Top 10 Fishing Magazines that will take Your Angling to a Notch-Higher

Are you an angler or have a passion for this fun outdoor activity? If your answer is yes, then you can enlarge your knowledge by reading the best fishing magazines. Various publications will help you learn more about this fun adventure, including how to fish and the right gear to use.

You can also learn about the fishing tips and the waters that are right for angling. You will also learn of the necessary tools and the weather that is conducive to this venture. 

In this article, we highlight on the top angling magazines, both online and in printed versions that are just right for you:

What are fishing magazines?

Fishing magazines cover topics related to fishing. Such magazines have various sub-categories such as fishing tips, techniques, equipment reviews, and more. Many of these magazines are available worldwide in different languages.

Best Fishing Magazines Reviewed

Bassmaster Magazine

Bassmaster is a fishing magazine that focuses on competitions and finding the right angling locations in the United States and the rest of the world. The editors of this publication have a lot of experience to create contests reviews making it perfect for the fans of these competitions.

The magazine has a website that has a myriad of articles on the different types of angling that exist. You also get tips to use on every technique and the gear required to succeed in this adventure. It also has a video on conservation, methods, and fishing locations, thus making it worth to subscribe.

Saltwater Sportsman

Saltwater Sportsman is a magazine that focuses on saltwater angling, and it is ideal for ocean anglers. It has articles on the right fishing boats, how to get them and their batteries as well as the perfect places to fish in the US. It also gives information on the suitable gear available for deep-sea angling and much more.

The magazine is detailed with how-to information and is ideal for those folks who have little knowledge about saltwater fishing. It has a section focusing on tying the perfect knot as well as video recipes on how to cook fish.

Outdoor Life

The outdoor magazine is intended for the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. It has plenty of tips, adventures, and tricks necessary to inspire you to carry out this adventure. The magazine is published monthly to ensure that you get all the information you need.

The magazine has articles on fishing, hunting, camping, and survival. It is a sister publication to Field & Stream, and they have the same design of their website with a myriad of information.

American Fly Fishing Magazine

American Fly Fishing Magazine is an outdoor magazine with articles on everything from fly tying and fly fishing, to fly fishing guides and gear.

It is the go-to destination to learn everything you need to know about the subject of fly fishing and tying. With articles written by industry experts, American Fly Fishing Magazine has provided years of up-to-date information for both newcomers and true professionals.

American Fly Fishing provides intimate details on waters of all types—some remote, and some close to home. It assembles stunning photography, rock-solid fishing information, and entertaining stories from the continent’s top fly fishing destinations.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream is among the most sought-after magazines currently, and it has useful articles. The publication has articles on fishing equipment, conservation, techniques, and fishing & hunting tips. It is a monthly magazine that gives you twelve copies per year upon subscription.

The magazine also has a website that is packed with useful information on books, gear, hunting, and fishing tips and tricks. You will also learn about survival-related details as well as cooking tips for your catch.

The online magazine also has several videos that show how you can catch fish, catfish, and much more. It also has non-fiction books that are useful to newbies.

Sport Fishing Magazine

This publication is an excellent resource when you run out of fishing ideas. It has an online version that has various articles related to everything that you love about angling. The editors give great views on the experiences of different anglers.

The items covered in the magazine are suitable for both beginners and professional fishermen and women. You will learn everything about fishing boats, safety gear, rigs, knots, tips, and fishing accessories. It also gives ideas on the beautiful angling pieces that will leave you yearning to visit.

Florida Sportsman

Florida Sportsman is a magazine that has several articles on the various fish species in Florida. The state has multiple angling destinations, and the articles focus on handling fish for catch and release. You will also learn about everything on redfish, as well as tips on acquiring the right boat for your fishing.

The publication has a lot of information on anything about freshwater fishing, gear, conservation, paddling, diving, and hunting. It also includes a lot of information on resources, weather, and forecast.

Florida State has multiple natural hazards such as hurricanes due to its location. The publication’s section on the forecast has excellent and useful information for its readers.


This magazine is another publication that is an excellent resource for folks who are keen on learning different techniques on the species they want to catch. It has a section dedicated to biology that helps the angler to know the basic notions concerning the anatomy of the fish. The information helps you to learn how to catch different species.

The publication also provides information on ice fishing, which is not familiar with other magazines.

Fly Fisherman

Fly Fisherman is a magazine that is available both online and in the printed version. It focuses on fly fishing, which is the most refreshing and straight forward techniques for beginner angler. The fishing method does not require a lot of equipment for it to be successful. The angling gear is affordable, and you can also buy it as your skills develop, and the majority of anglers prefer the technique.

The magazine is a perfect resource for anyone looking for news, fly tying instructions, video tips, angling destinations, and posts for beginners. It also provides several forums where anglers share their opinions.

National Fisherman

National Fisherman also provides articles on fishing news, fish recipes, and competitions. It is one of the oldest angling magazines with its first issue released in 1946. It has a website that contains a lot of information that is perfect for all types of anglers, whether beginners or advanced.

