Top Hollywood Trade Magazines

There is hardly anybody out there, who is not interested in Hollywood news and the new trends of the industry. A good Hollywood trade magazine must not only contain interesting information but also quality photographs to make reading interesting. There are many magazines on the stand that feature Hollywood and entertainment news but selecting one out of them is difficult. 

Sl. NoName Of Hollywood MagazineContents Covered In The MagazinesFrequency
1VogueFashion, Beauty, Vogue Closet, Wedding Wardrobe, Horoscope, Cooking, Pop, Lifestyle TrendsMonthly
2CosmopolitanFashion Trends, Sex & Relationships, Astrology, Dating, Beauty Tutorials, Celebrity & Entertainment, Health & FitnessMonthly
3Reader’s Digest General Family Magazine10 + 2 Yearly
4Life & Style WeeklyEntertainment, Couples, Fashion & Beauty, Couples, Health and Fitness, Home & Living, Shopping SpecialsWeekly
5CloserCelebrity, Entertainment, Diet & Body, Life, Shopping, Real Life News and OpinionsWeekly Tabloid
6Vanity FairEntertainment, TV Politics, Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty News, Commentary, Movies, Awards, ReviewsMonthly
7US WeeklyCelebrity Lifestyle, Gossips, Movies, Entertainment, Hollywood Inside Stories,  Pictures, StarsWeekly
8Entertainment WeeklyRecaps of Buzziest TV Shows, TV, Movies, Celebrity Lifestyle and News, Pop Culture, Gaming, Podcasts, Awards, Books, The Best & Worst of EntertainmentWeekly
9The Hollywood ReporterHollywood News, Movies, Reviews, TV, Entertainment Business, Style, Tech, Culture, Gaming, AwardsWeekly
10West Hollywood LifestyleCelebrity Lifestyle, Entertainment Industry Insides, Entertainment Media News and Tech, Designers, Fashion, StyleQuarterly

List Of Top Hollywood Magazines

Below we have reviewed the Hollywood magazines to choose from whose content is fairly brief in length and includes photographs and illustrations.

1. VOGUE :



Vogue International is one of the oldest Fashion magazines founded in the year 1892 based in the United States. This monthly magazine covers many fashion and lifestyle topics such as beauty, culture, living, etc. Vogue is published in more than 25 languages and has various regional editions for different countries such as Thailand, the US, UK, India, France, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc. It covers the life of the social elites as well as the local culture and news. Vogue is also a good magazine to read reviews about various movies, books, plays, and music. Known for its distinctive photographs and high-quality content, it has become one of the most prominent fashion magazines. It also influences the development of fashion trends globally making sure to keep you one step ahead in the styling game.




This is the largest selling women’s magazine that focuses on young successful women and upbeat style. Also known as Cosmo in the industry, it is a well-known name, published in more than 30 languages, and has editions in over 100 countries. Since its foundation in 1886, Cosmopolitan has always been a step ahead in reporting social trends for its readers. This monthly magazine also conducts surveys and awards to identify the best among the entertainment and lifestyle sections.

3. Reader’s Digest,-Inc./Reader%27s-Digest-US/Lifestyle/
Reader's Digest US

Founded in 1922, Reader’s Digest is a monthly magazine that offers very unique, well-researched content. All of its content is inspired by multiple sources and it provides the best advice and information. It publishes around 49 editions in more than 20 languages and has 20 million readers globally. 10 regular editions are published in a year with two special issues. Reader’s Digest also has published several books and was awarded the best-selling consumer magazine several times.




Life & Style is a weekly magazine founded in the year 2004 by the Bauer Media Group. Currently, American Media, Inc. publishes this gossip magazine. The content focuses on lifestyle trends about celebrity beauty, news, relationships, clothing, and body trends. 



Vanity Fair

This US-based magazine was founded in 1983 and publishes content about popular culture, fashion, current affairs, and television. This monthly magazine has 5 international editions in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, and Mexico. The Italian edition of Vanity Fair is published weekly unlike its other counterparts that are monthly. Vanity Fair also hosts entertainment parties and charity events for celebrities that help them provide a sneak peek into celebrity habits and lifestyles for their readers.

6. Closer



Closer is a weekly tabloid magazine founded in 2005 and has three editions – The British Edition, American Edition, and French Edition. This tabloid mainly focuses on real-life stories, fashion trends, television and entertainment news, Hollywood gossip, and celebrity news with pictures to make it interesting. The number of users and readers of Closer keeps on increasing due to their specialty in releasing affairs and scandals news about celebrities before any other magazine. 

Us Weekly

One of the most pictorial magazines that focus on celebrity relationships, Hollywood gossip, hot pictures, styling tips, trends in celebrity lifestyle, and other entertainment news. Founded in 1977 this weekly magazine has a signature issue every year such as Hot Hollywood Special Issues, Best Makeover Issues, etc. More content is available regularly on their website too which was launches in the autumn of 2006.

8. Entertainment Weekly


Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is a weekly magazine popular for its short news content about the best and the worst celebrity lifestyle to keep you updated without consuming much of your time. Unlike the others in this category that focus more on celebrity gossip and lifestyle, Entertainment weekly focuses more on critical entertainment reviews and entertainment media news. Also known as EW, it was founded in 1990 and targets generally.

9. The Hollywood Reporter


The Hollywood reporter cover: The Actresses | Опра, Групповые позы для  фото, Групповая фотография

This weekly American magazine was first issued in 1930 is aimed at entertainment industry insiders apart from general audiences. It provides more technical information, news, and behind the scene stories along with music and games news. It also publishes special editions for special occasions throughout the year with exclusive interviews of celebrities. 



West Hollywood Lifestyle

Started in 1983 in the City of West Hollywood this is a quarterly magazine about Hollywood news. The target audiences are residents of West Hollywood city, along with professionals, artists, and enthusiasts of the entertainment industry. The content is rich in art, design, and modern culture that have a powerful influence on trend-setting. 


1. Do All These Magazines Cover Hollywood Trade News?

All of these magazines cover Hollywood trade news more or less. Vogue and Cosmopolitan cover several other topics apart from Hollywood news such as relationship guidance, astrology, and health. Readers digest is more of an information-based lifestyle magazine. 

2. What Is The Frequency Of These Magazines?

Most of these magazines are weekly magazines, apart from three – Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair. One of the magazines, West Hollywood Lifestyle is a quarterly magazine and publishes one special edition every year. Readers digest has a monthly edition, 2 of which are special issues. Readers Digest also publishes other books annually apart from magazines. 

3. Which One Of These Is Best For Hollywood Gossip News?

All of these magazines, except Readers Digest, have Hollywood Gossip. But if you have to select a few out of these, Closer and Life & Style Weekly focus mainly on Celebrity gossip news. US Weekly is also a good option out of all of these for gossip news.

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