Top 10 Knitting Magazines in 2020 | Take Your Skills a Notch-Higher

Are you a knitting enthusiast, or do you have a passion for this art? If your answer is yes, you will agree with me that this is the best undertaking that keeps you busy and one that comes with health benefits. It is moreover a flexible endeavor that you can do it anywhere and anytime whether you are out basking in the sun or watching the television.

As such, you need to learn about new patterns, stitches, yarns, needles, and everything else that is there. Various knitting magazines are available that will help you take your skills to the next level. You will get to know of the modern patterns from professionals are unique and stylish.

In this article, we highlight the top magazines that will help you improve your skills and get to enjoy what you do. Read on and pick the right one:

The Knitter

The knitter is a digital knitting magazine that was made for knitters with a passion for transforming lovely patterns into fabulous garments. It comes with all the essential tips, techniques, and tricks to help you achieve the result you so much desire. If you are a beginner in this art, the publication will help you to deal with delicate lace or elegant cables and learn unusual techniques.

You will also learn how to use your yarn in different ways that are peaceful, calm, and relaxing. The magazine delivers complicated patterns in a manner that makes them appear so natural, making you create them with simplicity.

Simply Knitting

Simply knitting magazine shows you all the beautiful items that you can create with your hands. You can make decorative pieces for your home, unique gift for a friend or family, or a fashionable accessory such as a scarf to add to your attire.

The publication comes with an array of unusual and unique styles, as well as articles on the latest knitting news and new buys. You will learn how to master your stitching technique and enjoy doing it. Furthermore, you can create cute knits and cozy blankets with a unique personal touch.

A Needle Pulling Thread

A Needle Pulling Thread is a digital magazine with three issues per year. The publication gives you the chanced to learn about different stitches and knitting techniques together with a new, easy-to-follow project with every aspect. It helps to explore the various fascinating methods in which to use a needle for crochet, rug hooking, quilting, fiber art, Knitting, beading, creative sewing, cross-stitch, and fabulous embroidery.

You will also get inspiration on how to enhance your needlework from the professionals. The magazine also gives you the motivation and knowledge to handle your next knitting project.


Knitting is a magazine for individuals who are keen on style and those who have a passion for trendy items. If you ever consider creating your unique design, then Knitting magazine is for you. The publication bridges the gap between hand-knitting and fashion and shows how you can create magnificent patterns with yarn, a pair of needles, and correct technique.

You will also learn how to create stylish knitwear that is right for any season. You can as well read through exciting features and inspirational designer profiles. Each issue provides at least 25 new modern styles that cater to men, children, women, and home.

Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting & crotchet

If you are a knitting enthusiast or creative crafter who desires to step into the world of Knitting and crotchet, then, Let’s Get Crafting is your magazine. You will learn how to weave colorful yarns and mend together to create fabulous and brilliant patterns.

The magazine is published ten issues per year, each with a lot of detailed step-by-step projects and new tips to try. You can learn how to make your pair of socks or crotchet a cuddly teddy. The publication is digital, and it provides great inspiration and motivation that helps you take your passion to a higher level. You will also discover how excellent your skills are by reading the issues.

Stitch ‘n Bitch

Stitch ‘n Bitch is a knitting magazine that provides you with details of the tools of the trade for the art as well as the nitty-gritty of patterns and techniques. It has easy-to-follow step-by-step methods for creating stockinette, rib, and seed stitches, as well as increasing and decreasing. You will also learn other stitches and patterns with ease.

The publication offers advice on tricks and tips to use and also hooks you up with other knitters. It is a perfect companion for both beginners and advanced knitters.

The knitting Bible

The Knitting Bible is an encyclopedia that gives various stitching possibilities. It has more than 300 versatile knitting patterns that are easy to adapt for any project type and by knitters of any level. You can learn different stitches from the basic knit-purl options to laces, cables, and more. The magazine covers all knitting styles from classic to unique, giving you a variety to choose from. 

The patterns are also organized by stitch types, which are accompanied by charts and written instructions for better clarity. Beside each table are stitch key and beautiful photographs of knitted pieces in the same color for easy comparison at a glance.

Vogue Knitting


Are you looking forward to learning how to construct and design sweaters, hats, gloves, cardigans, mittens, socks, and shawls like a pro? If your answer is yes, then Vogue knitting is the magazine for you. It has several chapters that cover everything from standard sizes for women, men, and children. You will also learn how to create schematics, take accurate measurements, lining, zippers, buttons, and much more.

Slow Knitting

Slow Knitting is a magazine that encourages knitters to celebrate their craftsmanship. It focuses on Knitting slowly and experimenting fearlessly until you perfect your art. It explores on different yarn types, makers, and suppliers as well as garment patterns inspired by specific fibers.

You will also get inspiration from professional knitters such as Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy among others. The publication proposes a minimalist approach to Knitting and all-encompassing to make Knitting a passion, meditation, and a unique necessity.

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