List of Local Bangla Newspapers in Sylhet

There are eight Divisions in Bangladesh. Sylhet is one of them. Sylhet is situated in the northeastern of Bangladesh. It is a metropolitan city. The city is located on the right bank of the Surma River. The city has a population of more than 12.1 million. The total area of Sylhet is 26.5 kmĀ². Sylhet is also the largest hub of tea production in Bangladesh. Sylhet is divided into six metropolitan Thanas. The Thanas are:

  • Bimanbandar Thana
  • Kotwali Thana
  • Jalalabad Thana
  • Dakshin Surma Thana
  • Mogla Bazar Thana
  • Shah Paran Thana

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the local Bangla newspapers from Sylhet and their information. Hope you will find this article informative and entertaining to read.

List of Local Bangla Newspapers in Sylhet

Sylhet has a good number of local Newspapers. These newspapers are published locally and provide the latest news of the local community and districts. They are:

  • Sylhet View 24
  • Daily Sylhet
  • Sylheter Dak
  • Dainik Sylhet
  • Daily Khowai
  • Amader Sylhet
  • Sylheter Sokal
  • Sheersha Khobor
  • Sylhet Express

Sylhet View 24 is the Most Popular and Most Viewed Online News Portal from the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. It was first published on 1 January 2013. Sylhetview is walking according to the voice of Mother, earth, and people. SylhetView is not only the best in Sylhet division, but it is one of the foremost pioneers in the whole of Bangladesh while publishing the true news.

Daily Sylhet

Daily Sylhet is Sylhet Based Online Bangla News Portal. It was first published on 27 June 2011. The mission of this newspaper is Professional Journalism, Change Catalyst, People Focus, Innovation, and Integrity Interactive. Daily Sylhet serves the Bangladeshi nation with trusted real-time news, local and international news, sports, entertainment, education, technology, and a lot more.

Sylheter Dak

Sylheter Dak is a regional daily newspaper published from Sylhet. Some of the popular categories of Sylheter Dak are National Countrywide, Politics, International, International relations, politics, sports, literature, etc.

Dainik Sylhet

Dainik Sylhet is most popular Bangla daily from Sylhet. It was first published on 1 March 2011. With trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity, Dainik Sylhet has made a strong position among the readers. Dainik Sylhet provides news on entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, politics, economics, culture, education, information technology, health, sports, columns, and features.

Daily Khowai

Daily Khowai started on October 12, 1991, as ‘Weekly Khwaai.’ At the top of success for 14 years, on 25 October 2005, Khoyai started its journey as Daily newspaper. The biggest achievement of Daily Khoyai is the confidence of the readers. Khwai is the first newspaper to publish the magazine in modern technology in Habiganj.

Amader Sylhet

Amader Sylhet is a popular online newspaper with latest news/article on Sports, Crime, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Education, Opinion, Lifestyle, Photo, Video, Travel, National, and World. With an irresistible position in the mind of readers, Amader Sylhet has a high ambition of going for more expansions in the near future.

Sylheter Sokal

Sylheter Sokal is a Bangla newspaper published from Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is a very popular newspaper in Sylhet. Its investigative and objective journalism and incisive analysis in pursuit of the truth makes it very trustworthy to its reader. Sylheter Sokal provides news of different categories like national, international, politics, sports, literature, educational, health, etc.

Sheersha Khobor

Sheersha Khobor is an online news portal containing news, other informative articles, and usually advertising. It was first published on 31 January 2010.

Sylhet Express

Sylhet Express is Sylhet’s first online daily. Sylhet Express has been at the forefront of reporting the truth. Covering all the bases of news, local, national, and international, this Bengali daily brings the latest from in and around the world. 

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