Top French Magazine to Improve your Language and Skills

Are you looking forward to testing your French vocabulary skills using some games and puzzles? Or do you want to catch up on some features or read some short stories? If you answer in the affirmative, then you should grab some French magazines and satisfy your curiosity.

Various French magazines are available, and they have varying topics such as fashion, sports, and general interest. There are both print and online editions for each one to read. You can learn the French language from these magazines since they contain different content such as photo essays, extended features as well as long posts. You can read the content that interests you; hence your brain can process the language in different ways.

This article highlights different magazines for any topic that interests you. Read on and pick what suits your needs.

Sports magazines

If you are a fan of sports, there is always a publication for each activity, be it biking, soccer, or any other game. The French magazines feature recaps and previews of tournaments and games as well as give tips for novice players. You can combine your reading by watching sports news to take your language skills to a higher level.

The publications are also a good source for discovering new sites for honing your skills. You can get suggestions on community and clubs where you can play soccer or the best fields for skiing and more. You should look for a magazine that gives information on your sport and enjoy your learning.

Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are among the most popular publications in France, with many of them having an English version. You can quickly learn new vocabulary about clothes and fashion from these magazines. They have visual aids such as a photo of shoes, clothes, models, and even make-up together with the name of the product.

The magazines are also written in a simple language for a broader audience to understand. You will also get a great conversation topic which you can discuss with friends hence improving your skills.

Puzzle Magazines

If you are willing to challenge your language, then puzzle magazines are a great choice. They contain several crosswords and word-inspired games with unfamiliar vocabulary to juggle your brain. With the use of your dictionary and these publications, you are sure to learn new words.

The magazines are ideal for both beginners who can learn new vocabulary and advanced learners who can challenge their knowledge. You will get crosswords, arrow puzzles, or even word search, all of which helps in improving your French language skills.

Literary Magazines

Literary magazines in French are an excellent pick for those who have a passion for reading short stories and poetry. They will help you to discover new poets and writers as well as understand the underlying meanings in their writing. You will best understand the stories with the help of a dictionary to look up the meaning of new words.

You can read the background of the writer and use the name reference forums to check the meaning of particular words and phrases too. By reading a few stories or poems per week and a magazine per month, you will gradually take your language skills to a higher level.

Reading the magazines can also help you locate great bookstores or reading areas where you can hook up with other literally lovers and discuss what you learn. You can talk about the latest news, recent awards, and additional interesting information.

News Magazines

French news magazines are interesting to read than newspapers. They contain more photo essays that give you a chance to read articles with great visual aids. The magazines provide more extended features and more in-depth, with many details that are not found in the newspapers. Some of the publications also report on celebrity news and pop culture information.

To be up-to-date, you can combine the reading by watching or listening to broadcast on the television or radio. Besides reading stories from France, you can also read about other places in the world.

Photography Magazines

There are different photography magazines that will help improve your skills and language. The publications feature different artistic aspects of photography. They contain historical images of wars or other events that may be of interest. They also have selected journalism news photos from around the globe.

Magazines help to promote the talents of different photographers. They also help these professionals to get the best gear available for their art.

Art & Decoration

This magazine offers to discover the secret behind the auspicious decorations. It provides you with affordable solutions deco living in an interior that is perfect for you. It also features places that you can visit to help improve the appearance of your home. It has several pages that are entirely dedicated to the harmony of your home.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a forum for interior and architectural design, and it is open to debate on all aspects of artistic creation. It helps to build bridges between the worlds of architecture, design, arts, and art crafts, and design. The publication was founded in the U.S. in 1920. Its principal subject is an interior design, and it aims at a style-conscious and affluence readership.

Residences Decoration

This magazine provides the information you need about decorative ideas, blogs, contemporary furniture inspiration, and interior d├ęcor. You will also learn about events, luxury, architecture, and exhibitions.

The magazines will also give you tips on how you can purchase the furniture and everything you need for the improvement of your homes.

With the top French magazines, you will remain updated with the latest trends and news in fashion, interiors, and design. You can see the design industry through the French eyes, and you can find the latest in projects, architecture, and fashion.

The publications will also help you improve your vocabulary if you become an ardent reader. Accompany your reading with a dictionary to help lookup any new word or phrase, and you can also watch the news and listen to the radio.

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