Top 12 Newspapers in Kenya to Keep You Up-To-Date with News

Newspapers have continued to be among the most trusted sources of news for a long time in Kenya. Both the print edition and online version of the publications are available. They keep readers abreast with happenings in the country as well as globally.

Different publications are in circulation in Kenya that deliver quality news daily while others are published weekly. Some are released fortnightly, monthly, or even yearly.

This article looks are the newspapers and their features. Read on and pick what interests you:

The Daily Nation

Talk of a newspaper in Kenya and everybody thinks about the Daily Nation. It is a leader in the news industry has been in circulation since 1959. The publication is a product of the Nation Media Group Limited which was founded by His Highness the Agha Khan.

Its readers trust the Daily Nation for offering quality up-to-date news and delivering stories as at when and how they happen. It is an all-round newspaper that covers news from the political, social, corporate, sports, and entertainment scenes.

, the publication is the most popular news source in the country and the whole of East Africa. It has become a darling of most people that the majority of its readers will not settle before grabbing an issue in the morning.

The Standard Newspaper

The Standard is the second most popular newspaper after the Daily Nation. It is a product of the Standard Group that also owns KTN News, Radio Maisha, and the Standard Digital. The newspaper is the oldest in the country, having been founded in 1910.

The publication also covers a wide scope of news from political, business, entertainment, and sports. Besides all-round stories, the newspaper has a special feature inside the Friday edition that focuses on interviews and entertainment. The special feature attracts many youths towards purchasing it.

East African Paper

This newspaper is also a product of the Nation Media Group which is available both online and in the print edition. It is available as a weekly edition in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda and it is therefore not a daily paper.

The publication focuses on regional stories that revolve around or affect the four countries. It provides an in-depth analysis of political and economic events. It also covers international news, thus keeping its readers well informed with news.

Business Daily

Business Daily is another publication of the Nation Media Group. It analyses and covers business news in the country and beyond.  The publication is suitable for investors desiring to move to the next level, and it has insights and sights concerning business trends.

The paper is dedicated to providing a wide scope of news ranging from what on touches the economy, lifestyle and corporate. It is exclusively meant for businessmen and women.

Taifa Leo

Taifa Leo is the Kiswahili version of the Daily Newspaper. It is a publication of the Nation Media Group that was first published in 1958. The paper has daily issues from Monday to Sunday.

Taifa Leo is the only Kiswahili newspaper in Kenya. Its news coverage caters for the ardent lovers of Kiswahili which is the national language in Kenya.  It also focuses on readers who are not conversant with English. It covers news concerning human interest, business as well as politics. 

The Nairobian

The Nairobian newspaper is a weekly publication that has broken the records of the fastest-selling paper. Although it is only a Nairobi edition, it is also recognized on the international scenes for its unique style of reporting news. The paper is slowly spreading throughout the rest of the country.

The Standard Media Group owns the publication. It covers news on lifestyle, politics, international, business, fashion, and hottest news.

Kenya Times

Kenya Times newspaper is an affiliate of the former ruling party in Kenya, KANU. It was one of the most read newspapers during the Moi era who was the second president of the country. The paper, however, lost its fame with the emergence of multi-party politics and it is hardly known today. 

The paper covers local, regional, and international events that touch on different areas of life.

The People Newspaper

The people newspaper is a publication of the Mediamax Network that also owns Milele FM, Kameme TV, K24 TV, among others. It is a free newspaper offered to readers across the country as a marketing strategy, but it has not been able to dispatch other papers like Daily nation and the Standard.

The newspaper gives updates on the economy, finances, politics, business, lifestyle, among others.

East African Standard

This newspaper is an affiliate of the Standard Group, and it focuses on events around the East African region. It is one of the most sought-after publications in the country. The paper targets residents of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Its news includes politics, business, economy, entertainment, and sports.

The Star

The Star is also among the popular newspapers in Kenya, and the Radio Africa Group owns it. The company also operates Classic and Kiss FM radio stations, Radio Jambo, XFM, and East FM.

Initially, the Star newspaper focused on human interest stories but later shifted to news concerning politics and global events, including sports.

Coast Weekly

The Coast weekly newspaper focuses on events around the country but mostly at the Coast. It covers news on politics, entertainment, sports, and tourism. The news revolves around the coastal towns such as Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu and they advise the tourists on the state of affairs these towns.

The paper has columns on letters to the editor, and it also features on the directory and classified ads.

Kenya Today

Kenya Today is an online newspaper that covers the latest news on the country’s business trends, sports, politics, global news, entertainment, among others.

The paper is operated by staff in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Nairobi. It has an active Facebook community, and its information comes from guest authors. 

The above list covers some of the popular newspapers, but there are still others that are also available.

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