Most Widely Distributed Magazines

Studies have shown that readers show a positive pleasure towards reading magazines. Readers love to read magazines for their colorful prints and even the online version as well. If you are reading magazines, then you can keep yourself updated with all new changing trends. You can increase your knowledge in a selected niche. But there are different types of magazines available based on various topics.

The Best Magazine Should 

1. Be colorful.

2. It is loaded with useful information.

3. They are published in different languages.

4. Affordable.

Here You Are Getting The List Of Best Magazines And Content In Those Magazines.

A good magazine contains different topics, such as news, sports, fashion, politics, and teenagers. Hence, this is the main reason readers attract to magazines. Without going out or wasting their time, they are getting every piece of information in a book. Magazines are mainly published throughout the year. Also, you can get it online and offline as well.

Name Of The MagazineContents In The Magazine
1) PeoplePolitical and social issues.
2) Family CircleOutside words.
3) National Geographic Scholarly.
4) Good HousekeepingA healthy diet, recipes.
5)Reader’s DigestTrending topics.
6) Better Homes & GardensHome, cooking
7) Game InformerVideo game.
8) AARP The MagazineAll ageing facts.
9) Awake!Fantasy drama.
10)The Watchtower (Public Edition)Historical affairs. 

1) People

People magazine is available in different languages. You can easily find its Spanish, Australian version. Even it is available on television as well. It is an American weekly magazine. This magazine mainly covers celebrity news, Human interests, other social issues, and gossip as well. Meredith Corporation is the publisher of this magazine. 

It has gained almost 46.6 million adult readers in the year 2009. People have one of the largest audiences in comparison to other magazines. But after 2018 it, unfortunately, decreases its audience. Also, this magazine has $997 million in revenue that it gained in 2011. The editor of this magazine is Dan Wakeford.

2) Family Circle,-Inc./Family-Handyman/Home/

This book is mainly famous among US women. This magazine comes twice a month. Besides that, the annual circulation of this magazine is 3.8 million. The new editor of this famous magazine is Cheryl Brown. This new editor makes this magazine more colourful. It looks changes a lot, and it becomes more attractive. Also, the credit goes to the editor of this magazine. 

This is an American magazine. This magazine is mainly focused on different recipes, several women topics, and other social messages as well. This magazine is mainly distributed among all the supermarkets. It was founded in the year 1932.

3) National Geographic

The publisher of this magazine is wildlife media house National Geographic. The selling part of this magazine is quite famous. Yearly it sells approx. 4 to 5 million copies all over the world. Also, national geography is available in different languages. Besides that, it comes in other local languages. 

However, if you are a photographer lover and want to explore all over the world, then you must try this National Geographic magazine. Also, this magazine is one of the most massively read magazines in the world. This magazine covers science, geography, history, and different world culture related to top-notch news.

4) Good Housekeeping—US/Home/
Good House Keeping - US

This is also a woman-centric magazine. The publisher of this Good Housekeeping magazine is Seven Sisters. It has a circulation power of 4.3 million. Also, among these, 4.3 million readers, 90% of readers are female. Also, it earned the seventh number rank according to popularity. This article has different literary pieces. This article has another name, and the name is Good Housekeeping Seal. 

Besides that, the warranty for this article is quite limited. This magazine was issued on May 2, 1885. This magazine is available in different languages. This magazine has gained almost 300,000 circulations in the year 1911. Also, it attracts more than one million readers in the year 1920.

5) Reader’s Digest,-Inc./Reader%27s-Digest-US/Lifestyle/
Reader's Digest US

This is one of the oldest family magazines according to the reader’s choice. It was launched at approx. 100 years ago. This magazine has a smaller American version as well. Also, you can keep the smaller size inside your pocket. This magazine was distributed among several countries throughout the globe. This magazine has reached almost 8.5 million people. For convenience all the readers it is now available in twenty-two different languages.

For this reason, readers can digest this magazine from their home comfort. This magazine comes 12 times in a single year. This magazine company is based in New York.

6) Better Homes & Gardens
Better Homes & Gardens Australia

Seven sisters inspire this magazine. This magazine is famously known as the 5th best-selling magazine in America. Almost 7.5 million copies of this magazine are served among America. This magazine widely talked about home decor, so it is famous among all the women. This one is the fourth best-selling magazine in the US. The chief editor of this magazine is Stephen Orr. This magazine mainly covers cooking-related topics, home decors, gardening, crafts, healthy living things, and decorations. This magazine covers several entertaining issues as well. It comes 12v times a year. This is a Parsippany-based company.

7) Game Informer

This magazine was published in several countries, and America is one of them. This magazine is quite famous among teenagers. Through this magazine, you can know about the latest games. Hence, young people, mainly who loves to play game love this gaming magazine. The game lovers almost wait for its new part every time. 

The prints of this magazine are unique from the other magazines available in the market. Already 10 million copies are distributed of this magazine. This magazine is also declared as the world’s most popular magazine of 2020. You can get your documents from the online and offline market.

8) AARP The Magazine

This magazine is known as the best seller magazine of its last three decades. Besides that, until 2020 it was known as the Modern Maturity magazine. This magazine is based on lifestyle, and also you can find a different illustration of lifestyle inside the magazine. Out of the ten best magazines, it comes to the third position based on circulation. 

This magazine has 22.5 regular and monthly readers. The editor of this magazine is Robert Love. This is mainly focused on human lifestyle. This magazine also publishes another series called My Generation, which is primarily targeting all the young kids out there.

9) Awake

According to the basis of circulation, it holds the second position. This magazine is a religious magazine. The competitor of this magazine is the Watchtower. After that, Awake is famous among all the readers. Both of the magazines are from the same genre. 

This magazine has been published in almost 100 different languages. 

The number of readers of this magazine is almost 44.5 million. This magazine comes monthly. Also, in the year 2019, it will complete its 100 years. It is known as the most loved magazine by the readers. Firstly, this magazine is distributed on a door-to-door basis. This magazine is available in almost 225 different languages.

10. The Watchtower

The readers choose this magazine as the world’s most famous magazine of all time. This magazine is also a religious magazine, which is already mentioned in the above paragraph. This magazine is known as one of the oldest magazines available in the market. It is published in US and you can find this magazine all over the globe. 

This magazine is translated into more than 200 different languages. This magazine company has distributed more than 50 million copies throughout the world. This magazine is mainly circulated to those places where the Bible is read. Jehovah’s Witnesses was the publisher of this famous magazine.


1. What Is The Importance Of Magazines?

Magazines can give you full of information. It is a one-stop destination for all the latest news and trends.

2. Why Is The Cover Page Of The Magazine So Important?

The cover page not only promotes brands but also plays a vital role to collect new readers.

3. Why Are Widely Distributed Magazines Important For Students?

The students can gain a lot of information through the magazine. Students can learn a lot of things from a wide variety of paragraphs.

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