Top 10 Golf Magazines | Help You Become a Pro

Golf is one of the many sports that keep constantly changing, and if you have a passion for it, then you need to keep yourself up-to-date. The golf equipment also keeps improving, and you must get the latest and most modern. 

Various golf magazines are available for you to learn about different aspects of the game, new tools developments, what the different players are up to, golf travel, among other elements. There are both printed versions and online editions of the magazines, and you get to choose what is most accessible.

This article highlights the top magazines that will help you improve on your golfing skills and hence get the best out of this sport. Read on and pick what suits you most.


Links is a bi-monthly golf magazine that is published in the U.S. by Purcell Enterprises Inc. based in South Carolina. It has a mission of bringing the most sophisticated, engaging, and surprising content to its audience, comprising of passionate golfers, who are serious and dedicated.

The publication has general golf news from the United States and around the world. It also has information on golfing equipment developments as well as a strong focus on major local and international golf courses and design. It is a fantastic subject, and finding its information may be difficult. 

Golf Digest

Golf Digest is among the popular magazines for recreational golfers. The publication has a wide range of topics on golf, including player profiles, tips, equipment news, and instructions. It also covers the latest news on golfing both in the United States and around the world. 

The magazine is published monthly by Discovery inc. And it is a generalist golf publication that covers recreational golf and men’s and women’s competitive golf.


Golfweek is also a monthly golf publication that is aimed at a more up-market audience. Gannett publishers publish it in Orlando, Florida. The magazine features the latest golfing vents, rankings, and information on courses and equipment. Its articles also cover on amateurs, pros, and college golfers.

You will also receive a lot of breaking news and coverage of events as well as information on golfers at all levels. It is a leading magazine with high-quality reporting of golfing news.


This golf magazine provides information on golfing equipment, instructions, and golf travel. It is available in both print and digital editions, and it gives in-depth profiles on leading golfers and rising stars. You will also know about club testing and gear reviews.

Golf Tips

Golf Tips is a magazine that provides the latest tips and techniques and techniques to help your game and solve any problems. The publication has been around for more than 30 years, and it has both online edition and print versions.

You will receive instructions, practice and improvement drills, fitness advice, and mental tips from the leading American Pros. You will also get advice on golf travel for a wide range of budgets as well as information and advice on golfing equipment and accessories.

The magazine is ideal for both beginner and average golfers looking to improve on their skills in the game.


GolfStyles is one of the famous golf magazines that is based in Fairfax, Virginia. It is aimed at golfers, mainly in Washington D.C., and it has been in circulation since 1994. The publication has been extending to offer other regional editions for Philadelphia, Ohio, Atlanta, and New Jersey. 

Golf World

Golf World is among the oldest golf magazines available, and it is a weekly publication. It was first published in 1947 and sold to Discovery Inc. by Conde Nast. It had a printed edition that was discontinued in 2014 and is only available in the digital version currently. 

The publication is based in New York, and it features information on international tours, LPGA, and PGA Tours. It also provides news on global and local news on amateur events. You will receive up-to-date information on breaking news from the online magazine.

You will also get detailed coverage of current news and tournaments, as well as predictions and information on upcoming events.

Women’s Golf Journal

This magazine has its content aimed at women golfers. It started in 2015, and it covers a wide range of golf information of interest to women. The publication includes profiles of lady golfers, information on golf travel, fitness, health, fashion, and a host of other topics.

You will also get ideas on how to incorporate golf into the life of your family, career, balancing home, and other related issues. This magazine is a quarterly publication whose motto is ‘Life In-Play’. It is published by, among others, some ladies in the LPGA.


Kingdom magazine is unique, and so it has a higher price tag. It has three issues per year, and it offers editorial content and photography of excellent quality. Some often write the publication of the most famous names in golf journalism.

Today’s Golfer

Today’s Golfer is a monthly publication that is published by Bauer. The magazine was launched in April 1988, and it focuses on topics such as the latest news in new golfing tools, reviews, golf gear tests, tips from tour pros, course reviews, and so on.

The publication is one of the web’s top golfing resources that helps golfers to improve their game.

Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly is a pricey publication that gives you drills, advice, and tips from the leading coaches in the U.K. and also popular names on tour. You will also get detailed reviews of the latest and best golf equipment that will help you to improve your skills dramatically.

The publication has twelve issues per year to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial information that you so much desire.

With the best golf magazines highlighted above, you are sure to get all the information that you need to make you a pro on the course. You will also not go wrong when it comes to choosing the right gear and receiving the best advice.

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