Popular Medical Magazines

Medical magazines are quite hard to find these days. That’s the main reason doctors are always in search of medical magazines. Through medical magazines, we come to know about the latest medical research things. These magazines are perfect if you are a medical representative. You can find some tips in these magazines, which will help you increase your sales and revenue. Even those magazines are available online as well. Hence, you can check out their online reputation as well.

Top 10 Medical Magazines

Magazines are a reliable source of all the latest information. Doctors trust magazines. These days you are getting an online version and an offline version of a medical magazine. However, if you are starting your career in medicine, then you must try this magazine. These magazines will help you to stay updated. You can gather knowledge from these magazines and run your medical career with the help of these magazines. You can find more information below.

Name of the MagazinesContents in the MagazineCentral Florida Doctor
Professional  and organisation of medical industry2)Home medicament magazineAncient time’s plants, herbs.3)Medgate TodayMedical fraternity4) Doctor’s LiteLifestyle, business, health fitness.5) New ScientistLatest developments of medicines6) Stanford Medicine MagazineMedical education 7) Hopkins Medicine MagazineMedical Advances8)NIH MedlinePlusHealth Information9)Scientific AmericanHealth stories10) Harvard Medicine MagazineA different area of medicine.

1. Central Florida Doctor

Central Florida Doctor

This is a bi-monthly magazine. It is mainly a business-related magazine. All the business-related magazine offers a new look of the local area, especially for the professional and organisation industry. Besides that, it comes with all new latest & most excellent news related to the medical industry. It gives several medical-related information as well.

This publication of this magazine offers the advertisers to deal with the medical market directly. The publication of this magazine provides the newsletter of the Polk country Medical Institution. This magazine’s publication works for the local physicians, highly educated health care providers, and administrators.

2) Home Medicament Magazine 

Home Medicament Magazine

In this magazine, you can find how the ancient people used their plants, herbs, and food to remove any health issues or diseases. In this magazine, you can get some tips to release anxiety, heart troubles, keep up a good body shape. Besides that, you can understand how to build up brain-power, develop immunity power, and last but not least leads a healthy lifestyle.

There are some ancient plants which are available now as well. If you read this magazine, then you can stay naturally fit and healthy. In this magazine, you can get to know some fantastic tips to remove the deadliest diseases.

3) Medgate Today

Medgate Today

However, if you are looking for a leading magazine related to health care, then you must try this magazine. This magazine has a strong power in the countries of Asia. The headquarter of this magazine is in India. This gives strong support to this magazine. This magazine is full of health and lifestyle-related information.

The media group of this magazine have various publication and several domains. This magazine company is giving its viewers all the information about the global awareness in medical science. This magazine is successfully making awareness about medicine in India and all over the globe.

4) Doctor’s Life 

Doctor's Life

Mashed Media Group is the publisher of this magazine. This magazine is promoting business, lifestyle, and different opportunities. This magazine also gives entertainment news. Besides that, you can get all healthy lifestyle-related information, legal things, financial advice, as well. You can read some interviews with the doctors about several health-related topics.

You will get to know the lifestyle of a doctor. You will get to see the life of a doctor is not very easy. Doctors life is full of responsibilities. Also, you can read some information about newly arrived medicines. This doctor’s life is a bi-monthly magazine.

5) New Scientist

New Scientist

This new scientist is a popular magazine available in the online and offline market. This magazine is for the general audience. There is a section in this magazine from where you can stay updated with all the latest medical news and all developments in medical science. Also, here you can find other well-written blogs related to medical science as well. In this magazine, you can understand all new medical research. Even besides that, you will appreciate all the trending topics related to health and lifestyle. If you are a regular reader of this magazine, then you will understand all the discoveries in the medical industry.

6. Standford Medicine Magazine

Standford Medicine Magazine

The Sandford University Department of Medicine publishes this magazine. In this magazine, the readers will know about the research of their medical science, different doctor’s opinions, and some medical science-related news to educate all the readers and the general public. This magazine is affordable as well. Every edition of this Standford Medicine Magazine shares a different topic. In 2015’s article, it talks about Childhood and the summer of 2015. These are mainly focused on deep skin. In their online magazine, it talks about products, blogs, videos. Also, these magazines are a great time spending option as well because you will not understand that you can spend hours reading this magazine.

7. Hopkins Medicine Magazine 

Hopkins Medicine Magazine

Mainly these magazine company publishes newsletters. Also, the readers will get to know about periodical research, the issues, and the problem coming in their way. This magazine shares some detailed information about some experts of the Hopkins community of medical science. Also, in this magazine, you will get to know about patient care, research, and medical education. 

From this magazine’s readers will get to know about alumni updates. Also, all the new editions share all the news related to diseases. From these articles, you can stay updated with all the latest knowledge without leaving your home comfort.

8. NIH MedlinePlus 

 NIH MedlinePlus

This NH Medline is specifically an online magazine. This magazine is issued by the National Institute of Health and Medicine. Like any other medical magazine, the main motto of this magazine is to cover all the health information. Also, this magazine covers different features of disease and health issues. You will understand the thoughts of the patients because this magazine takes interview of the patients as well. You will understand their story as well. This magazine gives all the authentic updates, so you can easily trust them. Even at the end of the magazine, you will find some doctor’s numbers as well.

9) Scientific American

Scientific American

There are some similarities between the new scientist and Scientific American. These are the most popular magazines available out there. The readers can find several health and diseases related stories inside this magazine. This is famous among the woman because from there you can find some home remedies to cure yourself. 

This is one of the oldest magazines available in the market. This magazine is continuously coming to the USA as well. This magazine changes readers’ thoughts about science development. You can get to know about old technology as well, which is 170 years old. This magazine sells 3.5 million copies every year.

10) Harvard Medicine Magazine

Harvard Medicine Magazine

The publishing year of this magazine is 1927. This is one of the oldest magazines available on the medicine topic. This magazine comes out with well-written blogs and stories related to science and medicine. 

Some experts from Harvard Medical School write for this magazine. Specifically for human health. If you are a medical student, then, every edition has something new knowledge for you. Reading their magazines can provide you with critical insight and some opinions from expert doctors. This magazine covers different areas of medicine. Students love this magazine. You can read this magazine free of cost.


1. Which Magazines Do Doctors Read?

Several medical related magazines are available. But doctors read NIH MedlinePlus, Hopkins Medicine Magazines. 

2. Can You Read Magazine Online?

Any reader can read an online magazine free of cost.

3. The Benefit Of Reading Medical Magazine

You can gather knowledge by reading these magazines.

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