List of Bangla Newspapers in Tripura (2020 Update)

Tripura is the third smallest state in India. It is a hilly state situated in northeast India. Tripura covers an area of 10,491 km2 with a population of 3.658 million. Tripura is bordered on three sides by Bangladesh, and home to a diverse mix of tribal cultures and religious groups. Agartala is the capital of Tripura, and it ranks second to Assam as the most populous state in North East India.

Kokborok is a prominent language among the Tripura tribes. However, Bengali is the most widely spoken language in Tripura. According to Census of India, 63.43% people spokes in Bangla language. These Bengali speaking people love to read Bangla newspaper available in Tripura. Either they read the Bangla Newspapers available on online, or they buy the local Tripura based Bangla newspapers.

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the Bangla newspapers from Kolkata and their information regarding history, publication dates, editorial boards, social media accounts, coverage area and many more. Hope you will find this article informative and entertaining to read.

List of Bangla newspapers in Tripura

There are quite a few numbers of Bangla newspapers in Tripura. Here I have made a list of top Bangla newspapers in Tripura that is very popular among the readers and doing very good in publishing excellent news from reliable sources. They are:

  • Dainik Sambad
  • Syandhan Patrika
  • Jagaran
  • Desher Katha
  • Agartala News Express

Dainik Sambad

Dainik Sambad is a major Bengali-language daily newspaper published from Agartala, Tripura. It is one of the largest circulated daily newspapers in Tripura, and it is considered one of the best Bengali language newspapers of the North East.


Syandhan Patrika

Syandhan Patrika is a very renowned Bengali newspaper of Tripura, India. It was first published as a weekly newspaper on 19 August 1980. But in 1978 it became a daily newspaper. BJP Dalal Subal Kumar Dey is the founder of this newspaper. Syandhan Patrika has over 60 journalists and over 15 photojournalists working day and night to bring the real story behind every incident.  



The name Jagaran is written in the history of Tripura as the first daily newspaper. It is a very popular Bangla newspaper in Tripura. Jagaran provides the latest news from different sections of India and the World. It was first published on October 2, 1954. With the evolution of time, Dainik Jagaran has also changed, but the truth is still steadfast in today’s news. In spite of various outbreaks and strokes, the demand of Jagaran among the people is on the rise.       


Desher Katha

Daily Desher Katha was founded in 1979. It is a Bangla newspaper published from Agartala, Tripura. Samir Paul is the editor of this newspaper. This newspaper is available in both print and online. Daily Desher Katha Trust is the owner of this newspaper.  


Agartala News Express

Agartala News Express is a very trustworthy Bangla newspaper of Tripura. The newspaper is only available in the online version. “Pokkhopathitto not, sujasapta khobor” is the slogan of this newspaper. Agartala News Express has been at the forefront of reporting the truth. Covering all the bases of news, local, national, and international, this Bengali daily brings the latest from in and around the world, to Tripura, India.


Well, these are the widely read and most popular Bangla newspapers of Tripura. I will update this list from time to time with worth-mentioning Bangla newspaper of Tripura, India. Feel free to share your opinion regarding this article in the comment section and don’t forget to mention any Bengali newspaper name that I might have missed to enlist here.

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