting impact. It does not only attract the attention of the readers, but they also get to remember them as opposed to oral communication. The ideas have even more emphasis if one uses Photography.

With the invention of high-tech cameras, one can get the best ideas inscribed in a photography magazine. The information becomes more elaborate and more comfortable to understand and decipher as compared to just written content.

Various photography magazines are available in all fields, which focus on the online as well as offline market. They help to make one’s ideas more real by using visual content and may be published weekly, monthly, or even annually. Some magazines list the best photographers in the world or may also give you some photo editing tips.

With the best magazines, you can also get tutorials and tips on how to improve your skills and arts. You will also get advice and information from expert photographers that will help you move from being an amateur to a pro.

Read on and pick the magazine that suits you:

Best for Beginners: Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer

Nature photographer is among the top magazines for beginners with interest in outdoor Photography. It mainly features wildlife and landscaping, and it is published three times in a year i.e., winter, fall, and summer. Its contents are structured like a guide that helps the beginners to learn various aspects of nature photography.

The magazine is one of the best publications in the USA and ships internationally. It also contains easy to read articles and few advertisements. The online magazine also has a section for aspiring photographers to submit their photographs for publishing.

Best for Art Culture: Photograph

The photograph is a tiny magazine the size of a personal journal or diary. It is from New York, and it gives superior insight into the galleries of the city and the art culture. The magazine receives collaboration from videographers, photographers, and independent artists who feature with their portfolio.

The readers get an up-to-date display of various gallery shows as well as street maps of NYC. It also gives details of the galleries outside NYC, by states. As a reader of a photograph, you get to learn how to update yourself about the blend of technology in comparison with modern art.

It is an excellent magazine for anyone who wants a crowd of his/her art.  It is also suitable for those who want to know how to display artwork. The magazine gives you a good exposure about New York Fine Art Society.

Best for Educating Amateurs: Digital Photo

Digital Photo

The primary goal of Digital Photo is to educate amateurs and beginners about Photography. It contains tutorials from professionals in the field that guide newbies on how to take better pictures.

The quarterly issues of the magazine contain submissions by readers, and it acts as a motivational tool for the learners. The publication is one of the best for beginners since it shows that everyone is capable. You get information about the latest gear that can help add to your cache.

Best for Creative Photography: Photo Review

Photo review is an excellent inspiration and creative Photography. The magazine is brought together by highly-experienced veterans in the photography field who are enthusiastic about the art.

Reading the magazine gives you tips and tutorials that are easy to follow and execute. It is a favorite for fans. The publication has a dedicated portfolio section that consists of works by highly-skilled photographers. The article is published in a fantastic format on superior quality paper.

The magazine further reviews various photography equipment and compares them with each other. If you are looking to purchase new gear, you can obtain the best. The publication also publishes traditional photographers who have great talents but who may not be famous.

Best for Theme-based Photos: Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine is famous for its superior printing quality. It is a theme-based publication that enhances the reading experience of its audience. Each issue centers around a particular theme, and it also has interviews, articles, reviews, and theme-based photographs.

The magazine features a specific artist in each issue and helps to showcase their art and publish an appealing interview with them. The publication has three issues per annum.

Best for Functional Photography: Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photography aims at educating beginners in the field of Photography. It gives perspective to several photography pieces with the ultimate goal of making its audiences more aware and giving them an eye for detail.

The magazine introduces individuals to several professionals and artists by exhibiting the work samples and arts. It helps to encourage functional photography society.

Best for Landscapes: Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer is a magazine that contains crisp and easy-to-read articles that focus mainly on flora, fauna, and landscapes. It is among the best photography magazines in the United States that are available both online and offline.

The magazine is suitable for any amateur photographer who is keen on outdoor Photography. It is also perfect for those who need tips for shooting in natural spots and locations. If you need creative and technical solutions for Photography, this is the best magazine in the market that has very engaging articles.

You will also get advice on photography equipment regardless of your level, whether an amateur or veteran. It is easy to read and make sense of it.

Best for Real-World Situations: Practical Photography

Practical Photography is a magazine that publishes content useful in real-world situations. The publication gets down to the root level of Photography, and it contains guides, articles, and walkthroughs on clicking startling pictures professionally. It also publishes techniques and posts processing tips for beginners.

As a learner, you get a complete package of well-curated content that is written by professionals. It also gives inspirational photographs and interviews by expert photographers. Practical Photography is among the best magazines that cover a wide variety of photography genres. It has a ‘Hotshot’ section for publishing superior work submitted by the readers. It is flexible and easy to understand magazine that is perfect for all types of photographers.

Best for Minimalism: Black and White Minimalism

Black and White Minimalism

Black and White Minimalism is a state of the art photography magazine. It uses monochrome pictures that have reduced complexities to develop a minimalistic masterpiece. Many artists whose genre is minimalism find it difficult voicing a message with a little amount of visual help. However, the magazine celebrates this simplicity, and it is unique in structure and style.

You can access the publication free online, but the printed version is not free.

Best for Visual Media: Aperture

Aperture is one of the magazines that do not disappoint in learning the art of playing with the camera. They have an elaborate and comprehensive approach to visual media with the best quality content.

The magazine has good narratives, and it is helpful to glance through the pages of the publication. It is interesting to look at the issues even if you are not interested in videography or Photography. It inspires and attracts people towards it a form of art.

Best for Photographer Portfolios: PDN


PDN, also known as Photo District News, is a monthly photography journal. It contains product reviews, news, reader’s submissions, and photographer portfolios. The magazine also contains information concerning photography books as well as where and how to get them. It has both online and offline issues that include a wide range of topics and themes.

Best for Wedding and Portrait Photography: Shutter

Best for Wedding and Portrait Photography: Shutter

The shutter is the ideal magazine for any photography enthusiast since it is so successful. It is a perfect blend of business and art with well-organized segments that are a suitable mixture of content, appeal, and length. The primary goal of this publication is to offer current, insightful, and in-depth educational information for modern professional wedding and portrait photographer.

Best for Videography: Digital Photo Pro

Best for Videography: Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photo Pro is an advertisement filler whose layer-out and design is different from other photography magazines. Most of the feature articles in the publication are in interview-style format and not the conventional feature article format.

Those who contribute to the magazine are active, and they offer excellent photography pieces, thus proving its popularity. It is a unique magazine for videographers and photographers who are new in the professional visual media. It also provides a lot of diversity.

Best for Black and White Photographs: Black and White

Best for Black and White Photographs: Black and White

If you are a photographer who wants to take your skills and creativity to a higher notch, look no further than Black and White magazine. It contains only white and black photographs as well as stories about the artists that showcase their galleries.

The readers can click a section that publishes only black and white photographs. The magazine does not have an online edition, but it has a well-defined reader circle. The publication is available globally, but it is one of the best photography magazine published in the USA.

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