Top Boating Magazines to Help You Improve On Your Water Adventures

Boating is one of the most enjoyable outdoor adventures. With the right gear and information, you can take your skills to a higher notch and keep yearning for the next episode. Several magazines are available that give information on the right boats, gear to use, as well as boating sites.

This article looks at the top boating publications that will help you advance your skills and become a pro. Read it and choose your best.

Boating World

This magazine is the definitive family boating lifestyle publication. It embodies your passion and that of active boaters that enjoy doing this activity as a family. It also features articles that interest those with a passion for fishing, waterskiing, cruising, and anything related to spending time on your canoes.

The publication has nine issues per year to ensure that its readers do not miss out on anything relevant information. You will learn about the best types of boats to use, how and where to purchase them as well the qualities to look at.

Cruising World

This magazine targets readers who have experience with boats, boat owners, and committed sailors. It helps to nurture the dreams of enthusiasts whether their long-range sailing plans center around open-ended voyage around the world or Caribbean sabbatical. The publication contains how-to information as well as stirring real-life adventure features.

You will also learn about the exciting destinations and locations where you can carry out your boating ventures with great fun.

Sailing World

If you are a sailor who enjoys sailing competition and everything to do with this sporting activity, then Sailing World is your choice magazine. It provides the techniques and technology of speed under sail and trains you to become a better sailor.

The publication also provides you with the expertise and information that you need to excel. It also shows you what you need to remain entertained during these voyages on the water. 


This magazine is among the oldest and most respected publications in the marine industry. It was founded in 1907, and it provides passionate boaters with content that entertains and educates them. It contains articles that are expertly written to reflect the spirit of the sea and preserve its traditions hence enhance your boating experience.

The monthly publication attracts significant readership, and its readers enjoy award-winning coverage on technology, design, destinations, premium yachts, seamanship, equipment, electronics, and more. 

Canoe & Kayak

This magazine is the world’s leading publication on paddle sports. It emphasizes living, breathing, and paddling in lakes and oceans, down the river, and in the surf. You will learn about techniques, videos, destinations, photos as well as stories that will inspire you to get on the water.

The publication attracts readership from paddlers all over the world, and it provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to become an expert in this field.


Sea magazine was first published in 1908, and it is America’s Boating publication. It features news, gear, destinations, maintenance tips, new and used boat listings, and more. You will read about everything of importance about boating in this magazine that will help you carry out your water ventures successfully.


Are you a sailor, or do you have an interest in this outdoor venture on water? Do you also love reading about it and would like to have an exciting publication? If your answer is yes, then look no further that the sailing magazine.

Sailing is a national publication that competes well with other magazines due to its oversize pages and honest coverage. It has several pictures and incisive text that makes it not only informative and fun to read.


The sail is a magazine that focuses on the activities of sailors on the waters. It reflects on the way committed active sailors spend their time on the water. It also features stories on coastal cruising, new boat coverage, the technical aspects of sailing, boat upgrades, chartering, gear, and much more.

If you are a beginner in sailing, you will learn how best to do it and also the best locations and sites for boating. You will also get inspiration from experts on how best to sail without any risks.


Boating magazine is written and produced by award-winning writers, and it is the world’s largest powerboat publication. The magazine is full of articles with expert advice, new equipment, reviews of accessories, product reviews, and evaluations of particular boats.

Salt Water Sportsman

This magazine updates its readers on the trends, gear, and news that will help improve your experience in sailing. It will also enable you to tackle the challenges that come with fishing in the oceans as well as know the rewards of saltwater activities.

The publication also focuses on recreational marine fishing in the U.S and other parts of the world. It addresses all issues about saltwater fishing.

Power & Motoryacht

This magazine is a source of information for powerboats and yachting. It covers locations, trends, and tips for passionate boat owners. The publication gives advice that is necessary for boating, and you can learn about the exciting destinations to carry out your activities.

You will learn about the gear and maintenance of your vessel. The magazines provide information on suitable water for the venture.

Boat magazines are a must-read for anyone who has a passion for paddling in the water. They give all the information you need starting from choosing your vessel and maintaining it. Most of them are written by experts who have experience in this venture, and you will get advice destinations where to sail. 

If you are kayaking for fun, with family or friends, you will get the right information on the best vessel to use, the best weather for this activity, and also the precautions that you need to take while on the water. You will even know how to handle different situations. Reading will let you know how to communicate with other sailors in case of emergencies.

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