Assam Bengali Newspaper List (2020 Update)

Assam is one of the states in India. It is situated south of the eastern Himalayas. Assam is very famous for its wildlife, archeological sites, and tea plantations.  Assam covers an area of 78,438 km2 with a population of 30.18 million. The official language of Assam is Assamese and Bodo. Bengali is the official language of three districts in the Barak Valley. These districts are:

  • Cachar
  • Karimganj
  • Hailakandi

Among all the states of India, Assam has the 3rd most Bengali speakers, and the number is around 9,024,324. These Bengali speaking people love to read Bangla newspaper available in Assam. Either they read the Bangla Newspapers available on online, or they buy the local Assam based Bangla newspapers.

Posora is the center of all Bangla newspapers. Here we have covered all the Bangla newspapers from Assam and their information regarding history, publication dates, editorial boards, social media accounts, coverage area and many more. Hope you will find this article informative and entertaining to read.

List of Assam Bengali Newspapers

There are quite a few numbers of Bengali newspapers in Assam. Here I have made a list of top Bengali newspapers in Assam that is very popular among the readers and doing very good in publishing excellent news from reliable sources. They are:

  • Nababarta Prasanga
  • Samayik Prasanga
  • Asomiya Pratidin
  • Jugasankha
  • Dainik Prantojyoti

Nababarta Prasanga

Dainik Nababarta Prasanga is a very renowned Bengali newspaper in Assam. It was first published in 1986. Mr. Habibur Rahaman Choudhury is the founder of this newspaper. He is also the editor of this newspaper. Dainik Nababarta Prasanga is published from Karimganj. However, it is also available in towns and cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Silchar, Dharmanagar, Dima Hasao, Hailakandi, etc.  


Samayik Prasanga

The Daily Samayik Prasanga is a Bangla newspaper published from Silchar. It is a very popular newspaper in Assam. Moreover, The Daily Samayik Prasanga is the largest circulated Bengali newspaper in the Barak Valley. It was first published on 15 April 1978. Toimur Reza Chowdhury was the first editor of this newspaper. At the very beginning, The Daily Samayik Prasanga was a fortnightly magazine. Then in 1981, it became a weekly magazine. But because of the high demand of this newspaper, on 11 May 2003, Samayik Prasanga started to appear as a daily newspaper.


Asomiya Pratidin

Asomiya Pratidin Patrika is an Indian Bangla newspaper published from Guwahati India. It was first published in 1995. This newspaper has four editions published from Guwahati, Bongaigaon, Dibrugarh, and North Lakhimpur, Assam, India. Asomiya Pratidin Patrika is a very popular and one of the largest circulated Assamese daily. The circulation of this newspaper is 178,162 per day. Nitya Bora is the editor of this newspaper. Asomiya, Pratidin has some other periodical and magazines like Sadin, Xatxori, and Nandini.  



Dainik Jugasankha is a very old Bengali newspaper. It was first published on December 13, 1950. This newspaper is published from Kolkata, Guwahati, Silchar, Siliguri, and Dibrugarh. Dainik Jugasankha has a circulation of around 150,000 copies per day. It is one of the top ten newspapers in Assam. Initially, Dainik Jugasankha was a weekly paper, and then in the year 1982, it started to publish as a shape of a daily broadsheet. Barta Bhagirath Baidyanath Nath was the founder of this newspaper. Arijit Aditya is the editor of Dainik Jugasankha. Covering all the bases of news, local, national, and international, the Dainik Jugasankha brings the latest news from in and around the world, to Assam.   


Dainik Prantojyoti

Another very old Bengali newspaper of Assam is Dainik Prantajyoti. Infect, it was the first Bengali Daily of Northeast India. It was first published on 12th January 1957. This newspaper is published from Silchar, Assam. Jyotirindra Chandra Dutta was the founder editor of Prantojyoti. This newspaper started its journey as a fortnightly. After a few issues, Prantojyoti became weekly. In the year 1961, Prantojyoti came out as the first ever daily newspaper of this region. With an irresistible position in the mind of readers, Dainik Prantojyoti has a high ambition of going for more expansions in the near future.       


Well, these are the widely read and most popular Bengali newspapers of Assam. I will update this list from time to time with worth-mentioning Bangla newspaper of Assam, India. Feel free to share your opinion regarding this article in the comment section and don’t forget to mention any Bengali newspaper name that I might have missed to enlist here.          

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