Top 12 Food Magazines that you Must Read to Improve Your Cooking and Eating Habits

There is so much to learn about food that one cannot do without an excellent publication. If you are a chef or have a passion for cooking, you will need to keep improving on your skills to improve on your menu and keep it relevant. There are various types of food with different cooking methods, and you must, therefore, keep learning.

Various magazines are available that you can grab and peruse through to keep up with the trends in the culinary world. This magazine highlights the top 10 of this publication that we feel we take your kitchen skills a notch-higher. Read on and pick what is suitable for you.

The Art of Eating

This magazine focuses on the best food and wine. You will learn about what best food and wine are, how to produce them, and also where to find these foods i.e., the markets, farms, restaurants, and shops.

The Art of Eating is an online magazine written by a great American food writer, Edward Behr. The publication does not have an advertisement, and you will read about everything you desire to know about food. The author’s knowledge and passion for cooking are displayed eloquently for easy understanding.

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated is a fantastic how-to magazine whose contents are full of step-by-step instructions on cooking methods. It is also full of rigorously tested recipes and honest reviews of kitchen tools and cookware. It also contains product taste tests to ensure you get the best.

The publication does not have advertisements to provide their opinions and does not favor any specific manufacturer. It is a bi-monthly publication with exciting drawings and photos that make it easy for you to understand.

Fine Cooking

If you love cooking or have a passion for it, then Fine Cooking is the magazine for you. It is packed with great recipes as well as cooking instructions to teach what you desire. The magazine is well illustrated with step-by-step instructions and photographs to ensure you do not miss out on any point hence make you a better cook.

Eating Well

Eating Well magazine is geared towards healthy eating. It is a bi-monthly magazine that contains delicious recipes and authoritative science-based journalism. The magazine will inspire to make better-informed food choices as well as celebrate the joys of food.

The publication was founded in 1990, and it is based in Vermont. It is surrounded by a robust local and sustainable food culture, renowned craft beer and cider scene, and farm-to-table restaurants. The culinary most prestigious institutions consistently recognize the magazine. It has a lot of food writing awards for excellence in food journalism.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is an American food and entertainment magazine that is published monthly. It contains entertaining ideas, recipes, and wine reviews, and it is owned by Conde Nast, whose headquarters are at One World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York. 

This magazine features excellent recipes and occasional exciting articles. It is heavy on advertising, some of which are not on food. It is a cheap publication to subscribe to if you need to get recipes.


Gastronomica is a quarterly magazine that is published by the University of California. It covers a diverse range of topics on food ranging from production, preparation, and source. The articles are slightly academic, and they are well written and insightful.

The publication celebrates all aspects of food from the most grandiose to the simplest. It contains fantastic photography that makes it prominent and an excellent read for the majority of its readers.

Food & Wine

Food & Wine magazine is generally an all-purpose publication for foodies. It contains a lot of articles on travel and recipes as well as entertainment. It has decent photography that makes it a great read.

Each year top ten new and up-coming chefs are selected from around the world as the next culinary superstars, and they are featured in this publication. So don’t miss out on food & wine top 10 best new chefs.


Saveur is a gorgeous food magazine that is filled with beautiful photos and fascinating food stories from around the world. It has recipes and articles focusing on authentic regional cooking. It is an ideal publication for food lovers.

The magazine is a gourmet, wine, food, and travel publication specializing in essays about various world cuisines. It has a slogan ‘ Savor the World of Authentic Cuisine’ that signals the magazine’s focus on enduring culinary traditions.

Taste of Home

This magazine emphasizes on famous and beloved recipes. It prides itself on highly-reliable and natural methods that are illustrated with detailed photos. The magazine also provides advice on entertainment and various types of cooking.

It is an American media brand that is centered on food and also an example of user-generated content. It publishes recipes that are submitted by home cooks.

Clean Eating

Clean eating is a food magazine that covers issues related to making the best food decisions. Its primary focus is organic and healthy eating, which is becoming more popular every day. The magazine helps you to find the tools that you need and place clean meals on the table every week.

You will also discover fresh recipes, healthy & wellness advice, lifestyle tips, and much more from experts in the field.

Cook’s Country

If you are looking for new recipe ideas or want to get tips on how to make your dinner turn out right every time, then look no further than Cook’s Country. The publication even provides reviews on the latest kitchen gadgets. It will also give you recipes that your family will enjoy.

Better Homes & Garden

Better Homes & Gardens is an action-oriented magazine that covers various challenges and actions associated with home improvement. It also has articles on gardening, all of which will give you any necessary tips. You will get detailed instructions on various subjects ranging from interior décor to healthy cooking.

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