Top 15 Music Magazines that Inspire Us

If you are a musician or have a passion for music, you will agree with us that its hard get enough of it. Music is so therapeutic that if you are not listening to an album, want to read and learn more about it. Several music magazines are available that highlight different types of songs as well as the artists behind them. They focus on rock and roll, hip hop, and other kinds of music. You will get to learn about different styles and tips on songwriting and production.

This article focuses on different magazines that will enlighten you about various aspects of music. Read on and pick the perfect one for you:

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is among the top music magazines as ranked by its readers. It is an American monthly magazine whose primary focus is popular culture. The magazine was founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner, in San Francisco, California.

 The publication has edgy news coverage focusing on music, celebrity, and pop-culture. The magazine is a popular source of information for often controversial interviews and articles.


This magazine is the expert source for in-depth coverage of the top musicians in the industry. It features charts that show the advancement of your favorite artists, interviews, and profiles. The magazine also gives information on the music industry besides news, informative lists, and reviews.

Entertainment Weekly

This magazine is a weekly publication that provides the latest news on film, celebrities, and television. It has unique sections that recommend the best shows that air on a specific week as well as in-depth information about modern celebrities.

The magazine is based in New York, and Meredith Corporation publishes it. It also covers Broadway theatre, popular culture, and books. 

Premier Guitar

This magazine provides excellent information for guitarists of all levels. It focuses on expert advice, interviews with industry giants, and DIY plans.

The publication was founded in 2007, and it is based in Marion, Iowa. Its editorial staff is composed of experienced musicians, and its contents include guitar gear reviews, instructional material, and guitar news.


Sime Silverman founded a variety magazine in Ney York in 1905. It is a weekly newspaper that reports on Vaudeville and theatre. The publication also covers the motion picture industry.  This publication covers all aspects of the entertainment industry and does not limit itself to one medium. It has various other topics that include film, music, television, and pop culture.

American Songwriter

American Songwriter is a bimonthly publication that was established in 1984 and based in Nashville, Tennessee. It covers all aspects of the art and craft of songwriting, and it features songwriting tips, interviews, reviews, news, and lyric contest.

The publication transcends genres and covers all types of American music, including country, rock, and hip hop. It is among the best magazines which provide all the information that you need concerning the music industry and the artists.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar is a monthly publication that is published in the U.S. since August 1990. It provides information, instruction, and inspiration related to acoustic guitars for players of each level, whether beginners or advanced.

The magazine also covers a wide variety of influences and styles that focus on all the appealing aspects of playing the instrument at various skill levels.

Relix Magazine

Relix magazine focuses on improvisational and live music. It was launched in 1974 as a handmade newsletter to connect people who recorded Grateful Dead concerts. It later expanded into a music publication covering a vast number of musicians. 

Dance Magazine

Dance magazine is one of the influential American trade publications for dance. The Macfadden Communications Group publishes it, and it was first published in June 1927. It has multiple sister publications that include Pointe, Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit, Dance 212, and DanceU101. 

The magazine caters to all kinds of dancers and dance enthusiasts, including high-quality photography, news on various dance trends, and articles.

Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is a monthly publication that is published by Future Us. It features articles on music production, synthesizers, and electronic musicians. The book also covers on the numerous ways of creating electronic music and the keyboards used.


Mix is a periodical magazine that bills itself as ‘the world’s leading magazine for the expert recording and sound production technology industry.’ It has its headquarters in New York, and it is distributed in 94 countries.

The publication is ideal for the professionals in the audio industry as it follows the latest gears, news regarding audio as well as technology.


Jazztimes is an American magazine published ten times per year. It is devoted to Jazz, and it was founded in Washington, D.C.,in 1970. It is posted by Ira Davidson Sabin as a newsletter by the name Radio Free Jazz. 

The publication focuses on the people, appealing jazz music and gear. The music is enormously vibrant, and its lovers find this magazine very helpful.

Under the Radar

Under the Radar is an American music publication that features interviews together with accompanying photo-shoots. The magazine has different issues that include opinion and commentary of the Indie music scene and reviews of books, albums, and DVDs.

The magazine also covers independent bands, venues, the music of the artists that often go unnoticed.


Strings Magazine is a music publication that is dedicated to providing the latest information on bow-stringed instruments. If you are a lover of violin, bassist, and cello, then this is the magazine for you. The magazine helps its readers to make music an integral part of their daily lives.

The publication also covers ion the personalities, news, events, music, instruments, and gear that matter. It also offers na global coverage of the new and classical music played by many of the readers. It explores all music genres with active string players, and It is an ideal magazine for all levels of music players,  whether teachers or learners, professionals, or amateurs. 

With the top magazines listed above, you can take the knowledge of music and your passion to the next level. You will learn about the instruments, artists and everything else there is in the music world.

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