Top 12 Financial Magazines to Turn You Into a Smart Investor

It is the dream of every investor to break even in whatever field they engage in and become successful entrepreneurs. But achieving this goal can be an uphill task unless one keeps abreast of the financial trends and get solid long-term insight on how to use your financial planning efforts.

You can only succeed in this initiative by reading a lot about financial investment from various publications available. For you to benefit from financial magazines, it is necessary to choose different books and read them regularly. Frequent reading will give you a solid understanding of the market trends, and get information on how to invest.

In this article, we highlight the top financial magazines that will make you not only an expert but a smart investor as well. Read through and pick what is right for you.

The Economist

If you are an economist desiring to change your financial level, then think no further than the Economist. The publication has in-depth articles on politics, science, technology, and economics. You will also learn about business and finance, be it local or even global.

The publication has both print and digital editions to ensure that you get the information you are looking for simply. Subscribing to the magazine will give you a chance to read the Economic Espresso, which is a daily morning briefing from the editors.

Investor’s Business Daily

This magazine is an excellent read for serious investors, and it is aimed at offering investment research and education to investors. It also delivers a lot of great financial information from its print and online editions.

The magazine published its print edition once per week, but the readers can access the daily issues from its website i.e., Investor’ You can read about the market analysis and also other information and commentary about finances and investing.


This magazine is available in digital version only, and it gives the investors access to topics including investing, retirement, saving, and taxes. The magazine also provides tips on lifestyle topics like paying for college, career, credit as well as home improvement.

The magazine also has articles on stocks, economy, loans, insurance rates, and more, which will interest you as an investor. It also features articles on retirement-related topics that show real-life case studies and stories. You will receive quality advice regardless of the stage you are in, in life.


Forbes is a financial magazine that is an excellent source of information for financial updates and news. It focuses on business, and it has articles related to economics, finances, marketing, and investing. The publication has been revised recently to make it relevant in the current financial field.

The magazine also reports on technology, science, and law, and it looks at how the industries affect your investment or business. The magazine showcases the upcoming entrepreneur, tech, and startups expected to shape the future of our culture.

You will see the rankings of the wealthiest people in America, such as Forbes, as well as the top companies. The publication has actionable investing newsletters and a new digital network that is intended for female Millennial entrepreneurs i.e., Women@Forbes.


Barron’s is a respectable magazine when it comes to financing and investing. It is a weekly publication that is devoted to investing and which is full of ideas for the individual investor. It contains in-depth analysis, charts, and any relevant information that you require to make an informed decision.

The publication has both print and digital editions, and you can quickly get quick links details on your favorite companies and their stock from the website. You will also get information and analysis on the market trends.

The publication also has a special section called ‘Market Week’ that focuses on analysis from the previous week. The article also includes different trading ideas for international markets. It also includes closing prices for active stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, bonds, and closed-end funds.


Kiplinger’s magazine is an excellent choice for investors looking for information and practical advice on the next step. It has personal finance topics for individual investors who are economy-minded.

This monthly magazine also releases various weekly newsletters on different topics such as taxes and planning for your retirement. It helps individuals to know whether they are handling their charges and investments properly.

Bloomberg Businessweek

This financial magazine is among the most respected business publications. It provides excellent insights into business and management as well as commentary on how the latest political and economic news impacts your life.

The magazine also features a website that offers you a comprehensive look at the current trend. You can figure out how your portfolio is affected by what is happening. You can subscribe through print only, web/mobile-based, or by tablet membership.


This magazine keeps a tight focus on the most prominent companies. Its articles cover the list of the top 500 companies to understand broader movements in the American economy. You will enjoy the link between the government policymakers and the way their decisions influence the business climate.

The publication also reports on the current events and news stories that concern the investors.


If you are in small business and looking for a premier magazine, then the entrepreneur is what you need. It provides you with the latest information for small business that will help take it to the next level. The publication offers insightful business advice from the experts.

It is an American magazine with a website that carries news stories about small business management, entrepreneurship, and more.

U.S News & World Report

This magazine is an excellent resource for breezy pieces that cover personal finance. It also focuses on the economy and even personal interest stories. The publication has popular ranking guides that distill vital facts about everything starting from companies to business schools.

The paper also offers advice about the mutual fund, education, or even new car. This American magazine also publishes an opinion, consumer advice, health, money, careers, technology, travel, and more.

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