List of Bangla Magazines in Bangladesh (2020 Update)

Magazine refers to a publication with a paper cover which is issued regularly. Generally, a magazine is published every week or every month. The magazine contains articles, stories, photographs, and advertisements. Magazines can be distributed through newsstands, bookstores, or other selected pick-up locations.

Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh, and it is the 6th most widely spoken language in the world. People of Bangladesh are very fond of literature; thus Bangla magazines are very popular among them.

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the Bangla newspapers and magazines published in Bangladesh. Hope you will find this article informative and entertaining to read.

History of Bangla Magazines     

Digdarshan was the 1st Bangla Magazine of Bangladesh. It was a monthly magazine. It was published by the Srirampur Baptist Mission. John Clark Marshman was the editor of the magazine. Digdarshan was first published in April 1818. Lots have changed with time. A Lot of new Bangla Magazine started their journey after that.

List of Top Bangla Magazines in Bangladesh  

There are so many Bangla Magazines published and circulated in Bangladesh. These magazines are from different categories like health, computer, technology, politics, Bangla Literature and many more. Here is the list of some of the very popular Bangla Magazines in Bangladesh. They are: 

  • Anannya
  • Shaptahik
  • Unmad
  • Ananda Alo
  • Weekly Bichitra
  • Computer Jagat
  • Parabaas
  • Kali O Kolom
  • Nishorga
  • Kishor Alo


Anannya is a very popular female magazine in Bangladesh. It was first published in 1987. Tasmima Hossain is the editor of this Magazine. Total circulation of this newspaper is 20,000. Anannya communicates about Women’s issues as well as lifestyle topics like fashion, beauty, relationship, health, career, food and more.

With its carefully crafted sections, Anannya enables the woman, and male too, to stay updated with all that is relevant. The fortnightly Anannya magazine is noted for its annual awards Anannya Top Ten Awards to outstanding women in Bangladesh since 1993.



Shaptahik is a very famous national weekly magazine in Bangladesh. Golam Mortoza is the editor of this Magazine. This magazine covers categories like politics, sports, interviews, technology, litrecher, and health.   



Unmad is a monthly humor magazine in Bangladesh. The magazine was first published in 1978. Ishtiaq Hossain and Kazi Khaleed Ashraf is the founder of this magazine. Ahsan Habib famous cartoonist of Bangladesh is the chief editor of Unmad. This renowned magazine covers cartoons, jokes, archive, funny ideas, and many more.

Unmad is South Asia’s longest-running Cartoon magazine. Unmad also has popular by-products, such as stickers, Posters, T-shirt, mugs, key rings, and other small gift items. These popular items are available exclusively in National Book fair stalls. Unmad has passed its 40 years of publication in August 2018.    


Ananda Alo

Ananda Alo is one of the top Fortnightly Bangla entertainment, lifestyle & News Magazine. Razanur Rahman is the editor of this Magazine. Impress Telefilm Publications published this magazine. Ananda Alo was found in 2005. This magazine is popular for its daily updates and unique Bangla news.  


Computer Jagat

Computer Jagat is a technology-based Bangla magazine in Bangladesh. It provides all kinds of computer-related news. You can read an article about computers problem, new features, cell phones, and computer software also games. It is the first webcast provider in Bangladesh to provide live webcasting through its webcast sites. Computer Jagat was first published in May 1991.  



Parabaas is a complete Bengali webzine. It is a Bengali literature magazine. This magazine covers literature, language, Bangla culture, religion, poet’s biography, poems, stories, Bengalis books, and others. Parabaas was first published in 1997.  


Kali O Kolom

Kali O Kolom is a monthly literature magazine. This magazine aims to showcase the country’s leading writers, essayists, poets, and illustrators as well as promote the emerging literary talents. Kali O Kolom started its publication in 2004. Besides the promotion of Bengali literature, Kali O Kalam also prides itself on providing budding writers with a platform to showcase their work and in the process nurturing the talent of promising new authors.



Nishorga is a Bengali online magazine. Nishorga is working on writing about nature and natural beauty and show them in front of the Bangla speaking people scattered throughout the world. Nishorga hopes that people will come forward to preserve nature from the love of nature.

This magazine first appeared in 2001. After various difficulties, Nishorga now has taken place in the heart of many Bengali people in Bangladesh. The vision of this newspaper is “Prakriti prem theke prakrirti sanraksan.”


Kishor Alo

Kishor Alo is a Bengali language monthly magazine. It is the number one selling Bangla magazine in Bangladesh. This magazine is very popular among teenage girls and boys. It was first published on 30 September 2013. Anisul Haque is the editor of Kishor Alo. It is Published 5th of every month.

The main vision of this magazine is to publish stories focused on Kishor-Kishore who can easily understand Bangla Language. Although this magazine is for young people, but older people also buy this magazines copy for reading and passing their leisure. Kishor Alo is also available online.    


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