List Of Bangla Newspapers in Canada (2020 Update)

Canada is the world’s second largest country in the world. Canada is situated in the northern part of North America. The total area of Canada is about 9.98 million square kilometres. Its capital is Ottawa, and its three other largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. According to Worldometers, the current population of Canada is 37,227,691. It is ranked 38th in the list of countries by population.

Canada is a multi-lingual country where English and French are the mother tongues of 56.9% and 21.3% of Canadians. English and French is also the official language of Canada. Five other languages spoken in Canada are:

  • English
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Punjabi

According to a survey from “Statistics Canada” in 2011, there are 34,000 Bangladeshi immigrants living in Canada. So I guess, the population already been on the rise from the past eight years as more Bangladeshi people are being interested in migrating to Canada these days. These Bengali speaking people love to read Bangla newspaper available in Canada. Either they read the Bangla Newspapers available online, or they buy the local Bangla newspapers.

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the Bangla newspapers from Canada and their information regarding history, publication dates, editorial boards, social media accounts, coverage area and many more. Hope you will find this article informative and entertaining to read.

List Of Bangla Newspapers in Canada

  • The Bengali Times
  • Deshe Bideshe
  • NotunDesh
  • The Bangla Kagoj
  • CBN 24

The Bengali Times

Bengali Times is the first and most popular Bengali online newspaper in Canada. It was first published on 1 July 2008. Bengali Times is not only working for Canadian Bangladeshi’s but also working for the NRB (Nonresidence Bangladeshi) around the world as a spokesman. Every family member of the Bengali Times is young, professional and committed. Shahidul Islam Mintu is working as the Coordinator and Editor of this newspaper. Visit Bengali Times for the latest Canadian and Bangladeshi exclusive news, Breaking news, reviews, opinion, feature stories, etc. Bengali Times rated as the best, the fastest and the most reliable source of news. The main mission of the Bengali Times is to make a strong platform for all NRB people. Bengali Times rated as the best, the fastest and the most reliable source of news in Canada for Bangladeshi resident.  


Deshe Bideshe

Deshe Bideshe is an interactive news portal for the Bengali speaking people founded on the 21st of February, 1991. It provides comprehensive news coverage in Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Technology, NRB news and many more. Deshe Bideshe became a weekly newspaper On June 6, 1996. It started to publish simultaneously from Toronto and New York in 1997. The online version of Deshe Bideshe launched in 1998. From 1 December 2008, Deshe Bideshe has transformed into a daily online publication. Nazrul Minto is the editor-in-chief of this newspaper.



NotunDesh is Canada’s mainstream Bangla newspaper. Shaugat Ali Sagor is the publisher & editor in chief of this newspaper. Mahmuduz Zaman is the managing editor of NotunDesh. The main audience of NotunDesh is Bangladeshi community living in Canada. Some of the popular categories of NotunDesh are National Countrywide, Politics, International, International relations, etc. With trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity NotunDesh has made a strong position among the readers.   


The Bangla Kagoj

The Bangla Kagoj is a Bengali community newspaper in Canada. M. R. Jahangir is the editor and publisher of this newspaper. This newspaper is the most widely browsed Web page by the Bangladeshi nationals living in Canada.


CBN 24

CBN24 is a Canadian based Bengali news portal found on 01 January 2017. As an online news portal, CBN24 wants to serve the Bengali community belonging in Canada and other countries by providing credible news and information. Md Mahbubul Haque Osmani is the editor-in-chief of CBN24.


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