Fishing Facts

Fishing Facts is a suitable resource that is designed for the ultimate beginner in angling. It also has a website that provides a lot of information that you need to know about fishing, essential gear, techniques, and tricks you can use to catch different species.

10 Tips to Pick the Right Fishing Magazine

A Beginner’s Guide to Picking a Fishing Magazine:

1. What kind of fishing magazine do you want?

2. What features do you want out of your magazine?

3. How often do you want to receive it?

4. How much will it cost you per year?

5. What type of subscription will you opt for?

6. Will it be a digital or print option, or both?

7. Search online for user reviews and contact information

8. Find out how long a subscription lasts, and if there is a renewal process or schedule

9. Avoid publications that are too specialized or technical to be useful to you

10. Look for a publication that offers plenty of interesting stories about your favorite type of fishing and places to fish in your area.


What are some best saltwater fishing magazine

Saltwater fishing is a popular recreational activity that you can enjoy in your free time. Saltwater fishing is also very profitable, especially if you start your own saltwater fishing business.

The top-rated saltwater fishing magazines are Seafood Express, Salt Water Sportsman, and The Salt Water Fly Fishing Guide. These are the best saltwater fishing magazines because they have thorough information about the best locations to fish and the latest updates on fish species in the market. Other than this, they also offer great advice on how to catch different types of fish species and have some humor here and there to keep your mood high!

How much is the sport fishing magazine subscription

If you are looking for a magazine subscription, then Sport Fishing has great deals for you.

The most affordable subscription is a 12-month subscription for $34.95. The next cheapest is 12-months for $59.99 and the last one is 24-months at $99.99. If you are interested in custom quantities, there are discounts available up to 50%.

The magazine covers a variety of topics such as catches, fishing tips, techniques, and other related information such as how to find your next sport fishing adventure.

What is the list of some best bass fishing magazine

Some bass fishing magazines are:

Bassmaster Magazine, Bass-A-Day, Bass Fishing Weekly, and Hooked on Fishing.

There are others, but these are the best for now.

What is walleye fishing magazine?

“Walleye Magazine is the world’s leading publication for walleye fishing. With a full-color, glossy magazine, Walleye Magazine delivers the latest news about walleye fishing each month. As the leading publisher of walleye fishing information, Walleye Magazine has been at the forefront of everything walleyes have to offer .”

Walleye magazine helps you to find out everything you need to know about catching and keeping these prized game fish.

What is Trout & Salmon Magazine?

Trout & Salmon Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to conservation and the celebration of New Hampshire’s trout and salmon resources. The publication was created in 1986 by the N.H. Division of Resource Management, with support from the N.H. Department of Fish and Game, to provide information for anglers, guides, outfitters, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts interested in aquatic life.

This magazine is published twice a year by Trout & Salmon Magazine staff members who work on behalf of the fish and wildlife agencies throughout New Hampshire to disseminate information on fishing in our state.

Trout & Salmon Magazine is a premier fly fishing magazine, covering everything from the biggest-selling destinations to the most inspiring articles, all with beautiful photography.

What is Field & Stream Magazine?

Field & Stream Magazine is a publication targeted at outdoor enthusiasts, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, as well as other people with an interest in the outdoors. It has a circulation of 60,000, and it is headquartered out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Field & Stream Magazine provides readers with news about gear, hunting seasons and regulations. It also includes reviews of the latest products on the market.

Field & Stream Magazine is America’s Number One sportsman’s magazine, featuring in-depth articles on hunting, fishing, outdoor adventure, and conservation news. You can explore a wide variety of topics such as hunting stories and tips on outdoor gear–all you need to start your own business!

What is California Fly Fisher Magazine?

California Fly Fisher Magazine is the premier fly fishing magazine in California. We cover the best fishing areas, brands and products, trip reports, videos, fly patterns and more!

Founded in 2008 by fisherman Mike Juarez and published out of San Diego County, CA Fly Fisher Magazine is the go-to source for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in California as well as what’s going on around the world.

California Fly Fisher Magazine is the only magazine that highlights the wide diversity of fly-fishing opportunities – coldwater, warmwater, and saltwater – available in California.

What is In-Fisherman Magazine?

In-Fisherman Magazine is the world’s leading sports fishing publication. For over 50 years, they have been providing solutions and solutions to the country’s toughest fishing problems.

In-Fisherman Magazine was founded in 1963 by Bill Smith as a way to give anglers the knowledge on how to tackle their difficult fishing challenges in fresh and salt water. The magazine is now available in a variety of formats including digital, which has created an even more expansive audience of industry professionals and avid anglers.

In-Fisherman Magazine is written for the avid freshwater angler.

Final Word

Reading through the magazines listed above gives you the necessary information that will take your angling passion to a higher level. You, therefore, need to carefully go through each of them and pick the most suitable. 

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