The Top 10 Political Magazines for 2020 that Shape Our World

Governing a country or state requires state of the art intellect if a government is to succeed in its activities. Humans are quite intelligent, and managing them needs greater wisdom and knowledge, especially in matters touching on their life and well-being. You also need to know what concerns you as an individual.

There is a need to read widely on how to make decisions that apply to groups of people and to achieve and exercise positions of governance as well as organized control over human activity. Wise leaders will understand that you have to be acceptable to those you lead rather than impose yourself onto them. 

Leading people, whether in a small area or a larger one, such as a country, requires excellent knowledge. You should have a better understanding of issues and solving problems. Unless you read widely, it may be challenging to have the necessary intellect. 

Various political magazines are available that will help one to widen their scope of knowledge. Read on and choose what suits your needs and aspirations: 

1. Best for Economies: The Economist

Besides giving information on economics and business, the economist is a magazine that researches on the world economy. You get specific information on the various economies throughout the world and how it influences the political world. 

The economist group owns the weekly publication with its editorial offices in major cities such as North America, Europe, and Asia. The magazine also focuses on world news, international business, and politics. The publication gives a solution-oriented approach to issues as well as bringing knowledge, perspective, and a touch of humor to events in the world. 

2. Best for Quality International News: The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a multi-platform publisher that was founded in Boston in 1857. It is a monthly publication that covers news, culture, politics, technology, health, among others. It is also a literary and cultural commentary magazine that published spearheaded the abolition of slavery, education, and other significant issues in modern political affairs. It gives daily coverage and analysis of breaking news, international relations, politics, education, technology, science, health, and culture. 

3. Best in Politics: The New Yorker

The magazine contains a mixture of politics, commentary, fiction, essays, satire, and much more. It is a bi-weekly publication that is ideal for those who want to stay in the loop on exciting, current events. With the magazine, you also get to learn about a variety of subjects such as arts, current events, and culture. 

The publication allows you to explore popular ideas, trends, read on domestic and international news. It also contains articles on fashion, sports as well as entertainment events. You will get fresh content analyzing the latest and most compelling news.

4. Best for Independent News: Mother Jones

This magazine is a respected news source for topics that include culture, human rights, politics, among others. It focuses on news, commentary, and investigative reporting on issues that also include the environment and health. The publication inclines mostly on liberal and progressive politics. 

5. Best for News Events: The Week

The magazine is a weekly publication that gives a summary of various categories of news events. It provides an outline of new stories concerning everything from international politics and current affairs to politics and gossip. 

The magazine also focuses on the world’s most exciting online and print media and edits it to bring you only the best articles. It also provides objective, entertaining, and engaging views.

6. Best for International Relations: Foreign Policy

FP is a publication that concerns itself with highly-relevant topics that revolve around international relations. It employs the best journalists and writers to discuss vital issues that matter to the entire world. 

The publication also focuses on current events, domestic as well as international policy. You can read contents daily on the magazine‚Äôs website or from its six print issues published annually. 

7. Best for Logical Approach to Issues: Reason

If you want to read on issues that steer away from the typical Washington politics, then read Reason magazine. The publication focuses on a logical approach to various subjects that include in-depth discussions on culture and politics. 

The Reason is the leading libertarian magazine that produces hard-hitting independent journalism on civil liberties, politics, culture, technology, commerce, and policy. If you are an independent-minded person, then Reason is what you need. It is a magazine of free markets and free minds that exists outside the right/left echo chamber. 

The publication delivers current, unbiased information and insights to its readers, listeners, and viewers all the time. It also produces videos, podcasts, live events, among others. 

8. Best for Current Foreign and Global Affairs: Foreign Affairs

This magazine discusses the severe issues addressing current global and foreign affairs that affect America today. The magazine is published by the council of foreign affairs relations, which is a non-profit, non-partisan, membership organization. It is also a think tank that specializes in U.S foreign policy and international affairs. 

9. Best for Political Economy: Independent Review

If you want to read articles on non-partisan in-depth research on crucial economic and social issues, the Independent Review is what you need. It is a quarterly journal of the American political economy with no party affiliation. 

The magazine publishes thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed as well as highest caliber information based on scholarship. It is an interdisciplinary journal that is devoted to the study of political economy. It offers a critical analysis of government policy that is proactive, lucid, and written in an engaging style. 

The Independent Review focuses on political science, economics, history, law, sociology, and philosophy. It also challenges the bureaucratization and politicization of the world.

10. Best for Culture and Politics: New Republic

The New Republic is a magazine that follows issues that are polarizing in the news and politics and covers culture with a unique perspective. It delivers news with a much edgier tone than other political magazines. 

The magazine has an outsized influence on American political and cultural thinking. Founded by the progressive movement of several leaders in 1914, it attempted to balance between humanitarian progressivism and intellectual scientism and discarded the latter. 

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